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Spirit of Java

By MeganeRid
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The Spirit of Java and her sister ship from the Unified Earth armada cruising out of the earth atmosphere.
They're about 1.6km long probably, or maybe a bit longer..

Anyway, I just used one of my country's island as the name :P

Hope you all like!

*Updated with higher resolution version*

Done with Photoshop
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What an amazing work, the clouds looks so realistic. The entire work looks like you're was in low Earth orbit yourself!
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would love to see a proper 3d model of this rendered and available.
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great job. it's difficult for me to tear off vzlyad from the waves *) ... and against the background of hypnosis - the lungs fill the cold air of low orbit, through the filters of the helmet, because there is no money for techno-lungs ... well, to hell with them, I'll go to the matrix on retirement * )
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Java's script? Lol Beautiful ships, if only they were real.
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I'm always impressed when someone can come up with starship designs.  Well done.

Of course, this is an old photo, so you probably have come up with better ones at this point.  Still, well done.
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Oh, it's named after the island. And I was thinking at first it's named after the programming language, and her sister ship could be maybe "Spirit of C++" :D
(Looks like I have already a serious profession deformation XD )

Anyway I like the details of the ship. It looks beautiful. I now imagine how imposing view it would be on a majestic flyby of this beauty around an observation deck of some space station. It would have to be a breathtaking view for the space station occupants.
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Incredible concept art :)
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Spirit of Fire vibes
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Would you let me use this in my music video on YouTube? I will link back to here, and give full credit of course! :D
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Not often it takes me less than a second or two to fave something.
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Just came across this. Very nice design and style.
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Simply amazing. I love the planetary atmosphere, as well as the incredible ships!
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Is this a support vessel? Does it carry Starfighters? If so, are they drones? (Oh, and great work by the way!)
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yes it does, kinda crossover between a carrier and cruiser I'd say, if you look at my recent 3D interpretation of this ship, it has a dock underneath, for the smaller ships :)
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Alright, thanks for letting me know!
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* humming Halo-Main Theme * :D
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Awesome name. As a Javanese person (and countryman), I approve.
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This ship is a battleship, a dreadnought or a carrier? :-? (Confused) 
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