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Cut Time Book 1 Kickstarter
I'm updating my journal for the first time in a long time for some exciting news:

The kickstarter for Cut Time book 1 is live!!
Cut Time is my webcomic that you can read it here
We made sure to have lots of great deals on that tier list! The printed product will have edited text and updated art (all colour corrected and ready to be printed), and hopefully really cool embellishments, with your help! Thank you kindly for your interest and support!
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Elks rule my life.
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18.02.2019: I'm back from this weekend's skis/snowboard in Białka Tatrzańska. o/ It was fun. :heart:

10.01.2018: Livestream online. Digital. Offline, thank you for watching. <3

I'm offline, but Razuri is Livestream online. Traditional.
Offline. Thank you for watching. <3

Life (photos added)
CAM14269a by Megan-Uosiu

*internal screaming*

I'm buying the most expensive thing I've ever bought in my entire life. Save me.

*some more internal screaming*

It's done. OMG.

*even more internal screaming and then some external screming too*

Edit: Do you guys want an unboxing video, or sth? XD; Or just a photo of when it's set up, since I don't have a too good camera? ;;; Gosh, I'm so scared and stressed. :la: ;;;;;;;;

Edit2, 17.12.2018: It has arrived! \o/ And it's HUGE. Let me get started with the video (edit: I did actually make an unboxing video out of it, but since I was struggling A LOT, I think it wouldn't be too entertaining to watch, unless as a comedy xD').

Here's the story: The delivery guy said over the phone this morning: "so I have this package for you, 60kg, and it won't be carried into your room". OKAY then. O_O;;; So I've brought a big big travel bag with me downstairs when it has arrived and... was stunned to find this whole wooden palette full of stuff waiting for me, literally like a box in a magazine. xD'''' And when the delivery guy said: "So, I will be going now. This is all for you." I really wanted to just start crying right there. Thank God there was someone else at home to help me, because it's not possible to carry that much as just one person.
At least it was light.
The tablet is about 7kg, the stand - about 20kg. More than 30kg must have been the palette they've brought it on. xD''''''

Edit3: 4 hours later and I've manage to assemble it, with much difficulty. My back is killing me and I'm super hungry, so I will take a break before connecting it to the computer. ;;; I hope this works. T T' (Because reassembling it again would be a HUGE pain. xD''' )

Edit4: The colours are nice (back to what they've looked like on my old-old monitor - and now they're hurting my eyes a bit with how vivid they are xD'''). I seem to have some kind of a noise filter on the whole display, visible especially on the white spaces (edit: This is the antireflect layer and is also present in the Mobile Studio. It's just how it's made. It's a bit annoying, maybe the biggest drawback of the whole tablet? It's more visible in poor lighting and less in a well lit room). It makes my computer super slow (this gets a bit better when other things are not open and I restart my computer?) (edit: This got fixed almost entirely after a few restarts. It just needs time to adjust - and the drivers to get fully updated). Also, I can't use Intuos 3 and Wacom Cintiq Pro at the same time. I have to reinstall the drivers to make either one of them work. But if I want to - I can use the Cintiq as the monitor and my old Intuos as the tablet (edit: I'm really happy that at least I can use the old Intuos with it and use the Cintiq as a very cool monitor). 4k works without any problems, but 2,5k is really enough for me xD; (edit: I LOVE the 4k/2k display! I didn't think I needed it until I've actually experienced it. You can have your picture open to 100% - work on all the little details - AND - be able to see the whole picture at the same time. It's simply amazing). The design is nice. It fits well on my desk and actually (somehow?? Miraculously??) doesn't take up more space than my previous monitor did. AND, I can put it down towards myself just like I've imagined I would to draw on without taking it off the wooden construction that I have over my Intuos. 6/10 as a whole, I guess? (Set up instructions are even worse with about 4/10. xP) (edit: After finally figuring out how to use it - this required a lot of work and asking people who already have it for advice - I'd give it a 9/10. Not 10/10 because of the noise filter AKA antireflex. But apart from that, it is a perfect tablet. And a Cintiq hater like myself is telling you that. If I had a chance to make the decision of buying it again - I would have done so, and with much less stress and anxiety, and surely I'd do it much faster this time. :heart: Wacom, you've outdone yourself yet again. Bravo.)

I've written a haiku:

Mindblowing colours.
Sad is my empty wallet.
Wacom Cintiq Pro.

Edit 5, 19.12.2018:

Let me rewrite my haiku:

Amazing colours,
Worth every penny I've paid -
Wacom Cintiq Pro.

And here are some photos:
Unknown by Megan-Uosiu
CAM14211a by Megan-Uosiu CAM14220a by Megan-Uosiu
CAM14208a by Megan-Uosiu
CAM14197a by Megan-Uosiu CAM14198a by Megan-Uosiu

Okay, so, actually, some places on the sides of the screen have this weird halo at some angles when the screen is black. 8/10. But still, I guess my other screen has those too? I don't know if it's worth fillling a complaint?

EDIT4: (21.08.2018)

I will attend the International Festival of Comics and Games in Lodz this year. See you there. o/

I'm also considering some foreign conventions...
London Expo in October, anyone?
Or Leipzig Bookfair in 2019?
Please tell me if you're going, I'm really confused about the conventions at the moment. \o/


EDIT3: (23.07.2018)
In the end I went to Animatsuri 2018, and it was great! : D I'm thinking of going to MFKiG in Łódź and Warsaw ComicCon (Autumn Edition), if possible. And next year I really want to try Leipzig Bookfair and go to Polymanga, maybe... if they will want me. xD And if I print the new comic volumes! >u</// :heart: Polymanga is the best convention in the world, by far. :heart: :heart: :heart:

From other things, I think I might finally have some time off work? I really enjoy working and actually having money, but I'm starting to feel bad about neglecting my comics too, and working for too many hours and in a lot of stress has had a really bad effect on my health lately, and I need to heal my body before I can do anything hardcore again, I think. So, in August, I will probably go back to my Patreon, and there will be more livestreams (thank you so much for joining me on those! <3 They are like my oasis and live-savers from the stress), more sketching and more finished works. Please look forward to it...? Or please don't, I don't want to stress about it too. I need to chill out. xD'

Cheers~! take care, guys~! <333



I was going to attend Pyrkon, but i won't be there after all. : x
I'm considering Magnificon EXPO 2018, NiuCon 2018 and ComicCon Fall Edition 2018. Which one would you like to see me on?
I should have said that in Polish instead.
Właściwie powinnam była to napisać po polsku.

Miałam jechać na Pyrkon, ale jest drogo i znajomi nie jadą, więc nie. : x
Rozważam za to Magni, NiuCon i ComicCon jesienny. Czy ktoś z was jedzie na któryś z nich? :heart:

... Tęsknię za Balkonami.


EDIT: Polymanga was amazing, thank you so much~!!! <333 :heart: :heart: :heart: :hug:



30.03-2.04.2018, Montreux, Switzerland.

2018-03-28 Artist-village2 by Megan-Uosiu

This year again I will attend the Polymanga convention in Switzerland.

From Poland there will be :iconrazurichan:, :iconred-priest-usada:, :icon5494: and - for the first time - :iconradittz: and :iconlen-yan:. Please welcome them warmly too. Unfortuntely :iconlittleulvar: won't be there personally, but you can still buy her prints from the staff at her and Razuri's booth.
All the artists at Polymanga are great and very talented people, so - if you have time - please visit each and every one of them. :heart:
See you there!


(PS. I'm also planning to attend Pyrkon this year with Razuri and Ulvar. ' v ' :heart:)

I'm opening commissions again.

:pointr: Rules:
- It's for your personal use only.
- I don't draw: NSFW, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs.
- I'll start drawing after receiving the money.

:pointr: How to order:
- Please send me a note with the reference pictures and the description of the character(s) you want me to draw. (It can also be an e-mail to: "".)
- You can choose the composition (fullbody, halfbody, portrait), the pose (dynamic or static - choose something specific if you want to!) and the style (manga, semi-realism / with or without lineart). If you don't specify it, I will draw whatever I see fit based on the reference I receive.
- You can choose your budget beforehand - the amount you pay me will directly influence the time I spend on your commission, so if you want something simple, you can say so beforehand and set the price lower. The same way, if you want me to add some extra details to the work, it will cost a bit more, but you can adjust the price before placing your order.
- I'm usually sending a sketch before starting the work on the commission to see if you will like the pose, composition, etc. (It's usually quite rough though.)
- After I'm done I will send you a 100% size, 300 dpi finished picture.

:pointr: - Payment methods: PayPal.
Instead of USD, you can pay me the equivalent (by that day's exchange rate) in EUR, GBP or JPY, if it would be easier or cheaper for you.

:pointr: Commission types:

12-20 USD (depending on the level of complexity) - Black and white drawing (ink) of a character without a background (A5 size). Additional character +12 USD.
2016-10-15 Inktober-03 by Megan-Uosiu

30-50 USD (depending on the level of complexity) - CG art of a character without a background (A5 size). Additional character +30 USD.
  2017-05-14 Kisa-09 by Megan-Uosiu

60-100 USD (depending on the level of complexity) - CG art with a background (A5 size), one character. Additional character +20 USD.
..::Shinjiro Aragaki::.. by Megan-Uosiu ..::4ndr01d::.. by Megan-Uosiu ..::Hipster Neath::.. by Megan-Uosiu ..::Princess Knight::.. by Megan-Uosiu

120-200 USD (depending on the level of complexity) - CG art with a background (A4 size), one character. Additional character +40 USD.
..::Lily Angel::.. by Megan-Uosiu ..::Sword Master Nero::.. by Megan-Uosiu Polymanga 2018 by Megan-Uosiu

:pointr: Other:
- I also take commissions for commercial use - I set the prices for them individually, depending on the type of copyrights you want to buy.

Thank you so much. :heart: <3

EDIT 27.11.2018: My friend has opened commissions too, if you're interested: COMMISSION

Commission still open

This time I can offer you Color Sketch Icon or HalfBody Color Sktech

price for HalfBody ColorSketch - 20$
price for Icon ColorSketch - 15$

1. Avahollic - refs/payment/ done
2. anobouzu - refs/payment/  done

3. sarna - refs/ payment/ done

4. Hooke - refs/ payment/ done
5. Skoll-and-Hati - refs/payment/ done
6. winshowplace - refs/payment / done
7. DementedNymph - refs/payment /done
8. @Rain-Plays - refs/payment/ start
9. AkiaWalker - refs/ payment /start
10. NotSo
by :iconmikado13:.


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Hope to see you there some time :heart:

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