Fictitious Episode Titles for SatAM Season 1

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For those who are fans of Sonic SatAM, you may have noticed all the season 1 episodes (except Heads or Tails) were named after Sonic. And some episode titles don't match the story plot. Take "Super Sonic" for example. Some fans who saw this episode for the first time probably thought that Super Sonic would appear in the episode. Well, I've made a list of fictitious titles for the season 1 episodes, so they match the episodes of season 2. Some episode titles will remain unchanged, and they will have a star next to them.

01. Heads or Tails*
02. The Message
03. Sonic and Sally*
04. Sonic's Uncle
05. Sonic and the Secret Scrolls*
06. Lazarr
07. Sonic Racer*
08. Sonic in Space
09. Green with Antoine
10. Sonic's Nightmare*
11. Lower Mobius
12. Rotor the Hero
13. The Trouble with Terrapods

Let me know what you think of the fictitious episode titles I made up.
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My alternate title for "Warp Sonic" is "Make New Allies, But Keep The Hedgehog". Know what I mean? ;)
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Interesting name. :)
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Those were the good days of ABC, since that Sonic series was so dark and suspenseful. Nowadays, I find it awkward that Jaleel White did the voice of Sonic, but casting Tim Curry for the voice of King Acorn was brilliant, along with William Windom, whom Star Trek fans may know as Com. Decker from the classic "Doomsday Machine" episode as Uncle Chuck.

The Lazarr episode continues to be a disturbing one with Robotnik using mind-control spells on Bunnie and Sally briefly, but a nice ending how Sonic and Lazarr became friends as the former evil wizard said goodbye.

Amont the other talented voices, Rob Paulsen made Antoine lovable, he being known for Yakko, Pinky and Dr. Scratchansniff in other voice roles. Kath Soucie (Fifi in Tiny Toons) dual-voicing both Sally and NICOLE, with Christine Cavanaugh (Chuckie in Rugrats and Babe the pig) as Bunnie. Good times!
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Great job! I have to admit, I did love the SatAM sonic cartoon, but I hated sonic's voice actor (curse you Jaleel white!)
I love sonic satam and i also have all the episodes on dvd and i love the fictitious episode titles you made and it's true not all of them are about sonic
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