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Fuujin Attack Helicopter Renders 2

By MeganeRid
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More renders of the Fuujin helicopter/gunship :)
I'll do an environment render and ones with the cockpit open hopefully soon!

Concept : [link]
Other renders : [link] , [link]

*edit* to people who's wondering why there's no tail rotor, it's a NOTAR type helicopter :)

Hope you like!

Maya, Photoshop, Vray
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DesignKA's avatar
Nice helicopter !
Shulsky's avatar
Congratulations, man. You made Chinese State News.…
MeganeRid's avatar
this is pretty old, but still gets me lol haha
Shulsky's avatar
Shows how good ya are.
MASCH-ART's avatar
super work, toll gerendert, very nice
onimoenokyo's avatar
Super awesome design! Reminds me of a jigabachi from GITS only way cooler!
lIKrisziuMIl's avatar
Twin rotor is best notar system! >:E
Haha, like the design.
Djones90125's avatar
It looks really awesome, to be honest. Really good design. Going to the favorites!
On a side note though: you should make a tail rotor (a fenestron/ NOTAR system/ would amazingly fit this design)!
MeganeRid's avatar
it has a NOTAR system, but probably not obvious enough and won't work on real world Xd
Djones90125's avatar
Hahaha. Not necessarily. I think it can fly, yes!
The NOTAR exhaust (on MD helicopters) is at the end of the tail.
But I think I spotted it. It's the cylindrical part under the tail, right?
robchen96's avatar
looks like something come out of SCI-Fi
SithEmperorCharizard's avatar

Exactly why Chinese media used this to badmouth Japan a while ago.

robchen96's avatar

maybe it's just too good for you.

almahari's avatar
its awsom man, keep it coming.
ang0224's avatar
I have huge criticisms on the large cannon on the bottom. one, looks like it would be a real pain to reload and repair to do so may require a large frame to lift the whole helicopter! two, it is required to be out of the way so that pilots can enter the cockpit which looks like it opens from the bottom as well.
Arinalover-cindy's avatar
you helicopter design is now made famous!! they might actually produce it in the future!
angenon58's avatar
dreamdesigner442's avatar
Absolutely excellent!:-)
perttime's avatar
Badass (as others have said too).
I have a couple of questions about the design.
The big gun looks like it could be heavy. Hopefully not so heavy that it makes the machine clumsy?
As the pilot is completely enclosed... how does the pilot "see"? Surrounded by screens? Holograms? Neural links which are fashionable in some circles?

The machine must have some pretty smart software if the crew consist of one person. Otherwise, maneuvering it and making good use of all the weapons would make the workload seriously high.
MeganeRid's avatar
Screens, and his suit are connected to the helicopter's systems for sure :P
And yeah, a single pilot attack helicopter is possible already, [link] , so this should be possible, maybe in the future :D
perttime's avatar
Definitely needs a system that points the weapons where the pilot is looking.
dchan's avatar
Awesome looking machine!
This is so beautiful!
Congrats my friend.

See ya!
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