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Battle Mage Ellie

Battle Mage Ellie

With her fav magic spear :D

Had to draw the spear end separately and shopped them together XD
Anyway, gonna try and hopefully turn this to a 3d sculpt x:

Hope you like her!

Done with 2b mech pencil on A4 paper, some cleanup with photoshop
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I love that details! This artwork is purely awesome!
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Beautiful work!! :) I love her eyes. Nice outfit as well, with lots of details!
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wauw that details I agree with IncorrectBird she would totally rock on the battlefield!
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she would extremely rock on the battlefield :)
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Where did u get the idea
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Love the detail on this. Amazing!
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O.O its awesome DDDDDDD: *______________*
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The costume is pretty intricate there's lots of bits and pieces to it nice job!
Really good drawing, it looks great !
Her Weapon and Armour would not be verry good in actual combat because.......
That Lance would be far to difficult to wield to make a suitable weapon for battle, it might work for sport and such though.
And her armour would restrict her mobility too much, that strap around her chest and shoulders would make moving her arms somewhat difficult and the armour piece conected to the skirt aswell as the skirts weight added to by those bags hanging over it would make moving her legs a bit slow and probably quite tiresome.
Allso while she might not need much protection the lack of armour on her stomach would make for quite a weak point and the armour on her shoulders only protects against attacks from the sides and would possibly increase the damage caused by attacks from above by directing towards the center of her body.

Important Note: This is meant as Constructive Criticism, I am not implying that it is a bad drawing I am just saying that it could be even better. It is really good though.
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I didn't think about her clothes that much, but still thanks for the input :P
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what is the skirt made of? metal?

nice draww by the way ;)
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nah, leathery material I reckon ;d
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Great!! i love yours draws, they have so many details
really, really nice work ^^

adding to my fav...
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best draw ever
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oh my .. i like the weapon she holds.. suits her well :thumbsup:
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She looks really great!
Awesome design. ;)
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you've got wonderful pencil sketches
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