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over the garden wall pop ver by Meganf123456 over the garden wall pop ver :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 9 4 rise from the grave by Meganf123456
Mature content
rise from the grave :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 4 0
a battle begins by Meganf123456 a battle begins :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 7 3 balloons by Meganf123456 balloons :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 7 0 ask or dare by Meganf123456 ask or dare :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 5 1
cover contest more info
Hey Megan here and here is a bit more info about the bride of mcgullicutty cover contest
I will not be choosing the winners I’m going to let me grind in real life choose
If I don’t get add less two covers entries
By May 2 or by the end of this mouth then I’m canceling the contest
Please please please
If you want to be in the contest let me know by comment or sending me a note
I may not good prizes but I’ll try
You don’t have to be watcher still tag me
Please also credit DisneyFanatic2364 she was the one who wrote bride of discord
1st place will get a shout out in story 12 points (that could change if I get more ) and a free request
2 . A free request
3. I’ll do a short story request
also please share this story
:iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 1 2
important please read
Hey working for a while I decide to change my poptropica this is hopefully the last time but I decide to write. A back story for max that will be upload later but long story short he use to be a villain  and due to me Changing his backstory my story mysterious love will become uncanon
So I’m writing a new love story for max and creepy brain called
Bride of mcgullicutty
Base off of beauty and the beast,bride of discord and survival island
Maximus (or Max McGullicutty code name ) has returned and is causing chaos all over poptropica but he promise to changing everything back if he got something in return the hand of a willing bride
So if you want to be in the story let me know
But there are two oc that already going to be in it due to them being in my old story bride of ringmaster
And Alice and fierce fox iHateFridays
Cover contest
I may not good prizes but I’ll try
I’ll be hosting a cover contest for my bride of mcgullicutty story
:iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 2 4
creepy brain bio update

her disguises 

ner necklace 
:iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 3 0
puppet brain by Meganf123456 puppet brain :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 5 0
The island man 3
CB: what are you doing here
Max: i found something interesting this is something you probably have never seen before
Max pulled out a rainbow flower that was glowing CB look at it with amazement out off all the flowers she scene on this island this one was special
Max: this flower is for you it's beautiful just like you*place it in Cb hair *
CB: aww thanks maxie ohh umm anyways we need to figure this out quick before one of us or anyone else  gets hurt or killed *points to muddy and ted *Muddy and ted you check out downtown macey and rainbow asking the people mainstreet if they know anything ill got check out the woods while the rest of you go protect the mayor and guard the rest of the steers
Max: catherine are you sure you want to go alone
CB: don't worry max i'll be fine  we all will met up here at 6:00pm
All: got it
They all split up
Creepy brain start to head to the woods but unknown to her she was being watched
:iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 2 0
quick as a flash her name is Agent brain by Meganf123456 quick as a flash her name is Agent brain :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 3 0 catherine and monochrome catherine by Meganf123456 catherine and monochrome catherine :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 9 0 At a day in the sun by Meganf123456 At a day in the sun :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 6 1 a dance in the moonlight by Meganf123456 a dance in the moonlight :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 8 0 a whole new world 2019 by Meganf123456 a whole new world 2019 :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 7 0 maybe well met again by Meganf123456 maybe well met again :iconmeganf123456:Meganf123456 7 0


A light source by littlesneak123 A light source :iconlittlesneak123:littlesneak123 1 0 115: Husk in Pop by MasterPinpey 115: Husk in Pop :iconmasterpinpey:MasterPinpey 7 0 Tapping by littlesneak123 Tapping :iconlittlesneak123:littlesneak123 4 0 sonic female base by XxSmilePineapplexX sonic female base :iconxxsmilepineapplexx:XxSmilePineapplexX 130 25 Leap by AJBox Leap :iconajbox:AJBox 14 3 Over the Garden Wall  (MLP version) by KatieRose45 Over the Garden Wall (MLP version) :iconkatierose45:KatieRose45 6 24 Over the Gravity Falls by Arkham-Insanity Over the Gravity Falls :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 680 50 collab: march for salvation by PegaKid2012 collab: march for salvation :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 4 0 bun by PegaKid2012 bun :iconpegakid2012:PegaKid2012 4 0 Cold and Alone by themightywolftiger Cold and Alone :iconthemightywolftiger:themightywolftiger 5 0 Julie And Bailey (POPTROPICA OCS) by blueiceegirlart Julie And Bailey (POPTROPICA OCS) :iconblueiceegirlart:blueiceegirlart 30 16 Kanzar And Mackenzie (POPTROPICA OCS) by blueiceegirlart Kanzar And Mackenzie (POPTROPICA OCS) :iconblueiceegirlart:blueiceegirlart 26 20 [Lazy] he's eggcellent by ArtisticAsianBunny [Lazy] he's eggcellent :iconartisticasianbunny:ArtisticAsianBunny 19 9 Talking animation by littlesneak123 Talking animation :iconlittlesneak123:littlesneak123 7 0 POP//Collab: A Little Bit of Magic~ by criaha POP//Collab: A Little Bit of Magic~ :iconcriaha:criaha 17 8 Childhood Friends And Crush by KLDS12 Childhood Friends And Crush :iconklds12:KLDS12 7 0


half body
the character of your choose 
like what kind like a forest dessert water you name it ill try to do it 
head shot
just name your character 
Full body and background
Please be decscriped of what you want like what kind of background and character 



Hey everyone Megan here and well you all may know I’m a beauty and the beast fangirl so I decide to hopefully work my own stop motion animation of movie but using my characters

Note that I might add some off you guys in as character if you don’t mind but note that this going to take me while it’s going to called

Beauty and the ringmaster
Belle- Catherine (or creepy brain )

Prince - Max McGullicutty

Beast - ringmaster raven

lumiere- Octavian

feather duster Magic lightning (again I can remove your if you don’t want it to in this
More cast coming soon
guess who was being stupid and decide to make a stop motion 


and MagicLightning124 
im bored does anyone want to role play
Update of the island man
Hey, guys, I'm sorry to say that comic might become fanfic but I'll add a picture because while working pt 3 it crashed on me and deleted that part and everyone knows that ill take another 4 months to redraw
I’m quieting DA

IM SORRY EVERYONE I just don’t have passion for it anymore I will no longer again post here so good bye

Ok everyone lets play the drinking the game take a shoot every time you see these two users harass someone AntiRex30003rd

Going on break

Hey everyone Megan here and staring about Saturday I’m going to be going on short break I have been posting almost everyday if you guys don’t mind I’ll be going short break
why I had so much Disney related art

before I started doing original work I did a lot of disney crossover
if you want to know why well
Im what is known as a "Disney child" I have and still do grow up with lots of Disney related thing to movies to shows I even go to disney world  
guys something wrong with my DA it won't let me upload a picture



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

people who are in this are people who asked  if they wanted to be in it and people who are usually ok with being my stuff 

so if you dont  im working on a stop motion animation (really just edited together picture but hey) of my favorite beauty and beast 

also please do not rush me this is going to take me while and this is probably my biggest project I have ever done


please do not question this cast I just honestly cast some random chatter to an oc I hope make scenes 

belle- creepy brain (aka catherine) 

prince- max 

beast- ringmaster aven (im not saying hes ugly I just thought he fit also love him so why not) 

gaston- myron (cause let be honest it fits) 

LeFou- winston (again fits)

lumiere- Octavian 

feather duster- magic lightning (if you dont mind of course playing her MagicLightning124 )

mrs pots- strange leaf (thank to you iLee-Font for letting me use there oc) 

chip- muddy kid (I know chip a boy but hey I know other people who given the role of chip  to girl characters PegaKid2012

wardrobe- purple popper ( xXLilAngel2004Xx )

cogsworth- bronze raptor 

maurice- harold mews

foot stool dog- idk yet 

and role will be shown in the video 
  • Listening to: balloons by mandopony
  • Reading: home again
  • Watching: markiplier


Meganf123456's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello everyone welcome to my DA channel feel to look at my art or the art like
Oh my name is Megan but all can call me megs meggy or meg

my ID profile was made by the awesome ArtisticAsianBunny

also I talk lot to artist I admire and my friends because lets just say in real life I'm often shy and social akward

I use Autodesk Sketchbook Stamp by 8eg and MediBang Paint Pro Stamp by Once-Twice-Hypnotize

I do accept art trades by Nana-Beats
I do accept commissions by Nana-Beats
I do not accept requests by Nana-Beats (unless its a special accession)

I luv my dA friends Stamp by sirocco-rc

feel free to role-play with me threw notes for threw comments I won't mind (probably) I love role-play
Roleplays - Open
Asks - Open
Collaborations - Friends
my awesome profile pic was made by ANNE14TCO

some awesome people you should fave and watch there amazing



Meganf123456 has started a donation pool!
37 / 1,000
Donate Points, please would apperate it and if I get enough points ill host something

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