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So.. this is what we got so far, which is pretty interesting :3

First is the 'design a nemesis', which lets people create a new master of the reploid baddies, it should have a similar grandeur as Sigma (or Lumine), although to make him/her unique one must go far away from sigma's looks, drives and goals.. this is where a unique backstory, character flaws, and opinions would be counted as well, because not everything has to be a 'sigma virus copy' making a maverick boss

Second is the 'dynamic battle', where you have a hunter or a maverick, or any reploid, 'frozen' in a moment of a serious battle with their opponent, claws making contact, blaster shots whizzing around, sabers or other weapons swung or parried, or even a super-attack getting used. (like for example, my character V using boot jets to hover above his opponent and unleash a bombardment of plasma beams from his shoulder cannon, like in this picture… )

Third is Fantasy-fication, where you should take a megaman-verse character, and shifting him/her into one of the many fantasy races, be that an elf, dwarf, goblin, gnome, orc, or maybe even hobbit, or something else entirely. However, they need to be instantly recognizable as themselves. as far as armors, they can be elvish wooden or elvish metal, dwarvish metal/chainmail, or steampunk/clockwork; as long as there's clearly a bit of magic to their workings

Fourth is maybe summer-themed :b summer shenanigans

Fifth: Minecrafting the Megaman chars? xD this is them being very boxy and stylized

Sixth: create the worst mary sue XD but maybe not too obnoxous

Seventh: 'What if this char met this char' how would they react?

lemme know what you think, the 'create a nemesis' one seems to have the most votes :)

and lastly, of course, i'll be drawing something for the winner, but.. does anyone else want to chip in? xD
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You know like I'm trying to advertise people to buy my buttons. 
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