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Battle Network
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Star Force
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Megaman Satellites
mighty gunvolt by ksuniverse
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Crossovers and Xover
COMMISSION: X vs Optimus Primal by Carbonated-Jem
Fan Characters and Concepts
today my birthday. by ksuniverse
Surprise Adoption by EarthRabbit
Fan Fiction
Mega Man Battle Network: ReInstalled- Chapter 23Chapter 23- Traps and Turnabouts, Part 3 “Court shall now reconvene,” Judge Lex-Ordo tapped his gavel on the bench, “Hopefully there won’t be any more outbursts from the gallery.” Earlier today, Lan dramatically proclaimed his innocence, defying the deal Ito made to him. Court was forced into recess because of that, and once everything calmed down, they could continue. “The defendant has maintained his innocence,” The judge recalled, “And thus, we will continue the trial until the prosecution decides to rest.” Prosecutor Ito was still staring at Lan, still bewildered and troubled by what he did. ‘Anyone cornered would just accept the deal,’ He couldn’t stop thinking about it, ‘There is nothing I can do to stop him, it seems.’ “Mr. Ito?” The judge called, “Are you ready to proceed?” “…Yes, Your Honor,” The prosecutor bobbed his head, “The court has heard what happened that night. Some basic facts were presented. If Mr. Hikari wishes to make a counterargument, he will have the chance to do so after I call my next witness.” “The next witness, you say?” Judge Lex-Ordo raised up an eyebrow, “Very well, have him come up.” “Not yet,” Ito held off on that, “First we must establish how the Electricity Program was taken out of the place.” “We do?” “I wish to point out the layout of the Government Complex’s security measures. It comes with unique sensors that detect the Electricity Program’s specific signature. They run on auxiliary power, and they would sound an alarm if the program is not where it was in the Power Plant.” “Then, how could Mr. Hikari have taken it out?” “I believe this is why he intended to dispose of the Copy Bot,” Ito answered the question, “It jammed the signal pretty well when he had Mega Man take it out.” “If that’s the case, and the program’s missing…” Lex-Ordo stroked his chin in thought to conclude, “Then, if WWW is confirmed to be involved…” “The evidence will determine the latter,” Ito proclaimed, “But yes, then it would suggest Lan Hikari is a WWW agent.” People whispered among themselves as Lan squeezed his fists on his table, continuing to put on a front. “So, the deal’s off?” Lan wondered, “Fine.” ‘He just turned most of the people here against us with these ideas,’ Mega Man told himself, ‘Ito may appear nice, but he’s so ruthless.’ “Now then, I’d like to call my witness,” The prosecutor looked to the gallery, gesturing for him to stand up. “I guess we’re going to hear him now,” Mega Man whispered as the bright man came up to the stand, taking something out of his guitar bag. “Witness, your name and occupation,” Ito requested, heedless of what he was going to get in return. [BGM: E1ec ‘n Rock, Rockman EXE Sound Navigation 01] “Hello, everybody!” Count Zap began playing his guitar in before the court with a boisterous shout, “Name’s Jack Zap, but call me Count Zap! I’m a true rock star, serving on the SciLab board making life defining decisions!” “Does this guy even hear himself?” Mega Man grew annoyed a little too quickly. The people in the gallery were clapping for the count already, cheering his name. “Witness!” His honor covered his ears, “Please refrain from rendering everyone in court deaf!” “I can’t help myself, Your Honor!” Zap kept playing regardless, using his left hand to strike the strings with his guitar pick. “Every time there’s an audience waiting for me, I’ve just got to give back some pleasing music!” “Great, he just brought everyone over to his side,” Lan mumbled, “This’ll make it ten times harder to nail him.” “We’ll change everyone’s tune, Lan,” Mega Man reassured him. “If you could finish up your instrumental,” Ito requested, “I’d like for you to give your testimony.” “How about I just serenade you all with my prime voice?!” Count Zap had so much pride in himself, “An opportunity to stun the crowd is time well spent!” “Talking is just fine, please!” Ito yelled, almost losing patience with him. “Otherwise, I’ll have you placed you in contempt of court!” “Such narcissism,” Mr. Crosby scowled, “Making this entire trial all about himself when a life is on the line.” “Very well!” Count Zap wrapped up his guitar instrumental after a few more seconds, “One of my many hit singles, as you guys know!” “Mr. Ito, what’s the purpose of him taking the stand?” The judge queried. “He’ll testify that he saw Lan Hikari leave the party two nights,” Ito replied, “Also, he’ll tie in when Dr. Hikari and Mr. Chaud left when the power returned.” “So here’s what happened!” The proud rocker declared before speaking normally, “I chatted with the defendant’s mother in the lobby before we both got downstairs to that restaurant. She went to mingle with the guests, and I went backstage to get ready for my performance. Once I was done, the lights suddenly went out. When they came on, Dr. Hikari and Mr. Chaud went off to see what the problem was. Lan Hikari was never in the room the entire time I played, how rude!” “Refrain from unnecessary comments, please,” Ito covered his face in irritation. “I escorted Mrs. Hikari and a young girl to the top,” Zap continued, “Incidentally, my PET was misplaced! I don’t know where it is.” “Take it up with the police,” Ito did not care for it, “I have no more questions. Your witness.” ‘Wow, you passed him off to me immediately,’ Lan cracked before preparing to speak to Zap, “Your PET was missing, right?” [BGM: Cross Examination - Moderato 2007, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney] “Yes, it was,” Zap crossed his arms, “I don’t know where it’s gone to.” “Do you admit it’s possible that your PET was used in this crime?” Lan pondered. “Objection, relevance,” Ito spoke without missing a beat. “Sustained,” The judge nodded, “Its status as missing is hardly what matters here.” “If you were performing while on stage,” Lan moved on, “How could you say I wasn’t in the audience that whole time?” “Only some of the ceiling lights were dimmed for the stage lights to do their thing,” Zap replied, “I could see everyone in the audience. Also, your orange vest and rolled-up sleeves made you stand out. Your fashion could use some work, kid.” ‘That’s rich, coming from you,’ The accused delinquent kept that to himself. “Excuse me, Lan?” Mega Man piped up. “What’s up?” His operator listened. “Say he was upstairs with Mom and Yai,” Mega said, “He left them for a moment, didn’t he?” “Count Zap, you left my mother and my friend for a moment,” Lan jumped on that logic, “Were you in the lobby at that time?” “Yes, I was,” Zap nodded, “I saw your Navi with your father as a hostage. What of it?” “You remember seeing that blue person release Dad, right?” “Yeah,” Zap shrugged, “He dropped him and ran off before the police could do anything.” “I see…” Lan nodded with his eyes closed, oblivious to the flaw for a few seconds. “I’m a little underwhelmed.” “Because you couldn’t get away with whatever your crime was?” The count cocked an eyebrow with a smug look. “Because I expected you to lie better than that,” Lan rested one hand on the table, returning a confident smile of his own. “What?” [BGM: Apollo Justice - A New Chapter of Trials!, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney] “I have the police report detailing that particular event,” Lan brought up details of the report in the monitors, “Your Honor, look at the part where the officers state that the blue individual disappeared after releasing my father.” “Disappeared?!” The judge exclaimed, “But he ran off, didn’t he?” “Maybe, but not before doing what could only be described as a disappearing trick,” Lan nodded with a finger wag. “Mr. Hikari, don’t be so pleased with yourself,” Mr. Ito interjected, “The witness may have only partially remembered what happened. His mind was elsewhere, as it always is.” “I resent that!” Zap scoffed. “No, he should’ve remembered that if he was really there,” Lan pointed out, “The proof is in several witness statements. Specifically, the ones who were in the Office Lobby at that time.” “I remember reading those…” Ito scrolled through one on his PET screen. “The most memorable image they remember is when that blue person disappeared into thin air,” The accused stood up straight, “If the count truly was there, he should’ve said something like that in his testimony. But I don’t think he ever saw that.” “Really?” Count Zap spoke up, “Because I did! I just forgot about it, that’s all.” “Then you should remember the manner in which he went out!” Lan argued, making the count grab the light bulbs attached to his suit’s cuffs and squeeze the rims in a sweat. “I-It slipped my mind, alright?!” He looked at him with contempt, “My PET went missing!” “For shame, Mr. Hikari,” Ito clicked his tongue in reproach, “Challenging the memory of a kind man just to slip away from the charge.” “B-Besides, isn’t how he disappeared irrelevant?” The count played up the victim card, slumping over the stand. “T-The Copy Bot was used in the crime, right…?” “Yes, and if you recall the Copy Bot’s design,” The prosecutor piled on the info, “Its purpose is to bring Navis into the real world. A holographic generator allows Navis to take on an appearance to interact with us. It’s entirely possible that Mega Man evaded the police by rendering himself invisible to the human eye.” “I see,” Judge Lex-Ordo followed Ito’s logic, “And the jamming signal disrupted the security footage to cover his escape and mask the Elec Program’s signal.” “Hold it!” Lan made an outburst, “Mega Man never used a Copy Bot! You don’t even know if the person who protected my father was him!” The gallery whispered among themselves before the judge silenced them. “Lan, what are you saying?” Mega Man questioned. Lan paused, knowing he would immediately get shut down if he started talking about Cross Fusion without being able to back it up, but he needed to convince everyone that they weren’t criminals. “What are you saying, Mr. Hikari?” Ito asked again. “There are two explanations for the false Mega Man,” Lan stated, “One: another Navi took on Mega Man’s appearance with the holographic generator to cover for his operator, the real culprit. The second one, which I find to be correct, is that he wasn’t a Navi in a Copy Bot!” “I’m looking at the notes on the drive now,” Judge Lex-Ordo called out, studying the data inside. “It appears there was a command for a Navi to take on an appearance?” “I did not mention it because it didn’t seem relevant,” Ito stated, “But whether there was or wasn’t such a thing on the drive, Lan Hikari is not exonerated.” “This at least casts doubt on my arrest,” The defendant grew tired of Ito, and his face showed it. “If you will not confess, young man,” Ito sighed, “Then I must present motive.” “What?” Mega Man squeaked. “This was found saved in the drive of the accused’s PET,” Ito brought up a record that had been in the Court Record for some time. “It’s the details for a new SciLab project.” “Is it alright for you to reveal such details? The judge speculated, “This is confidential material.” “The government gave me the go-ahead,” The prosecutor smiled again, “We can show this to the court. Besides, there’s a message in there from the WWW, addressed to Mr. Hikari.” “What?!” Lan exclaimed, startling the court. “What is this?” Mr. Crosby muttered next to Dr. Froid, both holding their breath for the next revelation. As the screens showed some documents with a message on it, Ito pressed on: “Reading closely, you can see that SciLab has been given a military contract to develop a new type of tank that can send viruses to electronic devices within a ten-mile radius. The lead technician who developed the bulk of it all… was Dr. Hikari.” “Again, what?!” Lan piped up, “I never saw that before in my life!” “Quiet, boy,” The judge had an idea where this was going, letting Ito continue. “With this project, SciLab was also going to announce collaborations with the military, moving away from the peaceful image they maintained. Also, this would allow the government greater say in what they can or cannot manufacture.” “Y-You’ve gotta be kidding…” Mega Man couldn’t believe this was where SciLab was heading. “The WWW’s message with these documents suggested a partnership with the defendant,” Ito slammed his book on the bench, allowing the sound to echo in the court. “Lan Hikari took it, learning his father was pleasing the politicians he despised so much! He committed sabotage and attempted mass murder as a result!” [BGM: Suspense, Rockman.EXE Sound Navigation 01] “WAIT, NO!!” Lan’s face turned white, and the clamoring of several individuals grew into roars. “THAT’S NOT TRUE!!” “Order, order!!” The judge slammed his gavel several times to silence everyone else. “That’s a lie!!” However, Yai was not willing to do that. “Lan didn’t know that! No one here did!” “Y-Yai!” Her friend was sweating hard from anxiety, watching her. “Ask Count Zap if he knew about this!” Yai screeched, “He’s a member of the SciLab Board, isn’t he?!” “Order!” The judge slammed his gavel, “You’re out of bounds, missy! Now you’re out! Bailiff, remove her from the court!” “I’m walking, I’m walking!” Yai stood up from her seat, flinching when a bailiff tried to grab her arm. She went outside under protest. ‘I know it’s him!’ Lan quietly told himself, watching Count Zap lift his headphones to place a pinky finger in his left ear to clear it. ‘He’s Elec Man’s operator! I fought him in that Power Plant!’ “I will remind the court of Count Zap’s alibi,” Ito shook his head with a serious expression, “He was onstage the whole time. As for Mr. Hikari, he was out of the party, below them in the Power Plant.” “Ignoring my alleged motive, how could I have attacked my father?” Lan asked, tapping his index finger on his left bicep nervously. “There’s no fingerprints on the weapons.” “The crumpled tie that was taken from your pocket explains that,” Ito replied, “We already have footage of you using it on the switch in the power room.” “Ugh…” The delinquent swallowed a lump in his throat, “That’s true, but it’s not like that!” “You wrapped your hand up with the tie to shut off the power, and to attack your father with the wrench and stun gun. Mr. Chaud’s presence is what prevented you from finishing the job.” “It’s not true!!” Lan ran his fingers in his head in frustration, “Why doesn’t anyone believe me?!” “Lan…” Mega murmured, watching the stress finally break down his partner and brother. Ms. Mari bit her bottom lip, seeing her former student turn a new shade of white. Ms. Tina also clasped her hand together in worry. “I-I’m not the culprit…!” He covered his face as his elbows pressed on the table, hiding the tears that began to form. “I would never hurt Dad! This is a trick…!” “I have one more piece of evidence to present,” The prosecutor did not let up, “You must be wondering what an air tank is doing in the evidence we’ve found, Your Honor?” “Oh, now that you mention it,” The judge found that as the very last item in the Court Record, seeing a picture of a silver air tank found in the power room. “The air tank is a mysterious item.” “It makes sense when you look back at that message,” Ito nodded, “WWW told him an operative planted the tank somewhere in the power room prior to the event. We even found prints belonging to Maddy Iroaya, one of their agents.” “No…!” Dr. Froid gasped in horror, remembering something important. “She had a bag with her… I didn’t know she was carrying that...!” “And the other set of fingerprints on it?” Ito finished, “The defendant’s.” “Objection!!” Mega Man yelled from the PET, “The court can’t accept any of those items into evidence!!” “Oh, his Navi has something to say,” Judge Lex-Ordo slightly chirped, “I forgot you’re also participating.” “My operator did not touch that tank,” Mega Man declared, “His fingerprints must’ve been planted!” “She must’ve taken them when she struck Lan unconscious at the Waterworks…” Froid wearily rubbed his face, “I’ve got to tell them.” “The judge won’t listen at this point,” Mr. Crosby kept him from leaving his seat, “And no one is revealing that thing because it’s hard to believe. There’s just no right way to reveal everything.” “Not possible,” Ito refuted, “The prints were picked up clearly. And as a Navi, your arguments are invalid in court.” “Are you saying I don’t have any rights here?” Mega Man clenched his fists, seeing Ito approach the defense bench to look directly into the PET’s camera. “I’m afraid your existence is akin to a product that humans purchase. Net Navis are merely tools to be used, since your sentience is merely preprogrammed.” “In your professional or personal opinion?” Mega Man retorted. “Professional,” Ito stoically answered, “Net Navis involved in serious crimes are immediately deleted following the operators being declared guilty. That’s what makes you a nonperson. As an object, you are incapable of protecting Lan, much less yourself.” “I-I…” Mega Man felt so degraded, knowing in his heart that he isn’t an object. Still, is there anything he can do while in his state? Most of the people in the gallery shot daggers at Lan, but as he was gritting his teeth in near defeat, he looked up at Ito. “Did you call my Navi a nonperson?” Lan questioned, staring at him coldly. “Because I’ll tell you right now he’s not an object.” Ito kept silent while the defendant wiped his tears without ever parting his eyes or even closing them. “You can say what you think about me,” He told him in calm anger, “But not him. And you don’t have the right to talk down to anybody just because you’re a prosecutor.” “As true as that is,” The judge politely cut in, “He’s not wrong in saying that.” “Regardless, there’s nothing left for me to say,” Ito moved on, “You doubled down on your innocence, and I proved otherwise. You should’ve taken the deal earlier, and now, you must confess if you want to end this trial with a life sentence.” “Because of WWW, right?” Lan softened his glare. “It’s either that or the alternative,” Ito spoke with a sigh following that, “Mega Man will be deleted either way.” “Lan,” The human Navi rested his right hand over his heart, ignoring his own fears. “I don’t know what to do now, but let me say thanks. If we accept the deal, at least--” “No,” Lan whispered with a smile, remembering how he’d protect his brother when they were kids. “I won’t take it, no matter what. Dex will make it. Besides…” “Huh?” “I think I can figure out what happened,” The accused used his PET to cycle through the Court Record. “You think you can do it?” “If I could defend you, then I can defend us both. In fact, the power of two is the key to everything.” [BGM: The Truth Revealed/Tell the Truth 2007, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney] “I don’t see any need to prolong this trial,” Judge Lex-Ordo stated, “Are there any final objections?” “I have one, Your Honor,” Lan raised his hand, “I want to present a case that proves my innocence and implicates a new suspect in these crimes.” ‘That look in his eyes,’ Dr. Froid observed him, ‘Has he figured something out?’ “Is that so?” Ito was interested, smiling a little. “To do that,” Lan pointed for the witness stand, “I want Count Zap to stay on the stand to help me prove it!” “What?” Zap raised an eyebrow as some members of the gallery chatted among themselves. “At this point in the trial, I can’t see the need for that,” Ito skimmed through his book, “Count Zap has answered everything.” “I still have questions,” Lan pointed out before confidently standing up straight, “And as long as I do, this trial must continue!” As everyone whispered to each other, the delinquent gazed at the man in front of him, looking around in confusion. ‘You didn’t have to do say much to cover for yourself,’ Lan thought, ‘But that changes now. Let’s hear you sing some more.’01001101 01001101 01000010 01001110 Meanwhile, over at Den Dome… “Magic Fire!” Magic Man made the first move against Guts Man, trying to spray him with blue flames from his arms. “Shock Wave!” My Navi tested him with a shock wave gliding across the ground, but he disappeared in a flash. “Virus Summon!” Since he stood underneath a strange symbol that almost resembled two fish, he was able to escape. He came back in an instant, but he wasn’t alone. “Oh boy,” I whispered as several viruses spawned into the network, thanks to a few additional symbols littered on his side of the field. “In addition to having a most powerful attack,” Yahoot informed me, “Magic Man has the strength to open gateways in many networks to bring in several viruses at a time.” “Alright, cool!!” Guts Man wasn’t going to be intimidated, “More things to punch out!” “Don’t enjoy yourself too much,” I gave him two Silver Fist chips and a Fighter Sword, “It’s not just us we’re fighting for.” “HRAAAAAA!!!” Inputting a code in, I helped Guts Man launch several Silver Fists that devastated a crowd of Mettaur 3s and Flappy viruses. A black and purple Shadow virus with yellow eyes and a bat-like shape teleported to my Navi, morphing into an axe to chop him. He was quick to delete it with the sword, and the range also nicked a Cloudy virus. Billy! Billy! Red Billy 2s chanted as they let out electric balls to slowly trail Guts Man. Fanner 2 and VolGear viruses unleashed their attacks in unison; the flames limited Guts Man to a confined space and whirlwinds struck him, sending him flying into the flames and electric balls! “AAAAHHHH!” He cried, hitting the digital floor, but not after he took a Piranha 3’s bolt to an arm. “Guts Man! Hang in there!” I acted fast to give him a strong defensive chip. “North Wind!” Magic Man instantly took that away by blowing the barrier off. “Air Shoes and Geddon 2!” To keep all of the ground viruses away, I downloaded a chip that allowed Guts Man to hover over empty spaces. It helps when Geddon 2 deletes all unoccupied spaces. “Repair, Slot In,” Yahoot simply inserted a chip that fixed all the damage on the WWW’s side, “Is this all you can do?” “Grrrr!” I swear, he was mocking me, and he was being so high and mighty about it! I wanted to go over there and punch his lights out! “Dex, you wanna go for a knock out?” Guts Man sensed my intentions, “Then let’s use that.” [BGM: Grand Prix Battle, Rockman EXE Sound Navigation 01] Taking his suggestion, I started up the WWW Decoder program Lan transmitted to my PET, resulting in red lightning bolt-like lines streaming along Guts Man’s arms. “YEE-HAW!!!” With a clap from his hands, a giant red dome erupted from him, covering the surrounding area in red. Billyyyyyyy!! The Billy 2 viruses screeched, getting their programming altered to follow new commands. “What is this?” Magic Man darkly whispered, “My own sorcery is being used against me?” “All viruses, attack Magic Man’s viruses!” Guts Man bellowed, “We’re leveling the playing field!” The Billy 2 viruses now directed their electric attacks towards some VolGear 2 and Spikey viruses, just as some Fanner 2s shredded some Piranhas with their tornadoes. A Swordy 3 released an aqua slash into a Shadow virus, saving Guts Man from a real cheap shot. “Snake and Attack +10!” Adding some chips to give my Navi a chance, purple snakes shot out from the gaps in the field, targeting the wizard. “AAAHHHHH!!” Magic Man yelled in pain, feeling the viruses break into his arms. “Rocket Guts Punch!!” Guts Man flung his fist at him, landing a direct hit. “Lance!” Another chip of mine was activated as soon as Magic Man was pushed back, sending him forward with a little bit of back pain. “Toying with me won’t get you anywhere,” Yahoot whispered, “I can still delete your Navi in one stroke!” “As a matter of fact…!” Magic Man’s eyes glowed as he lifted his arms up to blast him again! “Yikes!” Guts Man got out of the way of the flames, landing on his field. He grabbed the closest thing next to him, a Mettaur 2, and chucked it at his adversary. It got reduced to zeroes and ones. “Are you that desperate?” Magic Man questioned until he witnessed Guts Man use his hammers on his field, breaking some of the panels. “Try some of this!” Guts Man took some of the pieces of his handiwork and threw them at him, irritating the WWW Navi. “Blasted upstart!” He didn’t take kindly to that, summoning Big Snakes of all three versions to defend him. All the viruses that were on our side charged, annoying the snakes and forcing them to flee. “HAAAAAAAA!!!” Guts Man yelled, charging straight at the wizard, dodging his Magic Fire with all he had. “Brutes larger than yourself have tried!” He warned, pressured to defend himself with a Barrier. Guts Man strafed to the right to avoid another wave, slamming his fist down for a shock wave. He got close enough to grab Magic Man’s arms and separate them before he could strike again, delivering a headbutt to him. I took my chance, sneaking up to Yahoot around the Net Battle Machine and decked him across his face! “Oof!!” Yahoot grunted, falling to the floor. Saying nothing, I got to Lan’s mom and quickly undid the ropes binding her. “Don’t say anything, just go!” I told her, guiding her to where I came in. “Lan’s at the courthouse! Get in Higsby’s van!” “Thank you!” Mrs. Hikari removed her gag to say that, “But you have to get out of here!”“Just go!” She ran off, just like I wanted her to. I jacked out Guts Man and typed a message for Higsby as I looked back to see Yahoot, leaning on the railing with his crescent knife out. “Really, boy,” He shook his head, “You didn’t think I wouldn’t see that coming?” “Kinda,” My voice showed my contempt for him, “But she’s safe, far away from you.” “Ms. Madd, when she gets in Higsby’s van,” Yahoot smiled, holding his PET up. “Make some fireworks.” My confidence went down the drain once I heard him say that. “You see,” He began explaining something to me like I was a child, “Originally, Dr. Hikari was going to deliver the program in exchange for his wife. But thanks to our operative attacking him, we had to improvise. And we couldn’t let Lan do it when we had planned out his day in court. Thank you.” “I’m just expendable, huh?” I was forced to take a few steps back as he walked down to me. “It’s not personal to me, young man,” His so-called assurance unsettled me, “Only business. And we must take the opportunity to remove obstacles in our way. Lan, Mrs. Hikari, and now, you.” I knew that Lan’s mom came first, so I bolted out of the doors, slipping the chip Lan gave me in my PET. “Guts Man, let’s do this,” I muttered under my breath. “Ready,” Guts Man nodded on my screen as my device started glowing. A black bodysuit covered everything as light blue vertical lines formed on my sides. Yellow gold boots with cylindrical shapes and rectangular feet clamped over my feet, and tread-like soles took shape. Black and white road sign patterns circled around the boots as yellow circles clasped on my leg, on top of the boots. Red armor formed around the top of my chest with a small silver collar while golden shoulder guards appeared on my shoulders. Small red orbs went around my chest and my Navi’s emblem appeared in the center. As gold layers of armor covered the test of my torso, my arms turned grey with some darker grey lines. My new fists were just like Guts Man’s, big but with almost rectangular fingers. A red line shot around a section of my forearms on each gauntlet, eight flat-topped cones also littered each top, and elbow guards forming from where the gloves began. The battery-looking backpack also clamped on me. My helmet had a cubic shape on top of my skull, and a silver jaw covered most of my face, save my grey eyes. The differences were that the ear sections on my jaw were glowing green, surrounded by a grey ring. Also, the line going around my forehead was glowing green, and in the center of the ring on my forehead, a glowing green beam ignited, creating a horn similar to a rhino’s! It was so unbelievable, but I was Cross Fusion Guts Man, taking my Navi’s powers and name as my own!, “Foolish boy,” The WWW’s right-hand man followed me unimpressed, proceeding to transform. “You are prolonging your demise.” “Oh, goody,” I knew that if Lan could do it, so could these guys. And as a newbie, I had to choose my battles. I decided to break the ceiling, finding myself stretching my arms to cause the ceiling to collapse as stuff came falling down! “Wow!” I exclaimed, watching Yahoot back off when he saw falling debris. I managed to get downstairs, seeing Higsby’s van close as Lan’s mom got inside. And then, in the corner of my eye, I saw that madwoman Yahoot was referring to, in her Cross Fusion form! “Dex,” I recalled Lan’s warning about her, “This woman almost killed Mayl. She’s smart, insane, and unpredictable. Don’t ever take WWW’s agents lightly.” She bent her arms back, ready to shred the van with those huge claws! “Rocket Guts Punch!” If Guts Man could do it, then I could. I did, in fact! “GUH!!” The woman in her colorful attire landed on her backside from my flying fist, allowing the van to burn rubber and drive off. “Good, she’s safe,” I whispered. “There is another enemy signature behind you,” Guts Man warned me in a monotone voice, having exchanged some of his personality to ensure our synchronization. I turned to see a figure in a wizard outfit heavily similar to Magic Man’s, meaning it was Yahoot! He had dark brown pointed boots with an imprinted blue diamond on the front of each boot. The armored robe was blue overall, having purple diamonds going around the lower robe, though smaller purple diamonds with black outlines were in between each purple diamond. There also was a light blue skirt under the robe that reached to his ankles. With his torso, a light blue line went down from his neck, briefly cut off by his emblem with purple triangles opposite to each other. His shoulders had orb-like pauldrons with three light blue spikes on top and red eyes over yellow eyeballs, surrounded by light blue eyelids. Three small purple diamonds descended from his arms to his light blue funnel-like sleeves, which had black lines at the end. His sleeves’ insides were red and his gloves maroon. His blue helmet was more like a wizard hat; pointed edges with those pale horns, only his black hair stuck out in the back and he had a third eye just like the shoulders’ eyes on the forehead region. His mask covered most of his face, but not the eye region, as underneath, his face was black with red eyes and yellow eyeballs. The mask itself: silver with a straight white line down the middle and perpendicular blue triangles on his cheeks, cutting off with that tan beard at the end. “Now then,” C. F. Magic Man put his hands together as two huge red orbs levitated above him, “I shall make you disappear into ash.”, The orbs unleashed Magic Fire, almost scorching me! I flung a Rocket Guts Punch at him, but he knocked it away with the back of his hand! “Unlike you, the WWW had practiced with Cross Fusion,” The wizard man stated while his orbs continued shooting at me, successfully getting me in my back. “Color Wheel!” C. F. Color Woman’s umbrella turned into a propeller, and she stomped over to me with her arms and brought the propeller down. Somehow, my laser horn was stopping it, but it didn’t look like it was going to last. “Big Snake 2,” A giant yellow variant of Big Snakes materialized behind me, “End it.” [BGM: Pursuit ~ Gotta Corner It (2017 arrange version), Gyakuten Saiban 4 Mini Soundtrack CD] “Sonic Boom!!” A devastating slash flying from afar instantly deleted the virus, and the sender appeared to bring his cyber sword across C. F. Color Woman’s body, forcing her away! “What?!” Yahoot shouted, “You!” A red figure with two ponytails that were black and white appeared next to me, raising his sword arm in anticipation. “Thanks for the save,” I whispered to the guy, “Lan told me about you.” “Good work protecting her,” Chaud whispered. “Color Crossroads!” The woman in primary colors had Aqua and Fire Towers stream along the road to divide us! “You take the wizard, I’ll get the harlequin!” I suggested, sprinting at the woman to bash into her. “So we finally meet, Chaud,” C. F. Magic Man had two huge swords materialize on his arms. “Double Knight Sword!” The red battler put up a shield to block the strikes, retorting with one of his own, getting his sword wedged between the two long blades. “Prison will be your next stop,” He declared, “And we’ll know who you are.” “Who I am will be irrelevant,” C. F. Magic Man’s other eyes glowed red, “Who disappears is the question.” The eyes suddenly flashed, blinding Chaud even through his eyewear. Those orbs floated next to him, coating him in blue flames at point blank range. “AGH!!” Chaud was forced to leap back to avoid more damage. “That flash scrambled the sensors,” His Navi informed him, “We can’t detect anything.” “Blind Mode,” Chaud’s blue lenses faded into a black color, restricting his sight. “I don’t need my eyes for this.” “Color Claws!” Madd took a swipe at me with those huge limbs, but I punched them away every time she tried it. When she raised her right arm again, I knocked it away, but this time, I spun on my foot and stretched my arm out to push her down! “Having fun?” I made a dig at her expense, slamming my fists to create a shock wave. “Propeller!” She raised herself up with her extended arms and started flying. She flew around me and swatted me, denting my armor and backing off when I stretched my arms or used rocket fists. “Come on, Guts Man!” I commanded, “You’ve gotta give me something!” “Make a hole,” He suggested, bringing a Snake chip into circulation. Turning my fists into hammers, I created one in front of me, watching a digital vortex float over it, shooting nine purple snakes out and bite C. F. Color Woman! “AAAAHHHH!!!” She screamed, struggling to shake them off. “Program Advance!” I got four chips together to use a powerful attack. < PROGRAM ADVANCE > Typhoon G Hurricane G Cyclone G Repair G < PROGRAM ADVANCE > Death Storm “Take this!” My fist reconfigured into a huge turbine on my hand, creating a series of whirlwinds that made Ms. Madd spin out of control, damaging her form with the digital currents and making her hit the ground. “Magic Fire!” Yahoot started shooting fire out of his fists now, in addition to the orbs tracking Chaud’s movement. Chaud was dodging when he needed to, knowing where they were from the distinct humming sounds. He strafed left when his ears picked up one ready to spray him again. “There!” He slashed upward, successfully deleting one orb. He ran around Yahoot, then halted where he was. The other orb floated over to him based on where the wizard looked. “Slasher!” Once it got in range, Chaud instant sliced it in two, and disappeared like an apparition. “I didn’t think you’d stoop to invisibility,” C. F. Magic Man clasped his hands together, “Yet, you’re still blind.” “Here we are,” Ripley spoke in the feed linking me and Proto Man, “The sensors should be unscrambled in a minute.” “Ripley?” I whispered, blocking another strike from Maddy. “You’re with Chaud?” “Worry about that later,” He said, “You have something to wrap up, don’t you?” Without a word, the ace brought in two Variable Swords as he came back into view. He used one to send out a long slash that left a cut on Yahoot’s third eye. “AGH!!” He jerked back, feeling a painful sensation as he was hit with another Sonic Boom. Madd stretched her arms, but I caught her hands right before they could get me. I tugged and spun around as much as I could, disorienting her before I threw her against the wall. “Oof!” She grunted. “Meteor!!” Yahoot summoned some meteorites to smite Chaud, but he evaded them and dashed to his position. “Tri Lance!” His sleeves became a crossbow that fired harpoons, but they missed Chaud. “Step Cross!!” He created a mark in an X shape, on C. F. Magic Man’s body, having come close to damaging it. “It’s over for you,” Chaud mumbled, “You’ve lost.” “Alright…” I whispered, nearly exhausted. And then I looked up. “Uh, hey bud… Look up.”Chaud soon saw what I was gazing at… A load of Fishy and Satella viruses with some Piranhas, Flappys, and Jellys. And they were flying away into town! “We successfully conducted a field test on a portable Dimensional Area,” Yahoot stated as he left his Cross Fusion form, “And we’ve upgraded since last month. Now, the Dimensional Area is invisible to the naked eye, so anyone can go in and walk out. Materialized viruses can even travel beyond the area’s zone now.” “What…?” I glowered at him, grabbing his entire body with my fist. “Explain or you’re pulp.” “You have to delete the viruses soon,” Yahoot smugly whispered, “I doubt they’ll spare that tasteless van any expense…” “The controls aren’t in your PET?” C. F. Proto Man questioned, having scanned the contents with Proto Man’s help. “Arrest me or save the only person who can clear Lan of all suspicion,” Yahoot smirked, “And don’t think you can rely on your recordings.” “Chaud, all of the recorded data has been deleted!!” Ripley exclaimed in our audio feed, “Any evidence that could help Lan is gone!” “AHH!” I felt a slash made on the side of my body, causing me to let go of Yahoot! It came from C. F. Color Woman, who caught him and flew off with him! “Sayonara, rhino boy!” Maddy cackled, “HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!” “Go!” Ripley called out, “You have to save Lan’s mom and Higsby!” “Right!” Chaud summoned two Fishy 3s for us to glide on, letting us take to the air after the swarm of viruses. This was getting complicated. Just when I thought we were good, this happens. Still, Lan trusted me to save her! I had to stop the swarm somehow! CHAPTER 23 END


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