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20 percent sweeter

... I mean cooler! Duh!

Here is a candid photo that Chasis Photos took of me! As soon as I walked in to Ultracon, another cosplayer handed me their lollypop and said "YOU MATCH IT LETS TAKE A PHOTO!" Hence my surprised face haha~ Oh well, it was fun!

:star: Photo by Chasis Photos. Please check him out for more AMAZING cosplay photos!…

:star: Costume & model: Me

:star: My art account: :iconstarbuxx:

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You are a beautiful Rainbow Dash
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yes very very sweet indeed, fav pony btw 
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was on store envy the other day and found you didnt even know you had one i guess its m fault for not reading much of your profile or so, but i will be buying some prints soon, most likely next pay
MeganCoffey's avatar
haha yeah I have one! And thanks, glad you liked my shop!! :aww:
slyfer3k's avatar
gonna have a cos wall in my place
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aaaa you were at ultracon yesterday but i didnt see you today //sobbing//
your cosplay is boss omg
MeganCoffey's avatar
ahh I'm sorry! I only went on Saturday! D:
Thank you so much! I will be at Hurricon, Megacon, and Supercon next! 
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Love this! Mind if we do another feature of you at :)
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Ahh that would be wonderful, thank you!
If you can, could you please include the link to my facebook page:…
and the photographers page too:
Thank you! :heart:
manacookies's avatar
Here's your feature! :…
We hope you enjoy it :) If you could share the link out, we would greatly appreciate it <3

Thanks again!
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Thank you! I will share it on my facebook page and I will add it to the description on my RD cosplay pics here.
Thanks again!! :heart:
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Thank you so much! <3
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hahahaha funny!
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well done with the outfit, look classy on you
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it'd be cool to see you do a cosplay set with your cousin Susan.  btw, i just posted almost the exact same comment on her cosplay pic she posted recently.
MeganCoffey's avatar
Lol! Hey maybe next time we are in the same state we will set something up, who knows?
damoser's avatar
*crosses fingers*
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