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Fuujin Attack Helicopter Render

AT-C97-08 Fuujin Attack Helicopter.
Based on the drawing I did,…

Updated with finished version :)
Other renders will come hopefully pretty soon!

*Updated with higher quality 1080p size*
3D model marmoset viewer here:…

Hope you like!

Done with Maya
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Good design and work, very good presentation as well as presentation.
greeting. Good 3d Model and rendering
Masch:) (Smile)
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WOW so Coooooool
dukeleto's avatar
very nice, but the hard shadow confuses the image a bit
MeganeRid's avatar
yeah it does, doesn't it. The camo version render has softer shadow, but I can't be bothered to rerender this one :P
Leaf0nthewind's avatar
Reminds me of the hellhound attack helicopter from the second patlabor movie.
Daeouse's avatar
Oh hell yes! This looks bad-ass!
Daemoria's avatar
Heyyy Meganerid... you gots a higher res? Or failing that, the uncompressed version of this image. This image is definitely showing its age. It looks like you saved it as a pretty low quality jpg, with all the artifacting going on.

Might be cool to see a 2016 version render, with some of the stuff you've learned since the initial render.
MeganeRid's avatar
Just checked, actually I still have the render haha, just updated the file. I'll also post the camo one, which have 2k resolution, that one looks sharper when downsized :)

I would love to do a 2016 render, or even just bring it to keyshot, but tbh the file needs some clean up lol, instances and broken vray materials, I'd need to install Vray on my current maya haha
Daemoria's avatar
It's much easier to appreciate the details you've put into this with that newer render.

Silly idea, I know, but do you think sketchfab could support this mesh? I've had luck with a 612.3k triangles... of course it is dependent on computer specs.

It might be something nice to put on your Artstation.
MeganeRid's avatar
Yo! I have the marmoset viewer up in artstation now :D

Daemoria's avatar
I saw it, it looks freaking awesome! Thanks for taking the time to optimize that sunova bitch, and allowing us grubby masses to look at it in glorious 3d.
MeganeRid's avatar
Glad you like it! Kinda been waiting for tools like marmoset viewer that made it possible to show my shit in its full form haha.
Daemoria's avatar
Yea, visualizing images in 2d is such a limited way to show off the work put into meshes. I started using sketchfab after slowed production of new features. It's a much smaller team than sketchfab's though, so I guess that's understandable.

Currently, the real time 3d tools are pretty good, but they're still lacking in some areas. Dynamic lighting, with real time global illumination, is something I'd really like to see in these tools. It's only a matter of time though. The PBR stuff looks pretty good when you get a good environment in the scene to provide lighting information.
MeganeRid's avatar
Yeahh.. it was made with subdivision modeling lol, the exported obj is about 40-50 mb right now haha, also with screwed up materials still  X:

Anyway, in order to put it in marmoset, I'm gonna need to reduce the polycount lol to fit the limit to post in artstation. I'm spending today trying to see if I can do it. So far it's still above the 15MB limit :[
MASCH-ART's avatar
super picture and a very good work :) (Smile)
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Sa vraiment le terminator
well i have to say nice work, also thats one of the  mot well armed attack helos i have seen on divent art that looks like it could be a actual thing, i also see influence form the Hind series of attack helos and the harrier, and im sure japan would put harpoon AShMs on a helo

all and all very nice work
Rihnmoziki's avatar
Amazing. Very Awesome
wengaiden's avatar
isnt is from GITS?
MisterArtMaster101's avatar
Is that based off of a GitS Jigabachi(sp?)?
Loves it! +fav  Any inspiration from Patlabor? Just saw the second movie the other day and it reminded me of this. Keep up the great work!
RDFAF's avatar
Awesome! Doesn't it seem bigger than the Apache?
lazymidnight's avatar
keren abis nih, kalo ada mainannya gw beli dah.
LWisebird's avatar
gile loe ndro! keren!!!!!!
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