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You said what now Sire?
But what is a D-Pose?

Dedede: IT'S A D-D-D POSE!
The Wily Brothers
-Dr Wily's Robots-

DWN 009- Metalman

DWN 010- Airman

DWN 011- Bubbleman

DWN 012- Quickman

DWN 013- Crashman

DWN 014- Flashman

DWN 015- Heatman

DWN 016- Woodman

DWN 017- Needleman

DWN 018- Magnetman

DWN 019- Geminiman

DWN 020- Hardman

DWN 021- Topman

DWN 022- Snakeman

DWN 023- Sparkman

DWN 024- Shadowman

DWN 033- Gravityman

DWN 034- Waveman

DWN 035- Stoneman

DWN 036- Gyroman

DWN 037- Starman

DWN 038- Chargeman

DWN 039- Napalmman

DWN 040- Crystalman

DWN 049- Freezeman

DWN 050- Junkman

DWN 051- Burstman

DWN 052- Cloudman

DWN 053- Springman

DWN 054- Slashman

DWN 055- Shademan

DWN 056- Turboman

DWN 057- Tenguman

DWN 058- Astroman

DWN 059- Swordman

DWN 060- Clownman

DWN 061- Searchman

DWN 062- Frostman

DWN 063- Grenademan

DWN 064- Aquaman

SWN 001- Bass

MMK 001- Enker

MMK 002- Punk

MMK 003- Ballade

DWN 00Z - Zero
OC Phantomman
Phantomman was built to work in a horror park as security.
Phantom has a face but he never shows it for one reason or another.
Phantom has often lurked in the shadows watching over the place and his weapon, the Phantom Grabber is a small ghost like projectile that can grab objects and use them against their enemies.
The Light Siblings
-Dr. Lights Robots-

DLN 000- Protoman
Prototype Robot

DLN 001- Megaman
Former Assistant to Dr. Light

DLN 002- Roll
Housekeeping Robot

DLN 003- Cutman
Timber Felling Robot

DLN 004- Gutsman
Construction Robot

DLN 005- Iceman
Antarctic Research Robot

DLN 006- Bombman
Land Development Robot

DLN 007- Fireman
Trash Burning Robot

DLN 008- Elecman
Atomic Energy Control Robot

DLN 00A- Timeman
Time Research Robot

DLN 00B- Oilman
Maintenance Robot

DLN 065- Concreteman
Construction Supervisor Robot

DLN 066- Tornadoman
Weather Research Robot

DLN 067- Splashwoman
Aquatic Rescue Robot

DLN 068- Plugman
Television Maintenance Robot

DLN 069- Jewelman
Minning Robot

DLN 070- Hornetman
Flower Garden Maintenance Robot

DLN 071- Magmaman
Incinerator Supervisor Robot

DLN 072- Galaxyman
Rocket Launch Coordinator Robot

DLN 081- Blockman
Construction Robot

DLN 082- Fuseman
Electrical Equipment Manager Robot

DLN 083- Blastman
Demolition Robot

DLN 084- Acidman
Chemical Scientist Robot

DLN 085- Tundraman
Ice Skating/Artic Monitor Robot

DLN 086- Torchman
Campfire Saftey Robot

DLN 087- Impactman
All-Purpose Construction Robot

DLN 088- Bounceman
Fitness Instructor Robot

DLN 00X- X
Maverick Hunter Robot


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