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For any fans of my PMD Illustrated Series, as well as PMD-UL, I have been working on a story for your pleasure. A book series of fanfiction based on my own twist of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon known as A Hero's Legend. Learn how the legendary hero, the Primal Guardian, became one of the greatest heroes in the world from the very beginning. Learn how it all started in this fabled tale of a young boy with an adventurous heart who fulfills his destiny as a legend, a god, and above all, a Hero.

Prologue: The End is The Beginning
Chapter 1: ______ - Coming Soon!

(Please note that this may change. I plan on uploading it Chapter-by-Chapter. However, if people wish for more at a time, I will upload them as whole books, or Arcs.)
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January 24, 2017


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