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For many years, I've been seen as the hero, helping everyone in need all across Primordia and beyond. Team Prime is seen as living legends from the tales our adventures' told. And, too, can forge your own path to greatness. There are many Pokémon out there in the world that need the help of able bodies and minds such as you. Together, we can make Primordia and the world beyond a better place. Free from strife and peril. And what better place to start than under the guidance of the ones who started it all?
I hereby declare the Unbound City Guild Office....officially open:
So, it's about time I gave an update on the guild's development. It...hasn't been going well. But I've decided to make up for it by opening another...."branch" of the guild. One that will be opening very soon while this one is being developed. Starting March 25th-March 31st, we will finally be holding our guild's Grand Opening, complete with an Open House, over on Discord. Any members that register within this period will receive a Pre-Register Bonus upon receiving your Starter Kit at the end of your training.
We hope to see you all there!
No, not exactly. I'm not gonna be in Smash Ultimate (although, that would be awesome). No, I'm simply making some pictures of me in SSBU. But I'm a little stumped with where I'm at...I'm currently working on the base character, like you saw in those Title Cards. Y'know the ones. And right now, I've got two models to work off of. But I can't decide.

Each model has a unique pose and body structure. I wanna hear your votes as to which you like more. (I'd do this in a Poll, but I don't have Core, so...this'll have to do)

Model-1.2 by MegaMixStudios

Look familiar? Color me unsurprised. They are based on two existing fighters for reference, since I'm terrible at modeling. Not complete copies, but very similar. Take a look!

REFERENCES: Model-1.2 Sample

COMPARISON: Model-1.2 Example
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This is a status update for my upcoming Guild for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Unleashed.

So, as some of you might have already noticed, my main page has dropped significantly in activity due to a...personal ordeal. Things are going as smoothly as they can, given the circumstances. However, I've decided to try and work on some of my oldest and biggest projects. One such, as you might have guessed, is PMD-UL. One of the biggest obstacles I'm facing with this project is the backstory. The guild master has lived a long adventurous life, and it continues on with the guild. Because of this, he's also got a MASSIVE story to tell, if I were to tell all of his tales. But then it hit me....what if I had them as a reward for completing Guild Missions? When an arc is complete, a fragment of his past can/will be revealed. It can be connected to the Arc you just finished, minor or major. It's a unique reward, a captivating storytelling method, and it's much more manageable for me to make the story for you. What do you guys think?

Also, I am so sorry for the increasing delays. Life can be such a menace at times, and I'm stuck dealing with my greatest ordeal yet. But thank you all for your continuing support for the guild.
Although it's been several weeks since everything fell, the darkness has taken its toll on me. A void that could never be filled...or so I thought. That void had only expanded with every beating, due to many brutal experiences in my life. The void was filled with these dark emotions that could only kill me from the inside, the black bile intoxicating like poison in my veins. can change you. And not for the better. It's hard enough to try and hide it from others by putting on a brave face, while enduring the hardships of that poison. As the saying "Pick your Poison" goes, it seems like I've already chosen mine. Or maybe it was chosen for me...
This was an old journal entry I wrote back in school. And I think this entry fits my life now more than ever before.

Black Blood by MegaMixStudios
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Lemme get you all up to speed on what Mechanical Instinct is.

Mechanical Instinct is a Five Nights at Freddy's fan-game I'm developing that'll contain some unique features (most likely) not used before. And I could use some help creating ideas for the game. Below is a list of ideas I've shared, either I made or given from others that I really like and will likely implement or pending. 

There are some ideas that I'm in need of more than others. Key features/mechanics I'm good on for now, but they're always welcome. Right now I'm in need of potential Locations and Stories.

Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below! I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to share!

EDIT: Something else I forgot to mention that I never thought I'd actually get. If you actually wanna help me make the game, and have the skills to do it and/or teach me as the lead developer, that'd be amazing!

  • 7 Nights, excluding potential Unlockable Nights [PENDING]
  • Flynn will adapt to how you "play", learning what cameras you use most, what to avoid, etc.
  • No Custom Night (Only 1 Animatronic)
  • LOTS of different and unique Jumpscares!
  • Nightmare Mode will be an unlockable gamemode in which the player must survive as long as possible in the seemingly endless night (Add Leaderboards?)
  • Camera Setup will allow the player to setup cameras wherever they'd like
  • Limited Free-Roaming; likely objective-based
  • The song, Mechanical Instinct by Aviators, can be found in the game's pending soundtrack
  • Secret Pass Codes can be found, allowing you to unlock Extras, Challenges, and Cheats [PENDING]
  • Competitive Multiplayer will allow you to play as either the Survivor or the Animatronic and play against each other [PENDING]
  • Located at a Robotics Factory (potential crossover/mention to Afton Robotics?)
  • The factory's name is Indigineer: Robotics & Engineering
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Luigi-balloon-world by MegaMixStudios
I have something that's been going on my mind lately, and I'm not sure if I want to go through with it or not. My dad has made me....quite a job offer, and there's no easy way of explaining it. My dad thinks I should join the Air Force, as a drone pilot. It's tempting to go, due to the many benefits of my services, but.... I'm not sure if I wanna go.

It's very beneficial if I go. Not only do I get paid, like any other job, but I get paid well! And they'll even pay to get me into college and, if I stay long enough, they'll even offer to buy me my own home (when I'm ready). However, if I go, I feel like I'm leaving everything behind me; that I have lots of unfinished business. And I'd be leaving all of my good friends for.....I don't even know HOW long.

What do you think? Should I become a Drone Pilot in the U.S. Air Force?
We're still early in development for Project Superstar, and we've come to the conclusion of allowing the community to aid us! To start us off, we will be holding a contest for the community to design a stage for the game. The theme? SPLATOON!

The rules are simple: Create a Super Smash Bros. Stage based on a Splatoon arena (ex: Blackbelly Skatepark). The winner will have their stage featured in the final product.

More details will be added, if/when needed. canceled

When you are ready to upload your entry, be sure to tag me so I can see it.
I'm making a space-themed game in which you take a role in the bridge crew and take control in one of many terminals of the ship, from Communications to Pilot, or even the Captain. 

LOCUS INCOGNITA is latin for Space Unknown. I actually took the term Terra Incognita, which means Unknown Land/Territory (Terra means land/earth), and swapped Terra with Locus (Locus means space). Pretty clever, right?

LOCUS INCOGNITA is a video game Starship Simulator, in which you and your friends will control your Starship in a variety of missions as you and your crew try to survive the dangers of space.

What do you think of the name LOCUS INCOGNITA for the title of my new game? (This is the 3rd game I'm working on)
Okay, as many of you already know, SilentDragon64 has hired me to make her a game. With the development going underway, her payment for my service is both in cash and free art requests. Despite paying me, too, she's offered me free art requests for life, which I gladly accepted. She's a great artist who deserves a lot of respect, so go check her out! And as some of you already know, I share commissions, art requests, fan art, etc of my stuff in my Gallery. So you'll be seeing a lot from her in my Gallery!
It may come as no surprise that I'm now an official video game developer with a small selection of games in the making, but as of today, I have been hired (by a fellow deviant) to work on a new horror-based RPG. Unfortunately, I can't share any details (mainly because I don't have any to share yet), but I am excited to be working with SilentDragon64 on this new game. I hope you're all excited for what I will create!
It's very simple, really. Just ask me a question down in the comments below, and I will answer them however I please. If and when I can, I might be draw my responses like many other artists!
Super Mario Legends by MegaMixStudios

For those who have been with me since the very beginning, you might recall and old picture I made, premiering my coming animated series, Super Mario Legends. Well, it's about time I pulled that skeleton outta the closet, because it is finally under development! I've got a small animation crew with me here (and growing in numbers), and we're finally getting this project underway! Stay tuned for more updates on Super Mario Legends and more!
Things have been really slow here on my page, and I apologize for it. But I have my reasons. The main reason is that I've been getting overwhelmed by the fact that I'm moving....again. Fortunately, this'll be the last time I ever move 'til I have to move out myself. Which.....isn't that far away, once you think about it. Anyways, because of the move, we're really tight on funds, which means I can't get any art supplies I need and whatnot. So I decided to open up a Patreon page, for those who want to help out. Patreon is a special fundraiser site, for those who don't already know. I hope to use Patreon as a fundraiser for many projects, but this will have to be first on my agenda. Just click the link below to find my page. If you help out, I will find some way to thank each and every one of you. I just....haven't determined what that'd be just yet. But I'll thank you all somehow, for those who support me.

Patreon, as I mentioned before, will be the fundraiser I mainly use for the time being. It will be used for many major projects, including game projects for Good-Win Studios.

Good-Win Studios | Patreon
That's right! As of today, I have registered for the Nintendo Developer Program, and am now eligible of creating and publishing games on select Nintendo platforms, such as 3DS, Wii U, and even Switch. Good-Win Studios is finally underway! I look forward to working with Nintendo and I look forward to seeing any upcoming fans enjoying the games I will make in the near-future.
For any fans of my PMD Illustrated Series, as well as PMD-UL, I have been working on a story for your pleasure. A book series of fanfiction based on my own twist of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon known as A Hero's Legend. Learn how the legendary hero, the Primal Guardian, became one of the greatest heroes in the world from the very beginning. Learn how it all started in this fabled tale of a young boy with an adventurous heart who fulfills his destiny as a legend, a god, and above all, a Hero.

Prologue: The End is The Beginning
Chapter 1: ______ - Coming Soon!

(Please note that this may change. I plan on uploading it Chapter-by-Chapter. However, if people wish for more at a time, I will upload them as whole books, or Arcs.)
Aeddon - Headshot Icon by MegaMixStudios
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As some of you may know, I like editing Mario pictures to allow me to color them however I please. In some cases, I can make them look like other "Mario characters", such as SMG4 or Starman3. If you'd like one, just comment below the color you want for the following parts:

You can get your very own Color Variant right now, free-of-charge!


Mario Odyssey by MegaMixStudios M3 Odyssey by MegaMixStudios SM3 Odyssey by MegaMixStudios SMG4 Odyssey by MegaMixStudios Brynn Odyssey by MegaMixStudios Crixis Odyssey by MegaMixStudios Kyle Odyssey by MegaMixStudios Lazer Odyssey by MegaMixStudios

(Your example will be shown below, unless stated otherwise)
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Hey, everyone! I know I've made a lot of projects, and I'm overwhelming myself with all of them, but I think it's time to take a break from the majority of them and make a new project that I can work on fully. I plan on making an entire collection of RPGs that surround my favorite gamers, maybe some including myself. I can't share much as of now, other than the first two games will actually be a bit of a dual pack, of sorts. Like how Fire Emblem Fates has three different games, the first two unnamed titles will follow YouTubers, Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, on a grand adventure. Each game will have a different perspective of the same story. One as Mark, the other Jack.

This project will be a continuous one, but it's one I'm able to start on now.
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For the past year, Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) has dominated the internet on a global scale, still rivaling other indie games of its time, like Undertale. And with five games in the official series and countless variants made by fans of all ages, FNAF has started to become more and more....predictable, for lack of a better word. As you all may know, I'm making my own FNAF fan-game called Mechanical Instinct, and I want it to become one of the fan favorites when it comes to FNAF. And my best shot of pulling that off is by making it scary once again. But with hundreds, if not thousands, of variations worldwide, it's almost impossible to make a brand-new game that's unique in its own aspect. I want this game to be scary, just as FNAF once was in its time. And perhaps having some tips and tricks from the fan-base might be my best shot. What do you guys think?

Can we make Five Nights at Freddy's scary again?
If so, how?
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