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[Animation] Commission - Exceptional Pull

She must be got a deadly wing and more than 13 Dexterity for that feat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Commission for Koldkilla
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This is great! Do you make the original character rigs your self for the commissions? Or would one have to have one themselves before commissioning you?
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Glad that you liked it!

Well, I make the original characters rigs by myself only for the commissions purposes. Of course, multiple commissions for the same character will save the part of re-rig the character, and avoid paying for the part of rigging it.

If the character reference were provided for the same show-style, it will assist me to create the rig faster. Although, if the rig were provided (Based on MintyRoot, or TiredBrony, or age3rcm rigs), I will be totally fine to animate using them.

Loopy Dance 
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i never made a adobe animate rig, from what i recall at the moment

maybe you are talking about my opentoonz or toonboom puppet rigs?
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Eeyup, the opentoonz or toonboom puppets rigs. :) (Smile) 
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ah,i am still sane
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Is this just for fun or pride month?
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Whatever you call!
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Totally agreed Nod 
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Dude, i got to say. THATS PRETTY GOOD!
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I'm glad that you got impressed by it! La la la la 
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very nice work you did there, hope to see more of your stuff
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Thank you! Absolutely, as long as I don't lose my inspirational spirit very soon! 
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Thanks a million.
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You're welcome La la la la 
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