Megaman Legends comes to the Playstation Store!

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After cancelling Megaman Legends 3, people thought Capcom had completely washed it's hands from the Legends franchise and most people weren't wrong. But recently they've finally brought the first game to the Playstation Store.

You can get Megaman Legends for PSP, PS Vita, PS TV and PS3 for just $10 bucks.!/en-us…

It's a great time for you guys to revive lost memories of the series first game, and maybe a new opportunity to regain a little love for it and make some new fanart no?

Hopefully they'll bring the sequel to the store too, at some point, in the far future. In my humble opinion the second game improved upon the gameplay greatly, and things that might be a deal breaker for newer players now could be revisioned by playing the second one.

Additionally, as a reminder, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is also in the Playstation Store for $6 bucks as well, so get both games NOW HURRY HURRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING ACT FAST.!/en-us…
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sheena6556's avatar
Thank you for posting this for me! I think you did a better job writing it than I would have =D
RypeltajaRoll's avatar
Dang, I'm going to be really sad if they never get released on the EU PSN store. :'0
Helsaabi's avatar
Darn! I already bought Metal snake gear V for PSN DX Sorry I promise I will buy Megaman legends to the playstation store
ker-plop's avatar
Only a matter of time before Legends 2 shows up, I reckon.