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Hi everyone.
First of all , I'm on holiday for two weeks, but I have internet access so I can still talk online. :)

I'm sure many of you are aware of this YouTube message about rules changing on the 22nd? I haven't fully read it myself, but I hope this won't effect any of my videos in a big way, or if this is the so called Article 13 that hasn't been mentioned again in the last couple months.

I hope to work on a new Stephen Fox video soon, but I don't wanna be scared away by YouTube's new rules and guidelines.
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First of all, regarding my last journal entry, I am feeling emotionally better now. My brother has gone away for a while. Now I feel motivated to draw some more again, and this week I hope to make time to do commissions, if I get any requests.

Here are the prices again.
£5 for a shaded pencil drawing.
£10 for a drawing highlighted in pen.
£20 for a highlighted drawing coloured in with photoshop.
£30 for a highlighted drawing coloured in with coloured pencils.

They can be of any of my characters, or your own OCs, drawn in my style. Or even Sonic and MLP fan art if that's acceptable as well. :)
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In my last journal entry, I said I was feeling better, but it turns out I was wrong. As long as my brother is staying at home, I am never going to live peacefully again. Especially if he's paranoid of me. So I leave the room when he gets up in the mornings, just to avoid getting upset if he's in one of his happy loud moods. He seems to think I hate him. I just need to be on my own, that's all. I feel happy and positive working on my laptop in my room. Sorry for going on like that.
However if he accepts my wishes to be on my own, and that I do not hate him.

Anyway, moving on, the story ideas I mentioned in my last journal entry might be undecided at this point.
I'm not even sure if I'll continue doing Stephen Fox videos, unless I come up with more original material. One of my MLP videos got blocked world wide, which was a bit upsetting.

Also, I've sometimes been feeling down. I might have said this in a previous journal entry. I always think back to my youthful days, especially the 1990s, and recently the 2000s, and knowing how much changes over the decades, today I sometimes have mixed feelings. Some things in today's world, I like and okay with. Many things today seem to worry me. And sometimes when thinking back to my school days, and the friends I had back then, makes me miss all that today. I do hope I'll get to meet some of my old friends again. The ones I still have contact with online.
Knowing that one day, I will be let's say 50 and probably living on my own, I might be feeling depressed, especially if I am forced to give up my love of drawing to work full time, at a job I don't like. I have a Disability Living Allowance, and I do volunteer work at a charity shop, but the thought of giving up my freedom kinda scares me. It could just be my anxiety talking, because I say to myself that if I lose my mum, I know I'll have support from family and friends. So it's not like I'm going to end up homeless.
Of course that's a long way off, and I shouldn't really think too much on the distant future, but I sometimes feel it's better to prepare for anything, before it's too late.
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Today started off like most days, with me feeling a bit down in the morning. But when I was at art group today, I thought back to a good memory from 2007, when I was working on the Megamink 10th Anniversary special, and all of a sudden, my mind was filled with new positive ideas. So the stress of ideas could have also amounted to the grieving I've endured the last few months. However I won't be convinced of that at least for a few days, as long as I stay positive, and put all the negative thoughts behind me.

I also miss writing stories, rather than drawing multiple page comic adventures like I've been doing with Megamink recently, so by August, I hope to start writing new Megamink adventures, and maybe even new Sonic fan fiction, as well as drawing new Megamink pictures and random art and fan art, including commissions if I get any, as long as I don't have too many ideas to stress me out. The weekly comics starring Milton and Ascott will continue as normal. :)

To be sure if my new ideas will work, I shall write a new BeetleBorgs fanfic soon, continuing where the previous fanfiction stories from 9-10 years ago left off. :)
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I have recently been wondering what my life would have been like if I took a different path as a child. Back when I was at school 30 years ago, I was into drawing, but not in the same way as I have been the last number of years, with original stories and archiving them all etc.
During play times at school, or recess as its known in the US, I used to pretend I was one of my favourite cartoon characters at the time. Of course I was smart enough not to do something stupid and get run over by a car. f I pretended to be a cartoon character getting run over, I just imagine that part in my head. Some goes for any other forms of cartoon violence.
Anyway, I wondered how my life might have turned out, if I became an actor, either a main actor, or an extra. If I was able to tolerate specific people including directors, and took my acting seriously without getting stressed etc, I'd be visiting places with others and had acting roles, and suppose if I got a part in a drama show, not only would I appear on TV, but my family would see me on TV and would be proud. :)
Of course it never happened, and I don't regret it. I just thought I'd mention it, imagining what my life would have been like if I chose the path of an actor at a young age instead of an artist. Thinking about it, I haven't been that successful as an artist, as in not doing pictures for others, but just focusing mostly on my own ideas.

Just thought I'd mention it. It's been on my mind recently, as I'm still recovering from what happened months ago.
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First of all, to those that read my last journal entry, thanks for replying.

Today, I went into town and met up with my local friends, including :iconandynortonuk:. It's been about 3 years since I last attended a Saturday afternoon group, and in light of what's been happening lately, I hope to do it again more, especially once things have calmed down at home.

On my way back home, I was talking about my mum, and something of curiosity came to me.
I can't remember if I said this before, but I am currently unemployed, as in not doing a paying job. I volunteer at a nearby charity shop on Fridays but that's about it. I used to have a couple part time jobs, but stress got in the way, and I lost them.

I guess it hardly occurred to me if even well known artists like Eric Schwartz and Max the Black Rabbit had any other paying jobs?
Same can be said for any artists here on DA, including my friends like :icongreycat-rademenes: and :iconfox-mccloud:?
I don't know what I'll be doing in the near future, but I don't think I'd want a full time job like my mum had, unless it's something I'll actually enjoy more than the hobbies I'm doing now.

Recently I said about retiring from working on the Megamink series, but I changed my mind at the start of this year. Now I'm not sure what's going to happen.
I have been thinking once I have finished the current sketchpad I've been using to draw out the Megamink comics, I might start writing out Megamink adventures again, if I get back into writing. And if decided, the new written Megamink adventures will begin the next chapter in the Megamink series.
But don't get your hopes up just yet, as I might also consider retiring the series, but continue to draw out the characters, if motivated to do so, and the written story could be the conclusion to the comics.
This summer will also mark the 20th anniversary of when I attempted to reboot the Megamink series to be published as a series of story books, but I had a lack of experience as a writer, and most stories were never sent to any local publishers.

In short, all future ideas for Megamink are unknown at this point.

I had also thought back to my old High Tech Heroes series, featuring myself and some of my friends as a Power Rangers parody. If I took the appearances of the real people, change them, and pass them off as new fictional characters with different names, along with some other changes, I could start a new series of adventures, but that's just an idea I haven't even tried working on yet.

The weekly Cotswold Critters comics will continue, with Milton and Ascott in one page comic strips.

That's all for now. Regarding my questions about jobs, if well known artists have other paying jobs or not, please let me know.
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Sorry for not posting my next journal entry, explaining more that was on my mind, but it appears I still have a lot on my mind, and the stress at home still exists.

This week, some changes are likely to happen, and I'm not 100% sure yet if there will be positive results, or negative, but I think the grieving over the loss of my father is getting to me in a bigger way.
I can't remember if I already said this before, but I recently there was an open day at the old middle school I went to, before scheduled to be demolished. So I attended it, and thought back to some old memories. The downside is I hardly saw any of my friends there, not even the ones I'm still in contact with on Facebook. Being there made me miss them more than ever.

I also miss many friends here, who I have seemed to have lost contact with, either if they are busy with other things and don't have time to talk, or my behaviour over the years have pushed them away from me.
If any of you listed below happens to read this please let me know if we're still friends.
:icondogprince69: :iconignatian-mystic: :iconshadowlore: :icongreycat-rademenes:

I know I still occasionally talk to the following.
:icontheindustrialgarratt: :iconcartoonkingdb: :iconboomsonic514: :icondth1971: :icontails-2-me: :iconandynortonuk: :iconfox-mccloud: :iconchipmunkraccoonoz:

And then there's some I am not sure of, as I still hear from them, but haven't have had much contact with lately, to talk to.
:iconskiffykitten: :iconrkerekes13: :iconjenny-87: :iconbetterwatchit:

If I missed anyone, I apologise. And if any of my friends read this, please let me know if we are still friends.

Also, during my grieving state, I have been a bit stressing over my Megamink series. I'm still doing the comics as you have seen, and I am working on new ideas in my head, but I'm not sure yet what the future holds. However I shall still work on the weekly Cotswold Critters comics, as they are just simple one page comic strips, rather than a serialised story line.

Another thing that has gotten me down and stressed is knowing that the external hard drive I got to back up all my videos etc might last only five years, and the stress has also made me wonder if I should still continue making fan videos.
I have started another My Little Pony fan video, but I wonder if I should take a break from making videos or not?

Finally, in light of actually missing the days when I spent time with my friends, I wanna try and meet up with my local friends, even ones I haven't seen since my school days, as long as it gets me out of the house once in a while, at least during this depressing time.
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I have been on holiday in Wales for a week now, and I'll be staying for another. :)

During my first week, I got over my stress and depression I normally suffer in the mornings, but I fear it might come back when I get home, unless my brother finds a job and a place to stay. Trust me, he wants to leave home probably as much as I want him to leave, so we'll both get some peace and quiet. :)

There is more I wanna mention, but I'll save that for my next journal entry.
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Happy Easter. :)

A little early, but this Sunday I'll be heading to Wales to spend at least two weeks, in hopes of recovering from all the hard work I've endured the past week, with the new carpet in the living room, as well as sorting out a lot of stuff. What we're keeping and what we've decided to part with, either by donating them to the charity where I volunteer on Fridays, or throwing useless stuff away.

I am also still recovering, and adjusting to life without my dad. There are times I feel like my own life is coming to an end, and feel like there's so much I wanna do again, like read old favourite things and watch old favourite TV shows and movies. I know even at the age of 38, I still have plenty of time to do things.

The main thing that has been troubling me lately is remembering the time when I had several physical friends I could meet and talk to, from my days at school, to the days I visited some friends in Birmingham. These days it feels like I hardly have any friends I can talk to in person, other than friends I have online. I am part of a few groups, though I hardly talk that much with the others, and I do get along with the staff at the charity shop I work at. So I must remember what I have now, and not dwell too much on the past. Still, I wanna try and get out and meet some of my friends in person again, hopefully around the town close to where I live, if opportunities present themselves.

Very recently I've been binge watching the Beetleborgs, and now, The Demon Headmaster, which brought back some good memories from 1998, when I was still at school. A part of my past that I miss, and I sometimes feel I should try and meet up with some old friends from that times, at least the ones I still have contact with on Facebook.

Finally, in other news, it turns out the big 200th episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is to be shown this weekend. Anyone else excited about it? :)
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The title is just an expression.

The last few days, I've been waking up with an upset stomach, mostly because of the stress of what's been going on at home since I lost my dad, and I also think of things which I wanna do, or wish I could do. Some of it leads too stress.

This morning, I thought back to old story illustrations I drew since 1996, and not many of them have been posted here on DeviatART, and I don't know what the chances are that I will. Also, many characters I created were rip offs of existing well known characters. I had thought of doing picture galleries for each episode, which means I would spend hours using Power Point to create them.
Now as I'm writing this, maybe instead, I could try updating the folders and post them on the MEGA site which I haven't used that much.
There are also some illustrations only done in pencil, which I haven't even scanned yet, especially the old Sonic fan fiction series. Maybe when I am feeling active, I can work on that too.

Anyway, the reason I am bringing this up is should I try and bring my old art to the internet, either on MEGA, or DeviantART?

I may have also said this too, but I haven't done much on my Patreon account, and I am now thinking of closing it down.
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Hi everyone.
I know in the past I have talked about stress over story ideas, and it is time I tried to explain it.
I think it comes down to an obsession, regarding my autism. Back in the mid 1990s, I was obsessed with "Power Rangers" and learnt that during the run of the original Mighty Morphin series, characters left and were replaced, though at the time I didn't understand the real life reasons why etc, but it did remind me of another series I enjoyed watching back in the day, "Blake's 7", and how the cast and themes changed during each series. Back in 1996, I was inspired to write a series similar to Power Rangers, mainly for personal pleasure, as the stories featured myself and some of my friends, and fictional people as well as real people. At the time I was expecting it to have the legs to continue on and on, and last for years. Also during those years like the shows I watched, I expected changes like new characters being introduced and old characters leaving, knowing that one day I'd finish school and move on to other things.
In a way, I succeeded, as this series (later named "Cosmic Warriors") ran from 1996 to 2008. It started off as a series me and two of my friends as Power Ranger like superheroes, and it ended with outer space warriors in medieval armour. It had a good run, and I doubt the series will return, but I have thought of starting something similar by taking the original ideas I came up with for the old series.

Next up, the Megamink series, like Power Rangers and other anime and tokusatsu shows, it involves transforming superheroes, but in a furry cartoon setting. The main heroes are still part of the series, but things have changed in that. Some old characters have either been ignored or phased out, when new characters are created. Also every few years, Rocko's Megamink powers get an upgrade, and they do face against various villains, as well as Foxer, the main antagonist of the series. I have enjoyed drawing Megamink comics the last few years, and I hope I'll still have the motivation to keep drawing them.

Finally, the Sonic fan fiction series, which actually goes way back to the early 1990s when I was a huge Sonic fan. I drew lots of comics and written a lot of stories. Most of them have sort of been unofficial until May 1996 when I started writing stories in summaries, which lead to full written stories from 2007 to 2017. Because of my childhood obsession with Sonic, I still sometimes feel motivated to continue that series. A couple days ago I started writing a new fan fiction series, and quit after the first couple pages, when I felt more motivated to continue drawing comics instead of writing stories.

So, I shall continue drawing the Megamink comic adventures, as well as drawing random Megamink pictures. As for Sonic fan fiction, I am going to try and do something I have thought of doing in recent years, and try and draw a Sonic fan comic series. When I get a new sketchpad, I'll get to work on drawing out the new pilot story and see how it goes. Because this'll be a fan comic series, I shall only draw it out in pencil, and some details could be sketchy, just like the My Little Pony comics I did in recent years, as well as those old Sonic comics I did parodying Doctor Who, as well as the Taiona comics.
Another idea I recently had was to take the pilot story idea, and create a pretend Sonic game, which would only exist in pictures and summaries, just like the pretend games I made back in the 90s. :)

Basically what I am trying to say is if I have any ideas, I shall channel the creativity into pictures and not a story full of words. However I may still occasionally write stories, as long as they are short and simple. Some might just be in summaries. For example, the last few years I had this idea for a new TMNT fan fic, which would put my old full written TMNT fan fic to shame. The new idea is just a summary for the 11th season of the original. I'll write it out some day when I am ready. :)

Anyway, once in a while I think back to past memories, and I have been trying to just think of them as in the past, but sometimes I am inspired to draw new pictures based on those old memories which is something else I might do.

So in conclusion, I shall continue drawing Megamink comics and introduce new characters and ideas. Anything else I might draw out as random artwork, including Stephen Fox and Sonic fan art, and maybe a Sonic fan comic, if I succeed in that. :)
My week in Wales has helped motivate me with these ideas, and I hope they'll continue when I return home.

Another thing I wanna do is try and re-connect with my local friends, not only online but in person as well.
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It's been a couple days since my birthday. Now I have lived for 38 years.
Right now I am at Wiseman's Bridge on my own for a week. I just hope things get more peaceful at home when I return, because right now, I feel great, and I had suffered quite a bit at home the last couple of months because of family problems since my dad passed away. My mum assures me things will get better, and I hope they are right now.

Also, after binge watching episodes of Beetleborgs on Netflix, I am reminded of what the Megamink series was like, and why I enjoyed writing adventures for it. The series wasn't supposed to be a serialised drama, even if some of the past series ended up that way. I reminded myself that the stories were to be more episodic like, with a start and a finish, with Megamink facing against a different monster in each story. Some stories hardly focused on him, like some of the recent comics like "Mel-Liese Takes Over".
Right now though I am currently working on a new comic that might develop in time. I haven't done any more pages in a while, so I shall get back to work on that soon. :)
I have done some new Megamink pictures, which I'll upload as soon as I have completed them. :)

I am also going to try and start a new Sonic fan fiction series, but I won't know until I start on the pilot story idea. If successful, I might channel most action drama and serialised story ideas into Sonic fan fiction. So please don't get your hopes up yet until I practice. It has been a long time since I was writing Sonic fan fiction.
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I've decided to post the first six pages of the new Megamink comic a little earlier than originally planned. Hopefully more pages will be drawn and added soon. :)
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That's right. After a couple months, I have finally started a new Megamink comic adventure, and the first few pages will be posted this Saturday, if all goes well. :)

There is something else. Recently I joined Patreon, but have hesitated uploading pictures on there, and I have learnt that I have paid someone monthly, automatic like, and I'm not sure yet if I shall continue using Patreon, or if I should stick posting pictures here on DeviantART, or wait until next month when the whole Brexit thing is over.
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First of all, I just wanna thank those who commented on my last journal entry.

I'm feeling better now, once I watched a DragonBall Z movie and did some drawings. I told my mum what upset me the last time, and afterwards, I have this feeling that things might improve in time. On the other hand, the anxiety could somehow come back.

Either way, I shall still talk to my GP and get this anxiety cure, knowing there are still other things that could upset me in a similar way, from terror attacks abroad to local dogs and teenagers around my home village. It was more extreme recently because the current problem was under the same roof, rather than something miles away.

If things improve, I might finally get to work on the commission I've been given. :)
I also might start drawing out the next Megamink comic story, now I have some new ideas. Also by watching the Beetleborgs on Netflix, I am reminded of the comedy which I have neglected to use in the recent Megamink comics. :)
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Well, it's been over a month since my dad passed away, and with each passing week, things haven't gone smoothly, mostly for me because of another family member. After many weeks and days of hoping for the best, I have come down with misery accepting reality and fearing the worst. Hopefully it's just a phase that will go away soon.
Because of this depression, I went to bed earlier than normal last night, I've been in bed for 13 whole hours.

Right now, I'm listening to BBC C&W on the BBC Sounds page on my laptop in my room as I'm typing this, instead of listening to it on the radio in the living room, to avoid anything that could happen.

Anyway, :icondragonofbrainstorms: if you're reading this, I wanna apologise for the delays of the commission. I will get it done, but right now I just need some time to recover from what I'm currently going through.

I know my moods have been sort of random recently. For example, the last few days.

SUNDAY: Anxiety got to me and almost cracked.
MONDAY: Recovering from my anxiety, and talking to some friends at this meet up I go to on some Mondays.
TUESDAY: I talked with the local vicar, and felt positive again. :)
YESTERDAY: The anxiety came back after the problems at home came back. Was overcome with depression, up to the point I felt like I have no reason to live anymore, just like on Sunday and Monday. :(

To anyone concerned, I am NOT going to kill myself. Besides that is crazy talk. I know there are things to look forward to. It's avoiding the problems at home that's bothering me.

Hopefully one day, maybe later today, I'll visit my GP, and get a cure remedy for anxiety, knowing it exists.

I recently saw the new MLP season trailer, and it looks awesome. I'd have been more hyped about it if I wasn't feeling the way I am now.

If things improve, or not, I'll let you know in my next journal entry.
Only two weeks now until I turn 38.
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Regarding my previous journal entry, I am over the stress of ideas. I started a new sketch pad, simply calling it "Megamink Pictures 2019" and I drew a picture of Rocko, and I feel all active towards the Megamink series again. I also must confess that the stress was also towads drawing out new ideas for the series, like new costume designs for Megamink and his two allies, and also replacing Foxer with new villains. Then I remembered in the past when I did that sort of thing. I ended up rushing the series I was working on and in later years looking back made me wish I could have prolonged the previous series with more adventures.

What I am trying to say is I am going to give up the new story idea on changing the costumes and the villains, at least for now, and just come up with more simple Megamink adventures involving some story line with a monster of the week scenario. :)

I don't know when I'll start the next comic, but this week I shall do some pencil drawn Valentine pictures, knowing that Valentine's Day is coming up, and I haven't had much time to draw any pictures yet.

In time, I am going to upload the more recent pictures I have done. :)
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It's been over a week since my dad's funeral, and I am still recovering from the grieving.

Right now I am stressing, and I can't tell yet if I should continue my Megamink series or not. Maybe some positive feedback from the series could help.
I know one of my friends :iconfox-mccloud: likes the secondary characters Mel-Liese, Lucy Heart and Skunky Ann. And I remember that :icontheindustrialgarratt: likes Fluffy Ann, and also the characters Violet, Stella and Katrien.
This actually brings up one of the reasons of the stress and that's the genres. Megamink was meant to be a superhero series, and characters like Violet, Stella and especially Katrien, I have done more pictures outside the Megamink series, mainly in NSFW art. I'm not sure if specific characters in a superhero comic series like Megamink and NSFW art go well together, at least when it comes to one's original creations as opposed to what is called Rule 34 fan art of well known cartoon characters.

One reason why I wanted to channel my characters towards the "Stephen Fox & Co" idea I mentioned about last year is because I wanted to do random pictures of my characters was to focus more on the comedy and random art ideas, including types I wanted to try and do like surreal art.
Also, I sometimes imagine I am Stephen Fox when I am on my own, and it sometimes inspires me as well as making me feel more independent. And wherever I am, I sometimes imagine my characters in random situations, even Megamink or Sonic characters.

At the same time, I still like working on drama stories involving heroes and villains. But it has been a while since I've successfully written something. So if it comes to that, I might start writing new Sonic fan fiction, as I doubt many people read stories I've written of my original characters, even as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

If any of you thinks I should stick to drawing Megamink comic adventures, please let me know, and I'll try to find a better way to balance out my ideas.
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Today, my family and I paid last respects to my dad. I stood in front of everyone and gave a speech about my dad. My brother did the same. After the service, we went to the cemetery, to witness the burial of the coffin. Then we went to the local sports club for the Wake, and talked among family and friends. The landlord from Wiseman's Bridge Inn also attended the funeral, but didn't stay for the Wake, and I didn't get a chance to talk to him.

I made a tribute video to my dad, and had it played on the TV at the club, and I got a lot of good comments on the video. :)
I also got the chance to meet my dad's cousin, who lives in a village nearby. She is an artist, and hopefully I'll get to see some of her paintings. I've shown her some of my artwork through Facebook on my phone. My mum and I figured that I got my artistic talents from my dad's side of the family, and meeting his cousin definitely convinced me of that. :)

After the Wake, we returned home, and I played some old home movies featuring my dad.

Now that's over, we can move on.
I have some new inspiration and ideas, and explain more in my next journal entry, especially once I have put the new ideas to the test.
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To everyone who comment on my previous journal entry about my dad, I wanna say "thank you" to all of you. Makes it easier than to reply the same thing to every comment, apart from comments where I can answer differently than others. :)

The funeral is on the 30th of January, and I made a tribute video which I plan to show at the Wake afterwards. I showed it to my mum, who approved, and where to hold the Wake has been planned as well.