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[Animation] A malfunctioning book pony

I wonder why ..
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Cute Twicat. :3
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she not malfunctioning shes just being her cute self

aaahhh why is she so cute?
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Need MORE of twidog!
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book pony.exe has stopped workingMLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Crazy Insane Loony 
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Well, you know those ears can get pretty itchy during the day, especially if your only means to scratch that itch is your foot or a hoof!!
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Twilight is best dog. XD
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WARNING: The following animation contains dangerous levels of adorbs.
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I think she's enjoying it a little too much...I mean, look at her face.
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Jeez, her ear must really itch.😞
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I'll tell you the truth this is the most funniest thing that Twilight has ever done.
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that isn't Twilight, that is Winona in Twilight's body.
Twilight has tried a body change spell on Winona but it went wrong.
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Nice theory, that what I expected from the beginning.
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Das a good ear scratch
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Can real horses actually achieve this position, I wonder?
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Yes they can! 
I've seen my horses do this. X3
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:megadog101: by MegaSnivy101   *DOG INTENSIFIES*
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Waiting too long for the second half of Season 6.
DashieMLPFiM's avatar
And the Legend of Everfree as well.
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