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[Animation] Doors 2 - My submission

YouTube Version:…
Hey guys, its been while I didn't post anything here.

Well, if you want to know what is Doors 2, you can find about it in this link:…

Song used: Itro & Kontinuum - Alive [NCS Release]

It is online now!!…

Easter Egg this time? Yeah, why not :meow: (If you have a sharp eye to find the hidden text that lead you to read here)

Update #1:
Really?! no one actually got the easter egg? come on! In order to see the easter egg you need to press on the keyboard the following:
What is the first letter of the Alphabetic?

Update #2:
Alright, since almost a very few of people found out the easter egg in this animation, how about I give away some hints? Press "A" in every scene, and you will see the easter egg ;3

If you found the two easter egg, please write them down in the comments ;3
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that was a good submission.

my submission came right after that in the release of doors 2.
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Thanks! and good job on your submission.
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gah, wanted to participate too this time, but college project shedule said "NOPE" very loudly :B
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Man, I always wanted to be part of the project, myself.

But I'm not really sure, because it's been months since I've last animated anything.
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Well, participating to it was a rush discussion to be honest. I never expected to finish this within the time of the announcement, since I was doing other things in my real life.

In the other hand, I used to have my own rigs from long time ago. So, it is almost saved my time a bit rather than rigging it from scratch.

Hopefully, there will be another collaboration next time, so you will be able to participate and submit something to them :meow:
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Looks real good and I hope it makes the cut!
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The same hope, I heard it got approved, and it is on one of the submissions.
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No problemos :b
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Futurama Brainslug but Bu does not a brain slug on him
KatyScene's avatar
I can't find anything... :(
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Oh, that is not Baymax, it is my original character "ghosty-puff" .. and also, you have to keep digging for the next easter egg ^3^ ..
Glad that you tried!
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(The more I pressed A at the end, the more she kept popping up... >w>)
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Ooh, very interesting. :]
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Hehe, glad that you liked it /)^o^(\
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