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and the winner is.. :iconzero-21xx: with the submission, Phoenix…

Okay I have given the contest a month's extension. Now it ends at the end of September. Ya think that's good  for ya, folks?

So, upon hearing that, in my almighty derpness, have not even allowed the contest entries to be posted in their designated folder, i have went and fixed that mistake xD so.. lemme know if you can add the contest entries now :D
feel free to brush up on the theme and rules down below.

Macroboy Y is still going to be somewhat pointed at by me, if ya don't mind x) also below

so yeah.. i'm here, if ya want to chat with me, or if you want to help the group be less messy xD if anyone has time to spare tweaking all those folders and images in the group, let me know ^^


(old news/info)
So since most of the peeps expressed interest about creating a unique maverick boss of Sigma's level, I give you the 'Create a Nemesis' contest :D

1: he or she, must have a same or similar grandeur as Sigma or Lumine in boss modes.
2: looks is only the half of it, the character must have a formidable arsenal of weapons, if not on a bit stronger side.
3: the character must have some character flaws, that are either hinted in the designs, or via a short description
4: the character must be unique. even though reploid arms, legs, torsos, and such are almost the same, no-one says that they can't have a completely different locomotion or manipulation method, or even extra parts for any purpose.
5: the character must have unique goals and motivation. Sigma and his maverick virus have always been the same, and it would be excellent if the new boss has a logic and reason to them. In fact, what if maverick is not even a state, but a choice? Should open some room for character development, and contribute to the uniqueness, i think.

Bonus points:  its.. not really needed, but if the contest entry is accompanied by another that shows the Boss locked in combat with someone, or any other dynamic scene with someone, it would definitely help the character, but it won't be giving them a major advantage xP

Deadline: To the end of August at the moment :)
Submissions: I shall be creating a 'Create a Nemesis' folder in the group shortly, if all goes well


Macroboy Y Shoutout!

I have been recently informed that :icondamdoshi: has released a fun and probably addicting game on Steam.

It is lightning fast, joystick intensive as any Megaman game. It is on early access, as it is not done (his main objective is to bring an online version), but it can already be played, and it is pretty fun with friends.…
There is currently six characters, eleven weapons, more than ten arenas, a few races and single player/co-op levels.
Hopefully this game will be a fun one for you folks :)

Commander Veratai Out
'salutes and teleports off'
More Journal Entries

- MMXC Info & Links -

Joining MMXC is quick and easy! All you have to do is click the 'join' button on our main page. All member requests are automatically approved, so as soon as you're in, you can start submitting any Megaman-related artwork to our gallery. :)

But before you do so, make sure you are cool with following these rules:

1: Be a fan of any Megaman game, or just the characters
2: Do not flame the club, other members or put down any Megaman series
3: Be generally polite
4: No disemboweling the characters. that is reserved for the sister group 'Megaman-After-Dark'.
5: no death/suicide art. deviations like that are also reserved for the ''Megaman-After-Dark' group
6: no art that degrades an image of a character. this, if you're keeping it lighthearted and humorous, does not apply to shipping or yaoi/yuri. but otherwise, its for 'Megaman-After-Dark'
7: fetish art goes to 'Megaman-After-Dark'
8. No violating dA's rules (i.e. no official art in the gallery/label mature work accordingly!)
Deviations that break community and/or dA rules will be automatically moved OR completely removed from the gallery without warning. Please make sure you are following the rules before submitting.
This is especially applicable to the mature folders. Please submit all mature artwork to the mature folder, and be sure that it fits in with the deviantART policies for mature artwork. Admins have the right to remove artwork that we feel break said rules.

shortcut to our sister group :iconmegaman-after-dark:

Links to great Megaman sites!

Awesome Megaman roleplays/chats!

The ARCADIA Chronicles:


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Would it be okay if I submitted a journal for a contest that's 'Mega Man X' related?
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.. wow, late reply on my side.. O.o yes, sure, if the said contest hasn't ended already :XD:;
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i'll move it
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MegaD3 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Would it be okay if I add my adopted journal?
Veratai Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
'adopted journal' ? O-o

that's a lill confusing xD don't know if you're offering adoptables or  looking for adoptables xD
MegaD3 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
You know like I'm trying to advertise people to buy my buttons. 
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