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kaomoji set 1 13/19


I'm using this old account to upload these even older emoji saved from a number of sites. Sadly I don't know the original artists for these and so I can't give proper credit yet, I'm sorry!

If you are or know the owner of this or any other set or selection of emojis I've uploaded, let me know!!! I will remove anything that the authors don't want to be available here. If they're okay to share, then I'll instead give proper credit in the descriptions and titles of each individual deviation, aswell as link their latest work in the descriptions. Advertising~!

Sankyuu for visiting and using these great emojis. Have a great day~ <3
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    .          '      l    .
    l   _--'''''''''--_    l
       /   /   l   \   \      .
 .     l---l---l---l---l     l
 l             l l                .
               l l        .       l
kaomoji set 1 13/19 by megaman5000        l

(I tried to make it look like he's holding an umbrella in the rain
and perhaps rubbing his eye because a raindrop has fallen in it,
or he's waving at someone
or cutely embarrassed or emotionally touched~ :heart:)
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oww it's beautiful!♥
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Thanks! :blush: I tried hard.