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October 25, 2008
"All the different colors and the overall uplifting mood of the piece cause it to glow with positivity. The composition of the piece is executed extremely well, and You can feel the excitement of the two children on the roof. Looking at the piece managed to lift my spirits from a gloomy mood, and I don't see art that does that often."

Top of Their World - colored by ~MeganeRid
Featured by PurpelBlur
Suggested by Arctic-Affinity
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Top of Their World - colored


Well that took me some time, almost lost my will lol
As usual I got bored halfway and did something else instead >_> Also, original file size is 3000 x 4406, which KO'd my laptop few times hahah Xd

Anyway hope you'll like it! :D

For one who wants to see it, the lineart is here : [link]

Lineart done with 2B mechanical pencil on A4 paper, colored in photoshop
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© 2008 - 2022 MeganeRid
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ViRPo's avatar
Just wanted to stop by and say
This is my favorite piece of art from the whole DeviantArt
It is hanging in our hallway and is the first thing anyone sees when they enter our apartment

Thank you very much for it!
MeganeRid's avatar
Hey thanks! Really glad I could help make your day better <3
HannakiDesign's avatar
Damn that's so great!
tolkienmithril's avatar
Love the variety of colors.
Dethb4dishonor's avatar
Okay, now I can see why you wouldn't color the other one, it's not a simple task for you... But damn it sure would look amazing!
krazzyroflmao's avatar
I have a request. Can you post the original 3000 x 4406 version? Or if deviantart doesn't support it, post it to imgur, and link it back here? Thank you!
MeganeRid's avatar
Not really comfortable posting original size right now, anyway I'm not sure where I put the scan haha :)
ArtCreationist's avatar
Wow! Nice color and scope...
shurikiens-r-cool's avatar
Awesome work I hope I'll get to that level of skill some day ^^ how long does a piece like that take? :/
Chief-Judge's avatar
The vibrant colour is amazing.  I hope you are getting paid as an artist.  Your work sure is good enough.
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Beyond beautiful...
Morganstudios's avatar
Some of these scenes remind me of Guild Wars 2 areas (that's a compliment)
dropemcityrecords's avatar
Nice colors. Beautiful perspectives.
kirisuki's avatar
i liked the first one but this is so much better.. so much detail. beautiful
Sal-san's avatar
Amazing! It's so perfect! A wonderful Color :D
Sylphermizt's avatar
Waa.. Looks like suisei no gargantia!
staberas's avatar
Nice for a sec i thought it was Gargantia
Sylphermizt's avatar
Yes i thought that too xD
This art is very uplifting and wondrous. Profound job, keep up the good work :)
Sonicdude645's avatar
Reminds me of Basquash.
Kutty-Sark's avatar
Wow! Awesome! *o* Really beautiful!!
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