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Hello Deviant Art!    

(Sorry for my bad english, I'm French ;w;")

I organize with my partner  a small contest to advertise  to our game which makes you enjoy it in our way

I would like to add special enemies that would be drawn here for this contest and will be part of the game.

The game is a bit special but it is very important for us to evolve, by then it will have updates, new enemies, and even characters from other artists by pure whim of me, the creator of this little game!

The game in question for the curious, it is obviously not perfect because it is our first little game together so be indulgent with it please    :…

If you are tempted so far, here are the rules and prizes :

  Rules :   

-EDIT : A good description by writing or by drawing are now accepted.

- You don't have to play the game to participate.

- It must be either a demon or a human (By demon, we mean everything that is magical creature, not necessarily the creature of the demon itself).

- The theme is the Desert. (So you have to create an ennemy able to live into the desert by his/her design)

- You can propose up to 3 proposals, but if you are selected, only one of your creations will be choosen.

- It would need a small description of your creation for the encyclopedia of the game.

- What matters most about drawing is the idea, do not underestimate your drawing style and your level!

- We take for the moment 3 possible creations chosen, but if there are at least 10 participants we will add two places that will win their creation in the game with a free drawing.

-You will be credited in the game for your creation, don't worry about that.

EDIT : Some example of creatures already inside the desert, but be sure there will be humans too, sorry my stash doesn't work :……………

   The prizes :  

The First: Your creation in the game with 5000 points.

Second: Your creation in the game with 3000 points.

The Third: Your Creation in the game with 1000 points.

The DeadLine will be until the end of October, it can change depending on the number of participants.
EDIT : As some people asked me, and because there's not enough participants for now, I have to move the deadline to End of November. Please, don't be shy to participate !! ;;

With that, thank you to those who will participate and good luck!  
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waaa sorry for doing this last-minute, but here's my entry!!
[CE] Desert Princess by MissCassyCrow
MioNyan013's avatar
is body horror allowed for the desing? nothing too gorey, just disturbing 
MioNyan013's avatar
can you please give me an extension of 3 days? i already have the sketch and can show it to you, but want to full color it 
Megami-Majou's avatar
Okay, 3 days  ^^ 
laughing-evermore's avatar
aaaa thank you for changing the deadline! I almost completely forgot about this-!!
Megami-Majou's avatar
No problems ❤ >w<
Fedextreme's avatar
this still open right? ówò
Megami-Majou's avatar
Yup ! I moved the deadline to End of November ! owo
Fedextreme's avatar
wonderful nwn this is my char sorry if looks so much...human ? xd 

master of the papyrus by Fedextreme
Megami-Majou's avatar
Don't be sorry, I have not enough humans entries than demons in the contest qwq' that's perfect for me
Fedextreme's avatar
hehe oh wonderful òwó ! i have pore chances now (? xd
Megami-Majou's avatar
I can't tell to stay a good neutral judge sorry :3
Fedextreme's avatar
im sorry, just kidding ;w;
Megami-Majou's avatar
No probs dear XD ~
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Here's my entry~
Cerastes [Contest Entry] by Aybiee  

Hope you like it <3
Lillehanna's avatar
Oh wow-wow-wow, i'd like to try! 
Megami-Majou's avatar
I'll be happy if you do !! >u< I said until the end of october, but if people need more time, I can move the deadline ! owo
Lillehanna's avatar
one more question though: does it need to be full colored full body? or a sketch? Or how? )
Megami-Majou's avatar
It can be anything, sketch, colored... The important is the idea, everyone can participate so ! ^w^ And it's better to be full body as it's for a rpg game as ennemy ! >u<
laughing-evermore's avatar
ah, I'd like to join~
Megami-Majou's avatar
TheMarioFan1's avatar
Here is my second entry for the contest of your. I hope you likes her.…
Megami-Majou's avatar
Thank you for this second entry ! 
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