Late in the Fall season, we’re back with another update! With 3 internal alpha builds since the last, progress has picked-up with a focus on process and mechanics.

Read Dev Update – Nov. 2017 on tumblr

Regular posts continue to be our weak point as development goes on. But there’s some questions we'll get to answering on our tumblr.
In a long overdue update long overdue, we welcome a new team member, talk about some prior alpha work, our current stage work, and some challenges with the LXU.

Read Dev Update – Jun. 2017 on tumblr

Next update will be mid-summer, with a few posts in between now and then.
We're back with a quick development update, with more to come and show some stuff soon.

Read Dev Update – Feb. 2017 on tumblr

TLDR: The team's bouncing back from some recent ailments. Our 109 alpha is in the works and will feed into a series of posts showing off some of the current in-game features.
Let's close out the 2016 year with another development update.

Read Dev Update – Dec. 2016 on tumblr

TLDR: We have almost reached a milestone, and will be ready to show some stuff in Jan. There's still lots to do, but the team is getting good at this, so we're hoping for a 2017 beta.

Continue the cheer and friendship, sprinkle in some hard work, and be on the lookout for some robot-blasting fun in the new year.
In October, development has picked up after a slow period, and we're welcoming new team members.

Read Dev Update – Oct. 2016 on tumblr

TLDR: We're still at it, but nothing looks good in screenshots yet. But it will soon with our new team members!