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Welcome to my commissions page, thanks for stopping by! \ (•◡•) /

CURRENT STATUS: TEMPORARILY CLOSED - so I can work on a personal project. <3 

Please refer to the sections below for pricing and details on my HQ, SKETCH, and CHIBI styles.

❤ original characters
❤ FFXIV characters
❤ game/ anime fanart
❤ all genders 
(I get mostly requests for females, but I can also do males! <3)
❤ nudity / NSFW (you and your character must be 18+)
❤ other (I'm flexible!)
🚫 I will NOT draw anything that sexualizes under-aged characters, including teenagers. Do not come to me with that $hit. 🚫

*** HQ  STYLE ***

*comes with a colored version with a solid white background, and a colored version with a transparent background.*
*I will send you a WIP before coloring. I will not begin coloring until I get a response (either that it looks great and I can continue OR you may request MINOR changes, but do not go overboard). The quicker you respond, the quicker I can start your coloring.*
BUST $35  ///  HALF $75
❤  BUST is more of a portrait (minimal clothing seen and no shoulders)  ❤
❤  HALF is about waist-up in size  ❤
(includes shoulders, arms or part of arms depending on pose, chest, and some of the waist)
* FULL BODY only offered in the sketch style.
*PLEASE NOTE: These are BASE prices. If your request is complicated or includes props, the price may be more. I'd prefer to keep designs on the simpler side for now.

Alt 7 30 by megamus-prime

* These will usually end up being around 800 pixels wide. I don't typically save a larger file, so if you need a higher res file please let me know before I get started.


*comes with a flat white bg, no WIP included. Lines will not be as refined as my "HQ" style, and coloring will be FLAT or have MINIMAL shading (at my discretion).
BUST $20  ///  HALF $30  ///  FULL $40

Sketch 7 30 by megamus-prime

I have a more ANIME style and an ALTERNATE style which is slightly more realistic.  Let me know which style you'd prefer! ;3
* See the "EXAMPLES" section below to see more of each style.

✿  C H I B I  $35 ✿


Chibi by megamus-prime

* Please note, you are commissioning me for my labor only. I retain all rights to my artwork, which includes displaying the artwork on various sites for promotional use.  These commissions are for personal use only; no altering (within reason- you may make small edits, such as resizing or adding a background to accommodate the image on your personal page, character profile, etc) or re-selling (of any kind). Under no circumstance may you remove my signature.  Credit/ linking back to me is greatly appreciated! <3

p a y m e n t 
: USD and through paypal only! (I will send you my paypal info once we’ve come to an agreement.) All payment is required before I start work. No refunds. I accept requests on a first-come, first-serve basis.  In order to officially be put on the list, we will need to come to an agreement about the request and I will need to receive payment first.  I will not hold a place for you on my list; please have your payment ready to go so you can claim your spot. 

t i m e Please give me a week or so to complete your request (once I begin work on yours, not necessarily from when I add you to the list).  If there are a few names ahead of yours, it may take a bit longer.  Please keep in mind that this is not my day-job, and that I work full-time elsewhere to support myself. In the event that I have extended time off of work, I may complete requests more quickly. I will message you when I'm about to get started on your request in the list.

a t t i t u d e :  I am under no obligation to take everyone's request.  If you make these not fun for me- by rushing me, or being over-particular about details, or being difficult in general - I will most likely not want to take on your request.  And definitely, if I think you're being rude at any time, I will turn you down or refund your money before I get started. :3

Send me a message at my email [] to get started! I don't do commissions correspondence over messages on reddit, tumblr, or instagram, so please email me. If I don't respond to your email within 2 days, please send me a note on here! Your message may have been sent to my spam folder.  Also! The more detailed you are, the faster we can come to an agreement and I can get started on your request! :3 To make things easier, please fill out the form below with your first email:

CHARACTER NAME: (whatever name you'd like me to use when posting your character's art)
STYLE: ("HQ" or "SKETCH"; and choose "anime" or "alternate". see below for style examples. *YOU MAY NOW REQUEST "CHIBI" AS A THIRD OPTION!)
SIZE: ("bust", "half", "full", or "chibi")
AGE: (I will not draw any underaged persons nude or in otherwise suggestive ways)
INFO: (can be a brief bio or personality traits- anything you think might help me get a feel for your character!)
POSE/ EXPRESSION: (any preference on facial expression or pose- if none, I can decide!)
OTHER: (distinctive markings or other attributes, any outfit/ hair modifications, etc. anything else you'd like me to know! if your character has a certain body type that doesn't exactly match their refs, lemme know! bust size, curviness, height, etc.)
* Please link me to or attach reference images of your character as well, including different angles if possible.  I can use the clothing from their screenshots, or if you prefer them to be wearing something else you find a picture of online, I can use that instead. If you are requesting for an original character that doesn't have any art yet, let me know so we can hash out the details! :3 

✔️ = complete
*PLEASE NOTE: Due to my work schedule, I will only be taking 1 "HQ" style commission at a time.  I will however take more sketch requests within the same batch, as they take less time to complete.



Dae [HQ - alternative - half]  ✔️
Kali [sketch - anime - half]  ✔️
Maja [sketch - alternative - half]  ✔️
X'tahma [alternate - half - HQ]  ✔️
 Dae [alternate - full - sketch]  ✔️
Claire [alternate - full - sketch]  ✔️
Framboise [alt - half - color]  ✔️
Knadozz [anime - half - color]  ✔️
Aramis [alt -half -color]  ✔️
Carmine [alt - half - color]  ✔️
Ali Niama [anime - bust - color] ✔️
Yldrinn [alt - half - color]  ✔️
Framboise [alt - half -color] ✔️

Ali [commission - color] by megamus-prime Kali [sketch commission] by megamus-prime Knadozz [commission - color] by megamus-prime

Maja - NSFW [sketch commission] by megamus-prime Dae [HQ commission] by megamus-prime Claire [sketch commission] by megamus-prime Framboise [commission - color] by megamus-prime Dae - come hither [HQ commission] by megamus-prime X'tahma - mature [HQ commission] by megamus-prime Yldrinn [commission - color] by megamus-prime Aramis [commission - color] by megamus-prime Framboise - daisy [commission - color] by megamus-prime X'tahma - young [HQ commission] by megamus-primeDae [sketch commission] by megamus-prime Carmine [commission - color] by megamus-prime

For older examples to get a sense of my general style, check out my commissions folder: >> HERE! <<

© 2019 - 2020 megamus-prime
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daewrythe's avatar

Got my sketch commissions.

Definitely went above and beyond on the quality of my full body sketches. And very responsive to feedback and can't reccomend enough. EXCELLENT WORK

megamus-prime's avatar

Thank yoouu~ T__T <3

Croceum's avatar
CroceumNew Deviant

I got my commissions of X'tahma today and they came out beautifully! Very responsive, worked quickly, and sent me updates along the way to make sure I loved how it was coming along! I'd highly recommend this artist to anyone looking to get one of their characters done.

megamus-prime's avatar

Thank you again so much, she was a joy to work on! :3 <3

Togo143's avatar

Just got my commission of Aramis from megamus! Such fantastic work! It was done quickly, with good updates along the way. I would definitely recommend commissioning them!

megamus-prime's avatar

So glad you like it, thanks again for everything! >w< <33

jr841005's avatar

Just got my commission back for Knadozz and its my first time having him commissioned. All I can say is I loved it amazing work, as well as very professional interactions between the two of us with much appreciated updates on the progress.

megamus-prime's avatar

So glad you like it, thanks again for letting me work on your character! :3 <3

Creedlane's avatar

Sooo that Yldrinn comm was the first time ever I gave my trust to a stranger on the internet, and you delivered above and beyond ! Absolutely everything I asked for is there and even more, not even mentioning how fast it was. It's gorgeous, it's badass, it's vague ideas and poor screenshots from me turned into a lovely piece by you, it's just awesome. XIV/10 would recommand to static, FC, family etc.

megamus-prime's avatar

Thank you sooo much! T__T <333 It was an absolute pleasure!

mippa's avatar

Beautiful work and such quick turn-around! Thank you for taking my commission!

megamus-prime's avatar

Thanks again for letting me work on her! ^___^ And thank you for the kind words~ <3

pokachu12's avatar

You did a great job drawing Ali, I can't thank you enough! Surprised me on how quick it was finished too!

megamus-prime's avatar

Thank you sooo much, I'm glad you like it! <333

Enerou's avatar
EnerouHobbyist General Artist

Thank you again for drawing Nerj! ♥ So digging the way she turned out and absolutly in love with your art style. 10/10 will commission again! :3

megamus-prime's avatar
I'm glad you like eet, thanks again so much~! <33333
qinxy's avatar

Hi it's me Qin, I finally got the time to get on here!

I still absolutely love my commission you did for me! It's perfect to the very last detail, can't wait to commission you again when you're open <3

megamus-prime's avatar
Thank you so much! It was a pleasure and I look forward to it~ >w< <333
tsukasasign's avatar
I might have to think about commissioning when you are free, you got the Final Fantasy XIV style down well, would love to see my character drawn in that way.
megamus-prime's avatar
Thanks so much! ^__^
Agent-Vermont's avatar
You did a fantastic job at portraying my character, down to even the smallest details. The speed at which you worked was also really impressive. It was an absolute pleasure working with you!
megamus-prime's avatar
Thank you again SO much, I really appreciate everything! <333 And she was a joy to work on~ ^__^
unkindled-ash's avatar

This is the first time I've had something commissioned and I couldn't be happier. You really brought Gwynn to life. Great work.

megamus-prime's avatar
thank you sooo much I go cry now T___T <333

but forreal she was an absolute pleasure to work on! :3
anonymous's avatar
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