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Fuujin Attack Helicopter Scene

By MeganeRid
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The Fuujin parked in front of the hangar :)
I tried to recreate the scene from a photo.

Concept : [link]
Other renders : [link] , [link] , [link]

To people who's wondering why there's no tail rotor, it's a NOTAR type helicopter :)

*EDIT* because some people are commenting about it, the cockpit is in opened position. It's fully protected when closed.

Everything 3D modeled and rendered, slight touch ups in photoshop.

Hope you like!

Maya, Vray, Photoshop
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cullyferg2010's avatar
Exhaust gas steering?
WOLF97777777's avatar
It was funny when the peoples liberation army thought that this was an actual helicopter that was being developed by the Japanese. Good picture by the way.
MeganeRid's avatar
not enough research probably haha
WOLF97777777's avatar
It's like you're famous now.
rio-grande's avatar
Wind God (I had  to look it up). Shouldn't there be a national insignia?
GeneralEcchi's avatar
look like hunter chopper from hl2
NoneStar's avatar
Vitriscordance's avatar
Omg isn't this the thing that confused the Chinese?
MASCH-ART's avatar
super image, great work:) (Smile)
Deer-Hunter01's avatar
Hey I remember seeing this, this was in the Chinese news media. LOL

How does it feel getting some recognition from the Chinese military?
thormemeson's avatar
Yes I saw that too! It was hilarious they didn't even edit out the guy's website.
Deer-Hunter01's avatar
The Chinese news media have been con before by things that are easily recognized a hoax. More then once the Chinese media have referenced stories from the satire news The Onion, passing them as real news. Kinda laughable...

Not to say some in the US media haven't fallen to satire. The most recent example  is the San Francisco Fox station giving out the names of the officers of that doomed S. Korean passenger jet that crashed, one name for example "Captain Sum Tin Wong." The station was the victim of the prank, & because they wanted to be the 1st to reveal information of that crash, they didn't catch the names were weird.
Was around that time when they also managed to add in something from a japanese tea commercial when they reported on Japanese being very warlike and threatening to China at that time, this with images of tanks, missiles, ships, gundams and.....wait...Gundams???
Yupp, you heard right...amid the photage of various war vehicles they somehow edited in images of a gundam as part of Japanese arsenal taken from a tea commercial on Japanese TV. For the uninitiated, Gundam = an giant humanoid robot/tank from a popular japanese anime series aka its completly fictional, think pacific Rim type robot/tank.
thormemeson's avatar
Ho Lee Fuk! Oh god that was funny as hell sadly they got fired for that.
joos103's avatar
didn't know you were communist ridonion head 'smug' 
HitomiNakashima's avatar
this thing looks fun i must have one
Gislaadt's avatar
wow, much great !!
Boris-BC's avatar
Please please do a animated render of the cockpit open/close action I would love to see it!
HiImYourWife's avatar
Who do I have to pay to make this for me and to train me?
Ravajava's avatar
Was not previously aware of your work with the Japanese military :XD:
MeganeRid's avatar
hahah yeah they were late, this was on their news 2 years ago :p
HTFCirno2000's avatar

Yo, your photo was used in Chinese state run media for anti-japanese propaganda. @_@
Just wanted to make sure you knew.
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