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Shinden Rifle 1

3D version of the standard rifle for the Shinden

The magazine has about 24 bullets in it.
I'm in progress of making the 3D version of the whole thing for another IndoCG 3d mecha challenge (need deadline to make me work faster hahah), I figure I'd post this rifle cos I'm done modeling it :P

*edit*: wireframe render here [link]

modeled in maya, rendered with mental ray, total about 6k verts I think
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Hey MeganeRid, i'm a huge fan of your work and i've just started doing 3D modelling myself (my tutor was taught 3D modelling and animation in a Pixar Masterclass so i hope to be quite good at the end of 2 years) and my question is this...

What render settings do you use for Mental Ray? because i really like the effect you get, and i can get close, but the definition, and like... how much detail you can see in yours is faaaaar better than anything i can get. although i use 3ds max... i assume that mental ray is pretty much the same in both...

what i use so far is:
i set a material to mental ray material and set surface to ambient/reflective occlusion, then i set samples to 64, bright to a light grey, and max distance anywhere between 10 and 20.

then in render setup, under the renderer options i set samples to:
and i set filter type to mitchell

then i just put a plane under everything to give it a floor and render... is that even CLOSE to what you do? am i missing anything? any special lighting?

sorry for the huge message >_<
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It will be far more viable to have a large bullet box behind the mecha with a bullet belt feeding the gun rather than using a magazine that for a machine that size will be hard to reload in the battlefield.
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that's true :d
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interesting design,kinda reminds of the bull pup it fire continuously or in short bursts?and can it be placed at the back of the mecha while carrying?
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should be able to do either :) also, not sure yet, I'll see if it can fit somewhere when I'm done modeling the mecha :d
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Truly a thing of beauty.
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Looks great! Really like the simple shape, but still there are many details!
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really nice design. I like this more than the other one because it gives it a feel of being in the real world. NICE JOB :iconyay:
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Seriously, ask youself about he exterior paneling. It looks heavy. Maybe it's not. But it looks that way.
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You mean polycount-wise? or weight-wise? they're all made of lightweight yet durable material of course ;d

Anyway, it's not that huge, I should've rendered it with my M4 just for scale XD
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No I was saying weight wise. Yes of course, it can be light-weight polymers. But the thing is it looks heavy. I guess to see it in context being held would be more helpful to ascertain the actual use... you know what I mean?
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Wew, mechanya mana ?
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ada tuh di indocg XD
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Weks. kudu kesana :XD:
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nice job, take atention to triggre :P becouse dont apear here :P
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it doesn't need a trigger ;d
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*whistle* reminds me of a p90, very cool
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Caseless rounds or does the rifle propel them out via electromagnets?
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hum could've gone caseless I guess @_@
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What's the diameter of the round?
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If it was possible, this could look really great in real life. Could be made out of wood...

But anyways, looks badass!
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