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Fuujin Attack

Wow, been a while since I submitted anything.. too busy this few months with new job and all :)

Hope I'll be able to do something these days!

Anyway, to break the non submitting period, here's a render of the Fuujins, overpainted in photoshop

Hope you like!
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Alright stupid question; can these hover, as in, fly without the rear thrust? If so, where is the rear stabilization coming from? There is no rear rotor, fixed perpendicular to the main rotor. With thrust, I can see the tail ailerons achieve stabilization, but is there a hidden rear yaw / can't thruster I'm missing in the tail section? I am not a helicopter expert, so like I say, might sound stupid.
I really like this thing, and the other renders of it, so cool; futuristic yet modern it is called "Fuujin"? Does that have a translation? Are these a concept that is actually being built / possible? Seems like the type of thing that militaries and police would like; or scientists covering glaciers, mountains...looks like a blast to fly!
To would there be a screen in the cockpit with augmented reality for targeting, etc.?
Anyway, super cool!
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Could be using a NOTAR system like today's MD520N/600N/Explorer helicopters to preserve VLO/low RCS characteristics. And there does seem to be some sort of optical sensor/laser rangefinder combo right above the nose gun ball turret, seems awfully small though.
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Dude this is beast 
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Perfekt in Scene gesetzt, 1a super arbeit:) (Smile)
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Neat, though tendency these days seems to be to toss out multibarrel rotary chin guns on helicopters in favour of a larger single-barrel because it makes it more flexible vs. APCs and similar. Also are those Super Hind and Hellhound vibes I'm getting?
Doesn't really matter if there's also an anti-son-of-a-bitch cannon mounted in the belly.
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Well sure, but if you have a target that's somewhere between trucks and THE UNIVERSE you have a problem :P
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Haha that's true I suppose! My next gunship has the style similar to Oerlikon Millennium Gun, haven't posted them online yet though :D

Anyway, Hellhound and Jigabachi from Ghost in the Shell :)
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I have a weird feeling I've seen a doujin with this exact same helicopter in it on pixiv...
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Might have been Patlabor, the Hellhound from that has some similar aesthetics.
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There is an error that is repeated when someone draws the action of a helicopter propellers rotating and is: the helicopter battle as you drew (by the way they look spectacular) are heavy and spin must show that; your design shows the opposite! does not show that you are making an effort to lift the machine off the ground.  I think I've fainted. 
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Awesome job !
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Great work!

It reminded me helicopters from "Ghost in the Shell"
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super cool!! :D looks awesome!!
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Purging xenos and heretics with style! :D
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interesting enough, the place we're you put the turret is normally a thermal camera or something like that and the turret gun is under the cockpit.
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yeah, it has another smaller thermal camera sensors just under the cockpit.
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I need seven of these to complete my plan...seriously though awesome work, huge underslung cannons like this plus gatling gun = win.
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Let's hope some Chinese newspaper don't take it as some Japanese new weapon concept, again lol
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ooh, they look awesome!
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