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First of all, you can ignore my last journal entry, as I am going to try and continue the Megamink series with comics and pictures next year, but hopefully without too complicated story ideas. Hopefully just simple adventures with at least one monster threat to deal with.
And :iconrkerekes13: if you are reading this, I should warn you that I may still draw some female characters dressed immodestly, mainly in entertainment style pictures, but I shall also draw some female characters wearing more normal casual clothes. I definitely liked how I drew Katrien earlier this year, and having her appearing in the Megamink series shows she is more than what she was originally drawn to be.

Right now, I have the following ideas to work on this month. The Megamink Christmas special is complete, and I shall post it soon, but first I have the cover and illustrations to finish work on.

There is also two more comic strips to draw for this year's "Cotswold Critters" series. I've enjoyed it so much that I might do more next year. If you enjoyed reading the strips about Ascott and Milton, please let me know.

As for videos, I plan to start work on a new MLP video, "Random Christmas Ponies 2018", followed by a "Stephen Fox & Co" Christmas Special. After that, I shall work on this year's annual Christmas Music video.
I also might make a 20th anniversary tribute music video of the 1998 Rudolph movie. :)

That's all for now. :)
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I mentioned in a previous journal entry that I would be writing a Megamink adventure for Christmas. Well, I have written it now. It's a two part story, and once the illustrations are complete, I shall upload it onto DeviantART.

After that is done, I shall begin work on some all new Christmas pictures under the name "Stephen Fox & Co", with Stephen Fox and various of my original characters. Maybe even some of my friends' furry OCs. But please don't expect me to carry it all out. Last thing I want is more stress.
I have a Stephen Fox video and a My Little Pony video I wanna try and get done before Christmas, as well as the annual Christmas music video. :)

I have been thinking about something :iconjcfanfics: said in my recent journal entry. If I draw random pictures of any of my Megamink characters, and any other characters, new and old, and enjoy doing it, there is a chance that I might actually quit the main Megamink series. And if it comes to that, I will write out a final story.

Then again, I might just start a new series of Megamink comic adventures, as long as I don't get too stressed over complex stories.

I also have a curious question. In the past I got some good comments regarding fan fiction stories in the past. What if I were to actually start writing Sonic fan fiction again? I must admit, when it comes to writing, I sometimes feel comfortable writing fan fiction than original story ideas, especially since it features well known characters in well known places and I don't have to do all the illustrations for them, unless the characters are original or depicted differently. If decided, the new Sonic fan fiction series might have some new elements and ideas.
And when it comes to developed story telling, I'm more use to writing them out than drawing them out. I have learned quite a bit from writing my Cosmic Heroes stories in the past, even if all the ideas weren't completely original.

Basically, what I wanna try and do is draw simple humorous cartoons, and if I get really into it again, write detailed stories with heroes and villains.
And also continue making comedy videos, as long as this Article 13 (real or not) doesn't put a wrench in those plans.
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By the title of this journal entry, you probably figured what this is all about as it's been all over the news.
Yesterday, Stan Lee passed away. Knowing how old he was, I and many others knew it was going to happen some day.

I hardly have any Marvel movies or TV shows on DVD, but I still have Deadpool recorded on my sky machine, and some movies might still be on Netflix, so I might watch one some day soon, in his memory.

For now, here's a couple videos.
A scene from the last episode of 90s Spider-Man where he meets Stan Lee himself.

And when Stan met the Green Ranger.
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It's been about three weeks since I went to Wales, and during my stay and afterwards, I've been doing some serious thinking.

While I was there, I had learnt that although I enjoy drawing random ideas, I found out what sort of separates Megamink and Stephen Fox from that. Megamink's adventures have been mostly expressed in comics, while various Stephen Fox ideas have been expressed through videos. Also, after reminding myself of the works of my favourite furry artist Eric W. Schwartz, I may have figured out how to balance the ideas for next year, and hope it won't stress me out, and I have just two months to work on it. :)
I'll try and explain.
As some of you know, Eric Schwartz works on the "Sabrina Online" comic series, and he has done random pictures of Sabrina and the gang. And he has done fan art and fan comics, including "Zootopia" comics. And he has done animated videos.
So you might be able to see the similarities to my ideas, with the Megamink series, and random pictures including fan art. And I have also done some animated videos. 

After this year, the Megamink Picture Series folders I've made will end, and so will the Various Pictures (sort of). In their place will be something like "Stephen Fox & Co: Pictures Series" or "Stephen Fox Gallery". Basically just a new series of random pictures starring my fursona Stephen Fox, and featuring any of my other characters, including Megamink, and also fan art. In other words drawing anything into one sketch pad, instead of separating the ideas into two or three. Except for the NSFW art. That'll still be separate. :)

Right now I have done the first five pages of the last main Megamink comic strip for this year.
I'm also planning to write a Megamink adventure for Christmas, with a good story idea I've been thinking about for months, and I think it'll be best told in words than in pictures. I hope you'll read it if I succeed with writing it. :)
There will be some illustrations for the story, mainly exclusive new characters created for the story. :)

It's still unknown if Megamink will continue next year, but if I do continue it, I might begin an all new series of story ideas, either as a series of comic strips, or a series of written adventures. :)
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Happy Halloween everyone. :)

Be sure to check out my latest videos, if you haven't yet. :)

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After my day out yesterday, I had another rethink. Apologies if I got anyone's hopes up, as it feels I keep breaking promises lately.

Right now, regarding the future of Megamink and other ideas, I am still working on them, and haven't come to a final decision yet.
Yesterday, I did a non-Megamink picture of Megamink in action, for practice to see if I am motivated to not only continue drawing Megamink, but at the same time, continue to draw him as part of the random Stephen Fox series instead of the mainstream Megamink series. :)
There might be some slight differences if successful. :)

I am thinking of more ideas, and I'll see if they'll work before I explain them. The last thing I wanna do now is say I'm going to do something, and then change my mind and disappoint people.
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Here's an update on what I said in my previous journal entry.

I've taken a little break from the Megamink comic to work on some other pictures, because doing that can help me decide what to do.
Right now I'm spending a week at Wiseman's Bridge, where I get a lot of great inspiration. I have thought hard the last couple of days, and although I haven't fully decided at 100% as I may end up changing my mind again, I am now more inspired to continue work on Megamink. I recently reminded myself that after 21 years working on a series, it's almost impossible to end it just like that. But I can update the series and the characters, and that is what I hope to do in 2019. :)

Although it bothered me at first, I must admit that :iconrkerekes13: made a point, about most of the female characters in the Megamink series being drawn too sexualised, even those who weren't really supposed to be, like Rocko's sister Julie. I'm going to update them a bit, mainly have them dressed and behave a bit more modest like. For example, I might give the character Violet Bunny some new clothes for casual wear, because her normal outfit is something she should wear as an entertainer on stage, which is ironic because her first appearance was in a talent show performing "Dress You Up" by Madonna.

Regarding the stress of ideas, there is something I may or may not have mentioned. On my computer, I have a folder that simply says "Megamink" with folders of each year, and I have another one called "Random Stories And Pictures". Next year, I might change that to "Stephen Fox And Co", and I'll still do random pictures, including Megamink characters in non-Megamink pictures. :)

As for the Megamink comics, I may still actually do them, though I sometimes worry I'll go through a lot of sketchpads with them, especially when compared to sketchpads with my mature artwork is smaller by comparison.
I must also admit that I have enjoyed working on the comics the last couple years producing stories in a serial and manga sort of way, while other ideas have been expressed through pictures, and I know some of my friends have enjoyed reading the comics. :)

One important thing I must remember from all this is to take a break once in a while to do other things and work on other pictures, even do commissions for others. :)
With two and a half months left before 2019, I am going to try and make these new ideas work, and hopefully not stress over anything again. Please wish me luck. :)
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With the new series of Doctor Who hitting the screens this weekend introducing the first official female Doctor, I've decided to make a short list of fictional characters I know, who have been both male and female, either in two different incarnations or two different versions of the same thing. :)

Blackberry (Male in book and movie/ Female in 1999 animated series)

Zoicite (Male in anime and Manga/ Female in original English dub)

Biyomon (Female in Digimon Adventure/ Male in Digimon Data Squad)

Yellow Ranger/ Tiger Ranger (Female in Power Rangers/ Male in Zyuranger)
Fang/ Goda (Male in Power Rangers/ Female in Zyuranger)
Octoplant/ Dora Narcissus (Female in Power Rangers/ Male in Zyuranger)

Burne Thompson in 1987 TV series/ Bernadette Thompson in 2014 movie

Funshine Bear (Female in 1980s animated series/ Male in 2000s animated series & 2010s animated series)

Lickety Split (Female in 1980s series/ Male in 2010s series)

Guyver 2 (Male in original 80s anime OVA & 2005 anime series/ Female in anime movie "Out of Control")
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In the past, I have repeatedly thought about moving on from my Megamink series to work on other ideas, but as I keep reminding myself, I should try these other ideas first, before making decisions to retire from something I'm currently doing.

Well, in recent months, I have reached some conclusions. I think the main one is knowing I have worked on the series for over 21 years, and since I drew out the 20th anniversary special, I knew that one day I'd end the series for good, as I'm running out of good story ideas for the series, and I'm losing interest in writing/drawing Megamink adventures. Sometimes I think working on the Megamink series is keeping me away from other things I wanna do, including drawing more Sonic and MLP fan art.

To be perfectly honest, when I drew my OC Stephen Fox along with my friends' fursonas back in 2009, I felt very positive, and happy, knowing I have friends again, even if I can only talk to them online. Recently, I feel I have been neglecting them all because of my obsession with working on the Megamink series.

Very recently for practice, I have done some new art of Stephen Fox, and a couple Megamink characters, but I have not thought of them as Megamink pictures, or Megamink related. Instead, I thought of them as random ideas under the name of my existing video series, "Stephen Fox & Co". After working on the pictures, and putting a lot of thought into it, I can see a lot of ideas and inspiration I can deliver into just pictures of characters, rather than a continuing comic story. More importantly, the positive happy feeling I had back in 2009 and 2010 has suddenly returned. :)

Last Monday, I did doubt my idea about quitting the Megamink series which lead to stress, until I talked with a friend. Then I felt less stressed about it again. And it could happen again some day.
As there are three more months left for 2018, I shall work on my new ideas, and preparing for 2019, depending on what happens during the rest of this year. :)

As you know, the latest Megamink comic story, "Camp Rocko" lasted 25 pages, which is half of the 50 page sketchpad I am currently using. I shall use the last 25 pages to conclude the Megamink comic story arc. :)

Another reason why I am retiring from Megamink is because no matter where I am physically, either if it's my home village, or if it's in the main town, or even if I am on holiday in Wales, inspiration comes along. And even if Caraville is a fictional place, I can't cram all those random places into the fictional place like Caraville Forest. However, by imagining my characters in any real places, as they are, and as part of the random Stephen Fox series, it feels less stressing and more inspiring. Even the old Cosmic Warriors series didn't put that much stress on me, as I used real places. And if I had Sonic on my mind, I can easily imagine the real places as zones around Planet Mobius.

:icongreycat-rademenes: :iconshadowlore: :iconjenny-87:
If any of you are reading this, I am sorry if I have bothered or upset you. I'm just assuming that, as I hardly hear any feedback from you on any of my latest pictures, unless it's because they are mostly of my own characters. Another reason why I wanna do more fan art. I apologise, if I am wrong.

Another thing that's motivated me with these new ideas is the recent Stephen Fox videos, especially the original animated moments I created for the videos. :)
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I've spent the last few weeks working on my Megamink comic story, as well as drawing the weekly "Cotswold Critters" comics which I upload monthly, and also working on Stephen Fox videos.
This summer I was going to make time to do commissions, but failed to make time, and I had too many ideas on my mind as well.

So to make up for that, I'll make time next week to draw art commissions for others. To anyone who doesn't know about the prices for art commissions, the details are on my main page. I won't accept art trades or non-payment requests this time.

Please note me if you have any commission requests, and if you're willing to pay me on Paypal. :)
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Well, it's now been 21 years since I wrote the first Megamink story, and it still surprises me that the series is still going. :)

I mean there have been many times in the past where I wanted to either quit the series and move onto other similar ideas, or back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, quit the series to produce a new rebooted version to be published as a series of storybooks, which never got off the ground.

For two years, I have enjoyed drawing the Megamink comic adventures, but as of recently, I feel like I've reached up to the point where I don't wanna do any more comic adventures. It's unknown what the future holds for the Megamink series, but should I continue it, I might wanna start writing adventures again instead of drawing them as comics. The only worry is I don't know if anyone will read them, lets say compared to reading my Sonic fan fiction stories, and I sometimes miss doing that as well.

Anyway for now, I shall continue work on the current comic story, "Camp Rocko" and see what happens. :)
There is a chance I might reconsider and choose to continue drawing the Megamink comic adventures. :)
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I have recently uploaded the first half of a Megamink comic I drew back in 1998. The rest will be added soon. :)
My way of celebrating the comic's 20th anniversary. :)…
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It's been two weeks since I got the movie on Blu-Ray, and it's also been over a week since I watched it for the first time. :)

If you haven't seen the movie and wanna see it, I must warn you there may be SPOILERS in this journal entry.

I remember when I first saw the movie trailer last year, and read then read a lot of complaints about the movie. What bothered me about the trailer was seeing Mr. McGregor as a young man instead of an old man. I was also bothered that Peter and the animals were more humourous, knowing the original Peter Rabbot books and the 90s animated series showed more seriousness, and Peter was only a kid.
But that was before my friend :iconandynortonuk: told me it was like a sequel to the books and that the young McGreggor was a relation.

Finally I saw the movie, and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought.

I know others still hate this remake, either because of the CGI/live action theme, or the storyline wasn't fully based on the Beatrix Potter books, or that some of the movie wasn't all filmed in the UK. Or some other reason that I might not know about.
I also know people complained about the Peter Rabbit movie making fun of a serious condition like Thomas's allergies to blackberries. To be honest, I don't really think they were making fun of it, but it does bother me when they take things way too seriously. Kinda like me over certain things in the past like gender stereotypes, but hopefully I am over that now. Then again, maybe a lot of these things are taken seriously, and I hardly noticed, as I've been ignoring social media, as I don't like hearing about these things or anything PC for that matter.

Now for my review. SPOILERS ahead.

The movie showed classic 2D animation of the characters, and the tragic part with how Peter lost his dad. I believe that's something that was only said in words in both the book and the 1990s animated series. Then the storyline took a big turn when old man McGregor died of a heart attack, and his great nephew Thomas McGregor inherited the place.
I must admit, I kinda felt a bit sorry for Thomas. I mean he was denied a promotion at the Harrods toy shop and threw a temper when some less hard working man got the promotion instead, like he was Homer Simpson, and Thomas McGregor was Frank Grimes. And then again when he arrived at his uncle's place to find it a mess, and freaked out at all the animals that were partying, after old man McGregor died. He then worked hard tidying the place up to sell, and use the money to open a store near Harrods "so they can witness their own downfall". Then he fell in love with his new neighbour Bea, which took me a while to realise the name was short for Beatrix. As she did paintings of the rabbits kinda shows her full name could be Beatrix Potter, and the word "Potter" appeared during a game of Scrabble.
I liked how it ended with Thomas and Peter putting the past behind and made up with Bea for what happened. Then Thomas changed his mind about selling the manor house, but too late, as it was bought by a couple of mean people. The rabbits and the other animals went to work at scaring them out of the place, and Thomas got it back. More importantly than that, he now allowed Peter and the rabbits to help themselves to food in the garden, which makes him very different from his evil uncle.

Apart from Thomas, I also liked how Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail were depicted in the movie, with Cotton-Tail as a tomboy, who broke some ribs. And also Flopsy and Mopsy going on about being the oldest by 16 seconds.
And that rooster complaining about there being another day was funny as well. :)

I must also confess something, until I saw this movie, I hadn't showed much interest in the stories of Peter Rabbit, at least long enough to memorise all the characters' names, apart from the following...
Peter Rabbit
Benjamin Bunny
Mr. McGreggor
Samuel Whiskers
Tom Kitten
Mrs. Tiggywinkle
Squirrel Nutkin

After watching the movie, I looked up some episodes of the 90s series which I can remember watching on TV about 19 years ago. I think it was the summer of 1999 when I saw them.

Apart from that, it turned out I already had another animated adventure of Peter Rabbit on VHS right under my nose, except in the UK, Peter Rabbit was called Reggie Rabbit. At first, I thought it was just a coincidence that the animated movie had a Mr. McGregor in it, being the opposite of what he was in the Beatrix Potter books. I watched Reggie Rabbit again the other day, and one thing McGregor did when he found Reggie's sisters in his mailbox, was set them free and warned them about his cat.
Also when watching Reggie Rabbit, I learnt the other characters names like his four sisters, Flopsy, Mopsy, Hopsy and Cotton-Tail, and his cousin Benny, obviously short for Benjamin. Then I found the alternative opening on YouTube, where the story was called "The New Adventures of Peter Rabbit" instead of "The Adventures of Reggie Rabbit".
From what I can tell, this must be a US version of Peter Rabbit, and because of the appearance of the characters and for copyright reasons, they changed the name for the UK release, passing it off as something else. There wasn't even any mention of Beatrix Potter in the opening credits to Reggie Rabbit.
One more thing about Reggie/Peter Rabbit is I finally found out he was voiced by Cam Clarke and was right all along about it, knowing he did sound like the original TMNT Leonardo. :)

I might one day post another journal entry with favourite lines from the Peter Rabbit movie, but for now, here are a couple of lines.

MOPSY: 'I can read lips.'
BEA: (talking to Thomas) 'I think you'll find the elements here really fabulous.'
MOPSY: (repeating what she thought Bea said) 'I think you'll find the elephants here are pretty flatulent.'

PETER: (gasps at Thomas McGregor calling rabbits "Vermin") 'Vermin? Vermin?! What's vermin?'
BENJAMIN: 'They're like rodents.'
PETER: (gasps) 'Rodents?! Rodents?! What's rodents?'
BENJAMIN: 'They're like rats.'
PETER: (gasps)

FLOPSY: 'We have a problem. Everything is upside down.'

PIGLING: 'The diet starts now. (Eats something) Now. (Eats something more) Now. (Eats one more thing) Now.'
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Actually I came back nearly a week ago, but now I am getting around to writing this journal entry. :)

I had a good holiday in Wales, going for walks every day. I seem to enjoy walking at Wiseman's Bridge compared to waking around my home village, in fear of getting upset and suffering from anxiety, if a neighbour dog barks at me, or if teenagers pick on me.

I also went through a bit of stress with my creative story and art ideas. I was hoping to have started the next Megamink comic adventure by now, but I kept putting it off because of other ideas in my head, and also the possibility of writing out new Megamink adventures, though I don't know what the chances are that people will read them.
Chances are once I start the next Megamink comic, I'll be able to focus again. I know I have a couple of Megamink adventure ideas to work on this summer, which might continue on into autumn, depending on how long the next adventure lasts. :)

I also keep thinking of writing new Sonic fan fiction, but never got around to actually start writing. One main reason is I can't think of a new series name, as I wanted to stop using "Sonic Heroes" as the series title.

I am also working on some ideas for my next Stephen Fox video. But first, I have a special Random Ponies video to complete. :)
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Hi everyone. I'm on holiday in Wales right now. Last Monday, my parents and I came down, and from Tuesday to Thursday, I had no internet connection, so apologies if I worried anyone.
My parents have gone home today, and I'm staying for another week. :)

In time, I'll get back up to speed with my artwork, as well as making more time to go out for walks. One of the main things I like about going to Wales.
Sometimes I think walking outside and taking in the sights of the seaside can be stressing, especially if my surroundings interferes with what I'm thinking, regarding new series and story ideas, making it difficult to decide what to work on.
Right now as I'm writing this, I am thinking of writing a list of places in Caraville and its surroundings, in hopes of balancing out the location ideas in the Megamink series. :)

In other news, I have reinstalled FrontPage, and if I succeed in updating my website, I might finally try and make some changes. The main plan is to upload most of the stories and pictures I've done in the last 2 decades. :)
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The last few days, I've been feeling great, and focused. And I'm reminded of years ago when I was all happy and didn't let fear, anxiety and stress stop me from doing what I enjoy doing. When I'm ready, I shall draw some new Megamink pictures and comics. I have a couple new ideas for comic stories which I hope to draw out between now and Christmas. :)
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I have completed my latest Megamink comic, "Hyper Strike", and now I'm going to take a little break to focus on some other projects, and also to get some of these random ideas out of my system by drawing them. :)

I have thought of some new adventure ideas, though I'm not sure yet if I'll continue to draw them out as comics, or go back to writing, but I really wanna try and keep up with the comics, having enjoyed it the last couple years, which brings up the other random ideas I wanna get out of my system. :)
There is also the Megamink summer 2018 pictures I wanna start drawing soon. :)

The other main projects I wanna try and do includes a new Sonic fan video, and possibly a Power Rangers fan video. I also wanna do another MLP fan video, and I am already thinking of ideas for my next Stephen Fox video.
I doubt I'll get them done this week, as I still have recordings on my Sky machine that I wanna get through. I am going to try and get through as many as I can this week, because next week, I might be going on holiday for two weeks. :)

I also hope to make time to draw a couple pictures. One is an art trade, and the other I'm not sure yet if it's a commission or a request, but I really wanna do art commissions, and make some money for my services. :)
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If you've read my last journal entry, then you'll be happy to know I'm over my stress. After a good night sleep, I've been able to think straight, and I shall continue drawing Megamink comics. What I really need to do is stop thinking too hard, and just draw out simple story ideas, even if the stories have a continuing drama to them. :)

I'll explain more later. :)
The first pages of the new comic will be coming to DA soon, and some new pictures as well. :)
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I have completed half of the next Megamink comic strip, "Hyper Strike", and I shall upload the pages soon. As the last strip, "Turbo Charged" was a way to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Turbosquirrel, "Hyper Strike" is the same, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Hyperwolf. :)
"Hyper Charge" is the last comic being drawn in the current 50 page sketchpad, and with all the Megamink comics I did since 2005, there is now a total of 66 adventures, and 650 pages, at least by the time the current adventure is finished. :)
I am now stressing over what I wanna do next. For months, I had been thinking of starting a new longer comic story in a new sketchpad, kinda like the "20 Shades of Megamink" I worked on last year. I did actually have this feeling the Megamink comics weren't going to last long after I completed that 20th Anniversary special, and maybe I was right.

Sometimes I think back to the days before I created Megamink, the days when I was obsessed with Sonic, and imagined what my life would have been like if I was still producing Sonic fan art and Sonic fan fiction. Working on the recent Sonic fan fiction series was fun, but it became stressing when I realised I was neglecting the Megamink series.

I also sometimes think back to this other series I worked on from 1996 to 2008, and occasionally thought of bringing it back for new adventures. The Cosmic Warriors series I mentioned about a few times. As of recent, I've been calling the Cosmic Heroes a spoof series, mainly a spoof of Power Rangers. Same can be said about Megamink, as many ideas were influenced and some copied from other media, including anime and manga.

I don't know exactly what the future holds for me, but I think I am reaching the point where drawing Megamink comics has become a bit stressing.
There is a possibility I might retire from that, or I could start a new series of written Megamink stories, though I don't know who will read them. Same with the Cosmic Warriors if I decide to bring that back.
Or I could actually start a new series of Sonic fan fiction adventures, written out, with some illustrations.
Whatever I do regarding these three series, it's one way of getting my ideas done, while also making time to draw more random art including commissions.

Suppose if I do write new Sonic fan fiction, then most action packed ideas will be channelled towards that, and stress over the Megamink comic series could be lifted, and I won't have to worry about drawing too complicated Megamink story comics.

Perhaps after I've completed the current Megamink comic, I'll take some time off to think about what I wanna do next, and try some other things as well.
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By now I'm guessing most of you have seen this picture?
Raccoons Reboot Redesigns! by batboy03
At first I thought it was just fan art, and then I found out it's the official designs of the characters. I don't know about you, but I liked the previous designs, especially after seeing that animated clip with the original intro.

I was looking forward to seeing the new Raccoons, until I saw this picture. Now I have this bad feeling the cartoon is going to be as bad as most of today's 2D animated remakes. I'll be convinced when I finally see the characters animated and how they're animated etc.

I'll still give the series a chance, and hope, no, pray, that the people behind the remake will do a good job.