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Fuujin Attack Helicopter

AT-C97-08 Fuujin Attack Helicopter.

Fuujin is taken from name of the Japanese god of wind.

Big cannon under the body is obvious GITS influence :d
Other than that, it has a gatling gun under the front part, two hardpoints under and one on the edge of each wing, and one weapon pod just under the tail section.

Drawing this without putting much thought before, so... the cockpit folds up (yeah not the most convenient I guess :P ) and the tail section folds down (partly because I ran out of paper >_<; )
Also I put a small pic of the chopper in full flight mode :)

Lineart done with 2B pencil on A4 paper, shaded with photoshop
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Looks influenced by Patlabor's "Hellhound"?
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"It folds down because I ran out of paper".  That made me laugh.  Another solid piece you have here.
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I like this idea of the cockpit carriage dropping down for entry.  Windows are not realistic anyway in the future.  Pilots will have to have all types of augmented vision and simulated remote viewing stuff.  100/100
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This is one of the coolest choppers I've seen, ever. Well done.

Not sure about that altilery cannon on a helo, much less a NOTAR but hey, it's not real life!

Man someone should rig and animate this. would look so cool landing and opening like that
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I did rig it (just very simple one) and the hatch does animate when opening :)
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Wow, that thing's huge! I'm guessing these things would be called tank eaters, 'cause what we've got here is a VTOL AC-130.
Where can I get one!
So f***ing bad ass
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so FKing AwesOOMeee !! :crazy: :onfire:
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GITS was actually the first thing I though about when I looked at one of your render's of this ^^
So awesome ^^
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superb. love the design.
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this is dam impressive
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Looks good man. what are those "plates" above the cockpit for? Are they shields for the windows or something?
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Some sort of radar (+shield too I guess) :)
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cool man! nice to see there is at least some idea to it :)
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You are so much better than me at this stuff.
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I love the GiTS feel that comes off of this beast :) It looks like it would fit right in with 2 Jigabachi's providing support.
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i wish i could do this. good work!
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Very nice concept! o_O wow!
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