We're back with a quick development update, with more to come and show some stuff soon.

Read Dev Update – Feb. 2017 on tumblr

TLDR: The team's bouncing back from some recent ailments. Our 109 alpha is in the works and will feed into a series of posts showing off some of the current in-game features.
Let's close out the 2016 year with another development update.

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TLDR: We have almost reached a milestone, and will be ready to show some stuff in Jan. There's still lots to do, but the team is getting good at this, so we're hoping for a 2017 beta.

Continue the cheer and friendship, sprinkle in some hard work, and be on the lookout for some robot-blasting fun in the new year.
In October, development has picked up after a slow period, and we're welcoming new team members.

Read Dev Update – Oct. 2016 on tumblr

TLDR: We're still at it, but nothing looks good in screenshots yet. But it will soon with our new team members!
August brings with it a special development update! 3 years ago, MegaMare X made its debut at BronyCon 2013.

Read Dev Update – Aug. 2016 on tumblr

Our fans help us keep the project going, and we couldn’t be more thankful for your support. Plus, take a step back in time and watch the exclusive of our demo build.
We have released the final version of our fully-upgraded power suit!

Megamare X - ultimate armor by Chickenwhite

Read more on the upgraded power suit and check out the sprites on tumblr!

There's also another preview, this time of cutscenes and platforming.

The armor was the last new item to release in the chain of updates. We'll begin answering some questions over the next week, so head on over to the tumblr to ask us questions.

We'll try to answer anything that comes along on deviantArt, but tumblr is still our main blog.