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kaomoji set 2 3/67


I'm using this old account to upload these even older emoji saved from a number of sites. Sadly I don't know the original artists for these and so I can't give proper credit yet, I'm sorry!

If you are or know the owner of this or any other set or selection of emojis I've uploaded, let me know!!! I will remove anything that the authors don't want to be available here. If they're okay to share, then I'll instead give proper credit in the descriptions and titles of each individual deviation, aswell as link their latest work in the descriptions. Advertising~!

Sankyuu for visiting and using these great emojis. Have a great day~ <3
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but you can't just take someone's kaomojis and upload them here ??
Thanks for the concern! These are really old (like 5 or 10+ years!) and really spread around, so I don't know who originally made them and I haven't been able to find out so far. I'm sharing them as a public resource, in the hopes that it's what the original artist wants, though I also understand why you feel uncomfortable about it seeing as you make emoji of your own. I'm sorry!

It's definitely not an "obviously good" decision. I just hope it's for the best for the community, makes users happy and doesn't inconvenience the artists a lot.
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yep, you uploaded them ages ago, yet the concern still remains.. but thank you, i guess it's okay to use them as long no one says they made them if they actually didn't. great work @ originalartist !
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Thanks for sharing! kaomoji set 2 3/67 
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