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Spirit Mage Evelyn

By MeganeRid
Spirit Mage Evelyn

She has the power to control and channel the spirit power around her to enhance her magic
She also attracts all kinds of spirit and they'd happily provide help for her :D

Done for a mage vs warrior challenge at IndoCG :)

Hope you like!

Done in photoshop
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Generalobiwankenobi7's avatar
Beautiful job! I'm guessing she's an elf?
Nadugi's avatar
Esevans's avatar
Love the details and colors. Very nice form. :D
binkibonsai's avatar
Swirley. I like the fabrics and lights
aireez's avatar
I wish i could color my artworks like that ...
ChaosMageTwin's avatar
I love the magic you did on this piece! She's amazing, and the detail is great. I love how you got the spirits at her feet, as well as around her head. Makes me wonder if she has favorite spirits, and the less favoured are kept at her feet, or something? Love it!
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ChaosMageTwin's avatar
xD i guess I'm just being weird again. ^.^
synthoverseer's avatar
Great character concept, awesome details! If I may offer an opinion, the background is too bright, it makes her blend in. It would have been better if the background was darker, so there would be a contrast between the character and the background.
McGreger16's avatar
This is so buitiful.
Sayajin-Jackass's avatar
Beautiful colours :D
BlackStar91733's avatar
The colors are just every where its really great work.
Thats so well done, you are an amazing artist! The glows I think is what makes this work so amazing!
Necroguru's avatar
All the colors! *_*
ArtByJenX's avatar
Very beautiful. Great job!
Wow nice pic, have you ever been offered jobs before?
NezoElyk's avatar
Keep up the great work :)
xenblade's avatar
Fantastic array of colors!
Tribersman-FR's avatar
Dressed like she is, no wonder she attract a lot of (male) spirit.
TypeProton's avatar
Well... She looks like Sophitia from Soul Caliber when looking at thumbnail of this pic.
Still a great work! Stunning detail as always! :)
NutzNatse's avatar
Great, yeahaha :)
Lady-Akyashaa's avatar
Incredible, that outfit is amazing!
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