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At first I'd like to thank for a DD I received during my absence. A big thank to my dear Sneza :iconflobelebelebobele: :heart: for the suggestion
and to dear Abbey :iconabbeymarie: :heart: for featuring it and to every one who liked it. 

He is mine! by Megan-Arts

Wonderful gifts and dedications I received during the last months, thank so much!!!! :heart: :love: :tighthug:

Bird of Prey by PetyaPlamenova

Ship on sky. by CharllieeArts

Observation deck by Mocris  

A heart for Valentines Day  by black swan by A1Z2E3R Happy new year! by IgnisFatuusII

L E T H A R G Y... by chryssalis Waiting For Santa by KarahRobinson-Art

Fall Chrysanthenums by JocelyneR Ho Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! by Sandra-Cristhina

 Land of the Miracle by CrisestepArt Merry Christmas! by VeilaKs

U F O by CharllieeArts


Evil Kin by PetyaPlamenova Pick a name by Flobelebelebobele <da:thumb id="529035309"/>  CRASHED.. by chryssalis

  Maybe my shelter by Eithen Kastoria City V by BillyNikoll

  It Was The Night by AsliYeniay In the Forest.. by AledJonesDigitalArt Stochastic Entropies by MoodyBlue

<da:thumb id="529119531"/> 

Mature Content

Keres by RoseCS
 On golden wings by TinaLouiseUk The black lady by jiajenn  Found My Angel by Lhianne

The Fish Pig-livery Service (FPS) by KingaBritschgi chagrin by ZedLord-Art  A new Fairy Forest by lauraypablo The Mantis by Cold-Tommy-Gin

<da:thumb id="528764329"/> <da:thumb id="528845867"/>  Heartless by debNise   Refuge from a Storm by PaperDreamerArt

Agony by Iskander1989    AB2015-162 by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Just an average day of work by SYLVIAsArt

House Shoe by volker03  Roman Warrior by StarsColdNight Mensajeros by MariaJoseHidalgo  Cinderella by tinca2

Demon Beach by Softyrider62  Alone by funkwood Knighthood by tamaraR <da:thumb id="528711021"/>  Vortex by Doucesse

The Flame of Love by EstherPuche-Art  Per Aspera Ad Astra by ReyeD33  Mischief by Mr-Ripley

Castle - infrared by LightSculpting

Plague won by Sweetlylou Just a Dream by Ghislaine-L <da:thumb id="529263069"/>  Gollum by Fran-photo

  Demon Abduction by Arthur-Ramsey Ptolemy Portals II by Ellysiumn

Mommy Dearest by BrennsArtAttic Trish DMC2 by CaoChiNhan Purple Dreams by maiarcita

Lady in black by katiousa15  The Gate by vampirekingdom  BatGirl by Creamydigital Visit at nighttime 2015 by nudagimo

Centaur Warrior by marcosnogueiracb Little Red Nutcracker by gyaban I: Entangled by ErikShoemaker  Dark girl by Marazul45

The Sunken Chapel by annewipf  Moonlight Melody by PrincessMagical  Surbion 2 first part by DanNeamu EyEs OF sToNe by Fajralam <da:thumb id="525100986"/>

L i t h i u M by k-i-mm-i-e Garden of the nymph by Liancary-art  Symphonie of angels by GitteKoeppel  Darkness by Mocris

 Cruise by Lubov2001   Let Me Mourn by FictionChick Young Photographer by AliaChek

DARK ANGEL by Rafido  Burning Memories by YaelPardina  In the mist by Angie-Pictures <da:thumb id="527634071"/>  Mystic Dreams_08 by caddman

Golden Light by VeilaKs  The Passenger by crilleb50 Ruines by Ghislaine-L  The Last Snow by MissGrib 

The Odissey of Light by Whendell The Purge of Darkness by Wesley-Souza  A Table For One by Frama 

<da:thumb id="527451944"/>  Butterfly Dream by DigitalDreams-Art Dear Devil by AtraLunaDesign  silence by vivi-art  .:Spring Nymph:. by SummerDreams-Art  Allatu by Lvcifera

Freunde by gestandene The Laundry shop by SoulcolorsArt <da:thumb id="527413533"/>  *ivy* by CosmicAmethystArt 

Lunar sanctum by Consuelo-Parra <da:thumb id="527315741"/> MIRROR OF DREAMS by kaderart  Evil twins by Veeutiful 

Out For A Walk by rickuk73  Reunited by KYghost Dragon's Den by nikkidoodlesx3

Gilded Web by AbbeyMarie Angmar La Rocca di Pietra 1922x1679 by DraakeT by DraakeT <da:thumb id="509130034"/> Missing You by JacquelineLecocq

Painful Truth by Adipose620 The Lost Temple - collaboration by neverdying Sacred by frenchfox

Summer Gifts by inObrAS  Ignoto... by Nataly1st  The Lady Wandering by Neitin  

Ysolt by pompafunebris  Fairy of the forest by katmary  Mesmerism by Bathoriya  V I R G I N by Forjani Legoland mountains by Bull53Y3

Dragon Trust by Pixx-73  Queen of the Realm by FUROR ART by FurorArt  Vlada by Helga-Helleborus  The Liliths Realm by Pri-Santos  Fight for your life by DesireeDelgado

In the D E P T H S by inkmlab LEX by maxlake2  Noctis umbrae (other version) by ClaudiaSchirmetz  Silent S Portrait by xeena-dragonkizz

Alien Wreck by andrzejsiejenski  Immortal by Teddy-Cube Bonnie and  Clyde by Traumsturm Librarian by MachiavelliCro

 The Plague by Aegils Are you ready for take off? by SpellpearlArts Nirvana by gotman68

  So ugly... by Odilicious  The Starborn Flower by MindTuber  Giallo Confidential by NeoStockz Sweet Dreams My Love by pjenz Anna by BrietOlga

Unleashed by LevanaTempest  Cleopatra's death by Incantata The Awakening by Kurtzan Secret Rendezvous by alkab-art

Fighting Girlfriend by ChiantyVex  .: The Enchanted Forest :. by Pure-Poison89 The Dark Knight Rises tribute by umbatman 

wip of a new oil painting by MonaParvin  Manga Faerie by CaryAndFrankArts  Roze dwie by OlAleksandra  Young and Beautiful by Sangelus  Shark World by stellartcorsica

Shao Jun by GinebraCamelot I am your guardian! by doro20  Algas Rhythm by JenaDellaGrottaglia The truth inside me by touchofthesoul

The Death by peroni68 Big Green Eyes by philippeL Just at the gates by ElenaDudina 

  Lady of the Lake by Marjie79  PrayerToTheFire by MtPvonExplodingArt  The Damned by Jcdow3Arts 

Alien theory by Altair-E Accursed Land (Thranduil) by Celtica-Harmony Le Cabinet de Curiosites - La Dame de Pierre by AlexandraVBach  Sulamif by Celtica-Harmony

Ladder For Redemption by Paulo-Bert  Athena by Sisterslaughter165 Black Gold by alexnoreaga  Self Extrication by theogroen

apocalyptica by LilySanches  ~AmyLee~ by blumilein  In Spellbound Forest by IgnisFatuusII  Think... by Oleg-Bardenkov The Beauty of Sadness by mimikascraftroom

Mary Jane by MihaelaJoeDesigns  Epidemic by TaniaART  Skull of Cupid by ChimeraArtz  Perpetuellement by Le-Meridian Blondel by DriPoint

Blind Soul by DiosaEMR Oddish by babsartcreations  Mechanical Seraph by Carlos-Quevedo  Let me Save you by shiny-shadows-Art Elven Dream by KarahRobinson-Art

Audrey by kuschelirmel  Untitled by ChristopherPollari <da:thumb id="525727203"/> Love Takes Wing by paranormallily32 Vanitas by Fran-photo

Jeanne d'Arc by FictionChick  Luci by birubadut  Dream catcher by DanielPriego  Deathaura by shadeley Surprise by robhas1left

Ballet beauty by CindysArt Commission by Nikulina-Helena  Warrior by KarinClaessonArt Birds over city by VitaShuba  gothic-y little creature by DIGI-3D

Caroline and the mirror by CrisestepArt understanding you by L-A-Addams-Art  Rise of the Tomb Raider Dock Icon # 2 by OutlawNinja

Raveleijn-the battle by petronellavanree  Flower Fairy by Cinnamoncandy  On the other side ... by John35Photography  Spanish Widow by imagase  Venus by ThelemaDreamsArt

Fairground by seangregory  Lost by DigitalDreams-Art 

Mature Content

Unfortunate Victim by TriZiana
 She-Wolf  -  leader of the pack by einstein64k  Branch with red berries and green leaves by YBsilon-Stock

Hmm.. the feature is not as small as I thought.. :D
Wishing you a lovely week! :blowkiss:

My last work

Beyond the Horizon by Megan-Arts

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Congratulations for your beautiful and well deserved DD, dear Megan.:iconwhiteroseplz:
Amazing art and wonderful features.:clap: