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[Commission] Super Mega Man by Manedesu
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force armor battle damaged. by ksuniverse

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Nana by MrLuckE09
Nana (Megaman X Command Mission) by MrLuckE09
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MMBN ReInstalled: Cross Fusion Roll! by HatOnFire
BUT MS. TESLA !! by supersonkuXDZ2
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Afternoon at Library by MythPy
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Geo Stellar by MissBelleMA
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Megaman Starforce: Geo loves Luna by KawaiiStorm
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F-ZERO GX7 [PlasMagma GeoZero] by Tindyflow
F-ZERO GX7 [MAVERICKZ] by Tindyflow
MN9 - 3rd year Special by Tindyflow
Pancakes by Deviantdustdevils
Crossovers and Xover
Mega Man: Dread Suit (Final) by FurryishArt
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Situation: Less Than Optimal by Pardra
The maverick hunter library by Jiangguo
Fan Fiction
Mega Man Battle Network: ReInstalled- Chapter 7Chapter 7- Metroline Malfunction “You’re okay, right, Ripley?” “Besides having the third worst headache of my life, I’m good,” Ripley responded to Lan. Lan and I were currently overseeing the police scrutinizing ACDC High after today’s crazy events. “Hopefully our classmates can recover,” I thought with some worry, seeing some students have to go to a hospital. The Reeducation Program may be destroyed, but it caused plenty of damage. “A broadcast signal that can alter or harm a person’s mental faculties… The WWW’s only going to get bolder and much worse from here.” Mr. Higsby needed to be checked on, but the police wasn’t willing to allow him any treatment. What he did was wrong, yes, but he was manipulated into driving students to commit crimes against their teachers and other citizens. “Are you alright, Dex?” I asked when he came by, rubbing his head. “I’m fine, thanks,” Dex nodded smiling, “You did good work stopping the WWW. You’re dependable than most people.” “Ugh, I’m out of here,” Lan rolled his eyes, walking away from the subtle insult. “Hey, wait! Lan!!” Ripley chased after him off the school grounds, leaving me alone with Dex. “What was that?” I questioned him with disappointment, “He helped me while you and everyone else were stuck.” “I don’t remember him doing anything like that,” He scoffed, “If he did, then he only helped for himself and for the glory.” “He’s been aloof forever, I know,” I began making myself clear, “You have to remember what he lost, Dex. Who we all lost.” “It’s been four years, Mayl. He’s had plenty of time to move on from that, but he never did. Someone so immature like that can only change for the worse.” “You’re being petty. If you experienced what happened to Lan, would you act like him? Would you get over losing your brother?” Dex was quiet, mulling over my words. He had to be thinking hard about this, because there was no way he can deny Lan’s behavior and act so spiteful. They were great friends and strong competitors who considered each other worthy matches. “It’s not like I didn’t try,” He finally answered, “I tried getting back in touch with him. Calling, messaging, going to his house, chatting at school, I even tried to talk with him during Net Battles. But he wouldn’t let me. It got to where all he cared about was hitting the streets and some punks. As far as I’m concerned, he’s no longer the guy he was. And after hearing how he… Brutalized someone… Well, I knew he was not my friend.” “So you gave up on him,” I bitterly remarked. “I didn’t want to, but I had to weigh my options, Mayl,” Dex let out a tired sigh, “I plan on running for Student Council President. I can’t be seen with known criminals, whether I knew them or not. Besides, he gave up too. He gave up on growing beyond his past a long time ago.” “You stopped trying to be there for Lan so you can play politician?!” I seethed, getting really angry. “Mayl, please!” He begged, “I’ve got ideas to make ACDC Town an amazing place to live in! I plan on being the Mayor when I get older, so I have to do this!” “Well, good luck. Meanwhile, I’m going to actually be there for Lan. You know, like a true friend.” “Hold on a second!!” Dex stood there shouting at me while I got out of his sight. “Mayl, I wasn’t saying that…! Mayl!!” I was beginning to wonder if Dex would ever speak to Lan again. After talking with him, who knows? As I was looking for Lan, I reflected on each of the strained relationships he had. Yai left the country after a year at an all-girls school, so it’s unknown if she’ll still be friends with him. If she hears of his current actions, it could be a long shot. Tory, didn’t want to be anywhere near Lan, let alone speak with him. That’s because he witnessed Lan get rough with a thug that tried robbing him one time. There’s someone else I could speak of, but I won’t. Lan’s last meeting with that guy got ugly really fast. This is wishful thinking, but I was hoping that Lan could renew his relationships with the people he grew up with. That could be difficult, but I know for a fact that it’s not impossible. “Hey, Mayl,” Redd came by, waving his hand at me. “You alright?” “I suppose,” I mumbled, exhausted from my conversation with Dex. “Shouldn’t you be at the school’s entrance?” “The other officers can handle it,” Redd stroked his chin, sure of himself. “We should be speaking to Lan, though. I think it’s best if we can get him to work with us.” “He might not want to…” I whispered we turned the corner, seeing Ripley being interrogated. “You had a hand in this Synchro Chip project,” Lan proceeded to question, “So you knew Mayl could do this?” “That’s correct,” Ripley vouched, “That part was classified, so I couldn’t just tell you that.” “Normally, I’d be fine with that,” Lan crossed his arms, “But here she is, hiding things from me!” “You’re one to talk, yourself,” Rip shrugged, “You’re trying to brush off the attack on your home like it’s nothing.” “Because it is nothing. Who’s going to care if someone like me got attacked?” “I have a list of people who would--” “Rhetorical, thanks,” Lan stopped him from answering further, looking at Redd and I. “You, detective! I’m surprised you’re a part of this!” “How come?” Redd pondered. “Some projects can be overseen by individuals in law enforcement.” “Well, I didn’t think you were involved!!” “Um, Lan…” Ripley muttered, “The detective was mentioned in the email I gave you.” “Huh?” “He’s right,” Mega Man chimed in, pulling up the email in his PET, highlight the sentences where Redd was mentioned. “The detective was mentioned a few times here.” “Oh, right,” The juvenile realized, “I can’t believe I glossed over that. But I don’t remember you saying he was involved.” “I may have left that part out on accident…” The SciLab intern mumbled, “Sorry.” “Well, Lan, you were contesting with Higsby during that time,” Redd fiddled with his hat, showing his red hair. “And Mayl did surprise you as much as I.” “And that’s another thing I want to talk about!” Lan peered into my direction, “You never told me you were an Official, Mayl!” “You don’t think I wanted to tell you when I got my Official’s license?” I told Lan when he peered into my direction, “I thought I could, but my superiors gave me a few cases to look into, and I was told not to reveal that to anyone. They even specified you in particular.” “And you agreed with them?” Lan glared at me. “Just telling you could’ve made you act even more reckless!!” I argued, “And serving through discretion is stressed in this line of work! Besides, you hid things from me, too!!” “Okay, fine,” He threw his hands in the air out of frustration, “I admit that redacting the WWW part from my story to Redd was dumb. But in my defense, I don’t want myself or my mom to be labeled victims because of some pyromaniac.” “Not everyone avoids crime in their lifetime,” I stated, “But there’s no need to be hard on yourself. You couldn’t have anticipated Match attacking your home.” “She’s right, kid,” Redd confirmed, “He was looking for something. Your home was just an obstacle.” “What have you been doing to protect the neighborhood?” Ripley inquired. “We put an APB out for Match,” The detective answered, “And I’ve been watching the neighborhood while having police Navis search the net, though he could be long gone by then. Not much else to do.” “Except watch Lan,” I needed to say this, “If the WWW is desperate, they’ll try to take you and use you as a bargaining chip.” “I don’t need a babysitter,” Lan grumbled, stopping in his tracks. “I can look after myself, unless you don’t trust me? Oh wait, maybe you still don’t.” “Lan, please,” This, I did not need today. “I never meant to make an implication like that.” “You thought you were protecting me?” He questioned, “You realize you’re talking to an S rank City Net Battler, three times suspended? Someone who can knock some sap’s lights out?” “I get it, okay? You thought keeping quiet was safer than telling Redd. But this could be bigger than any of us.” “Keep in mind that Mayl was told to hide her new job from others,” The detective spoke up, lifting a finger. “Yeah, thanks for your input, detective,” Lan sighed, “So when I lie to her, it’s wrong. But when she does it, it’s okay.” “Lan, don’t give that stupid double standard talk,” Now I was not in the mood, “You’re a civilian until your Net Battle license suspension is lifted. You don’t have any authorization to help the police solve crimes like I do.” “Then why suggest I be part of this SciLab team involving you, Redd, Ripley, and Mr. Famous?” “Because after today, it’s obvious that we need you,” Ripley interrupted. “Is that so?” Lan raised up an eyebrow. “You have the operating skills of an Official,” Redd rubbed his chin, “And your Synchronization with Mega Man is on point. You’re perfect for the team.” “But we need to be open with each other,” I emphasized that part, “A team that can’t place their trust in others is a team doomed to fail.” “Plus, since being a Cross Fusion user makes you a superhero,” Ripley added, “We have rules. Do some good, don’t kill, be responsible, and be a team player. We’ll tell you what we believe the WWW is after.” “So you’ll tell me what you know if I join?” Lan pondered, “It doesn’t sound entirely fair, to be honest.” “I’ll tell you even if you don’t want to be part of this,” I said to him, “I know you don’t want the WWW to win, whatever their plan for the Super Programs are.” “Considering how much you’ve tried to do for us,” Redd cut in, “Let us give you valuable information. You deserve to know, after all.” “If I’m going to be honest,” Lan stopped Redd from speaking, “I haven’t trusted anybody outside my home for a while. I’m not going to tell you anything private.” “That’s not why I said we should be open with each other…” I thought Lan was misunderstanding what I just told him, “Just be honest so we don’t have a communication problem or trust issues.” “You already know what I’m about, but let me say this,” He continued, “I act without thinking. I may do something without saying what or why. I’m not exactly… a team player.” “So, you won’t help us?” The detective asked. “You were going to tell me what you knew whether or not I turned you down,” Lan scratched the back of his head, “If you trust me enough to tell me despite what I’ve done…” He suddenly paused, thinking about what to say next. I could see that he wants to join, but in his mind, he’s questioning if this is the way to do it. “Actually, just trusting me isn’t good enough. If I’m going to be a part of the team, then let me earn that spot. I don’t want it given to me.” “Alright!!” Ripley cheered, “And then there were six! This is the Anti-WWW Team!” “Ripley!!” Redd and I scolded him for being lax on the secrecy of our mission. “Six?” Lan questioned, “There’s another team member?” “Mr. Famous, who else?” Ripley barely spoke, yawning loudly. “Sorry for that. I barely got any sleep. Then the headaches came on…” “You aren’t overworking yourself, are you?” Lan asked with concern, “You look dead.” “I’ll get better,” The sleepy friend nodded. “We shouldn’t be discussing details like that in the open,” I stated, looking around us. “We should go to SciLab for that.” “Follow me to the station,” Redd took the lead, pulling out his PET. Ripley followed, leaving Lan and I in the back. “Well,” He started muttering to me, “I guess we both have some things to be sorry for.” “How so?” I inquired, failing to understand what he was saying. “We both had secrets we didn’t want to share,” He told me, “And for whatever reason, we didn’t tell them. That’s on me.” “Lan, don’t try to blame yourself for it all. All you’ll do is drive yourself crazy.” “But the guys who gave you your Official license… They didn’t want me to know. Obviously because they don’t trust me.” “Well, you’re a wild card, I admit,” There was no denying that Lan is unpredictable, however… “But I trust you.” “No, Mayl, you don’t,” He shook his head, “Otherwise, you would’ve told me. It’s obvious I have to do plenty of work just so you and the others can fully trust me.” “Lan, please!” I wanted to protest, but he wasn’t wrong. If I did trust Lan, then I would’ve told him, even if it was forbidden. “I don’t blame you for hiding things from me, not since I did the same to you. Now that I think about it, it was better that way. I’m practically a criminal in the eyes of everyone else.” “Ugh…” I was getting frustrated with his logic, and we were finally getting several things out in the open. The trip to SciLab was going to take a detour, and I didn’t know the half of it.01101011001101010101110111000100100010011010110100101001 “Stone Man, do you read?” Mr. Match called with his PET, parking his van on the side of a road. “The train’s destination time is five minutes out.” “GOK GOK GOK!!” The Navi’s illegible voice boomed over the PET’s speakers. “Hold on,” He opened the keyboard up, pressing the keys one by one. “Okay, speak.” “As I was telling you,” Stone Man was more coherent, “Have the Dimensional Area Generator set up quickly. It can only be used once before the primary circuit fries. No thanks to your Navi’s foolish pride.” “It is NOT my fault that the Copy Bot was destroyed!!” Fire Man shouted in the Generator’s computer system, “It’s because of that duo that almost deleted me!!” “Typical to blame your failures on others,” The other Navi mocked, “Even for Operator-reliant Navis.” “Do you want me to remind you who deleted your language algorithm with a Fire Arm to your ugly face?!” The torch-headed Navi flared. “Enough, both of you!” Match growled, getting the two under control. “Infighting is the last thing we need in this delicate operation! Now, the train will be along any minute. Remember your first task, Stone Man. Infect the station’s computers as a diversion. Then, Fire Man will activate the generator, and you will transmit your data for materialization.” “And I get to force the subway tunnels to cave in,” Stone Man answered in the shadow of the network, his eyes glowing a dim orange. “The trains will be notified by the disaster and have to stop in their tracks.” “Giving me time to sneak aboard and rob those SciLab eggheads blind!” Match smirked, opening the van door to reveal a much different disguise. He was wearing a light blue trenchcoat with a white collared shirt and a red necktie! With blue pants, black shoes, black gloves, and a blue fedora, he could very well pass for Redd!! “Quite snappy, Match,” Fire Man complemented him on his attire, “You look like the detective that’s investigating us with the Officials.” “With an altered photo of myself, I can officially sneak aboard the train,” The WWW agent took pride in his appearance, “And none would be the wiser. Heh heh heh…” “Just get the machine ready,” Stone Man jacked himself out of the computer, leaving Fire Man there. “I really hate this guy,” Fire Man grumbled to himself. “Be ready to create the Dimensional Area,” Mr. Match ordered, moving his lapels with his hands. “Timing is critical.” The Metroline was always an underground train system, controlled by smart computers, managed by programs and engineers for any errors that pop up. It originally was managed via Internet programs, though it was easily hacked by criminals, forcing a more direct method of management and control. Links to the Metroline though the Net weren’t removed, however, meaning that hackers could still break in, albeit heavy protective measures were still in play. “Tear down the firewalls,” Stone Man commanded, to which the viruses charged forward and broke through the first wall with a combined strike. From Swordys to Spikeys and Mettaurs. With them were Piranhas, fish viruses with green scales, yellow fins, grayish arms turning like a windmill, and with an orange Mohawk wearing an angry expression on their faces. They could shoot arrows from their mouths after picking their targets.01101011001101010101110111000100100010011010110100101001 “Ma’am, someone’s trying to break in!” An engineer frantically typed on their keyboard, pulling up network footage of the attack. “Notifying our security team!” “Even with the security team dealing with these viruses,” The chief thought aloud, watching the second wall get deleted by time bombs laid out by Handy viruses. “Our network will be swarmed by such a large amount in one minute! Alert the Net Police! Get any Official in the area in here, now!!” “Yes, ma’am!!” One worker made a call out as another put a distress call through to the Official Net Battler’s private line. “Attention to all citizens,” A computerized voice called out to everyone inside the station, “Due to unforeseen circumstances, all scheduled trains will be rerouted to other stations. This station will undergo a maintenance check before allowing trains to stop here. Please stand behind the blue line at all times. We apologize for this sudden delay. Thank you for your patience.” The announcement made many people upset, resulting in a clamor echoing throughout the station.01101011001101010101110111000100100010011010110100101001 “Activating the Dimensional Area now!” Fire Man performed his task, with a red beam rising up from a dish structure behind him in the network. In the van, a hexagonal sphere on top of a piece of machinery glowed brightly, shooting out a bright blue light, which phased through all solid objects of the outside world! The light traveled past several buildings in the general area, stopping at a certain point. Then, hexagonal shapes formed together in a gigantic dome that enveloped the area! Nothing could get in or out! “Perfect!!” A giant Net Navi materialized above the ground, scaring away pedestrians. Stone Man was very different from the others, with most of his body appearing to be made of stone blocks stacked and connected, colored in gray and lifeless green, divided by horizontal and vertical lines. His feet were separate from his body, having stones topped with a red metal and black orbs halfway lodged in them. Meanwhile, his arms were just like his feet, only larger in size and shaped like stone pillars, but the bases and capitals were larger than the columns’ shafts. The bases were round as typical weights, having blue circles, surrounded by gold outlines with silver lug nuts spread out in each outline, underneath them. Both capitals were red metal circles with halves of black orbs surrounded by circular depressions on top. His body looked like a cube at first glance, but his back had a side that curved into a half circle, while two parallel sides were longer then the only other straight one. Stone blocks made up the lower and middle part of the body, and the top was red and metallic, as his design was. His emblem was on both sides of his body, a white cube with a black background, gold rings circling the emblem, though smaller white circles were imprinted in the ring as well. The top of his body had a duct on there, oddly enough. Stone Man’s head was like his body, only opposite to it and actually connected to each other, unlike his body parts. Intersecting the line between gray and red were his eyes, black squares with glowing orange dots in the centers. He has a mouth that slides up and down, similar to a nutcracker, but unfortunately, without the lever to move it. It would’ve been funny if that were the case, but I’m getting off track. “All hail the WWW!!” Stone Man roared, lifting his arms to slam them on the ground, splitting the ground apart. He went the extra mile to bring boulders to drop down into the floor, caving in the tunnels below!01101011001101010101110111000100100010011010110100101001 “The tunnel just collapsed!!” One panicky engineer exclaimed, “And a train is coming in!!” “Contact the train’s operator to hit the brakes!!” The chief told, “And get the team to delete those viruses!!” “We can’t!!” A man with an earpiece stated, “Our comms went down! We can’t contact anybody!” “We’ve lost connection with our Navis!” A guard inserted a Battle Chip inside his PET, “We can’t see what’s going on, so we need to manually send chips to them and hope they do what it takes!!” Inside the network, multiple security Navis were holding back the swarm of viruses, being the only line of defense, now that the firewalls were deleted. With one Big Bomb chip, multiple version 1 viruses were taken down. However, a Swordy 3 swung its Aqua Sword, tearing apart the brave Navi that threw the bomb. A time bomb went off, vaporizing two Navis in one blow. The Handy virus taunted security, pointing at them and gesturing a thumbs down. “Keep fighting!!” One Navi stood tall, protecting himself with the Stone Body chip, turning his body into a statue. “We’re not giving up here!” A HardHead virus, possessing a gray sphere head with a purple base, spawned in at the front, taking buster fire and Spreader shots. It was not fazed or dented. When it opened its mouth, he turned red and his eyes glowed yellow, firing a Cannon Ball at the protected Navi, robbing him of his right arm! “AGH!!” The Navi grunted while his only defense dissipated. When he gained a Wrecker chip, he retaliated swiftly to delete the virus. “There’s too many!!” A Navi with a human face exclaimed, attempting to fire a Bubble Spread at the horde. However, two arrows came at him, one piercing his chest as the other got to his head. He was gone. “Where are the Officials?!” The chief clenched her fist tight, gritting her teeth with frustration. All she could do was stare at the static on her PET screen until someone else came.01101011001101010101110111000100100010011010110100101001 “Sir!” A Navi began to tell his Operator, “I received a motion sensor alert! There’s something on the tracks!!” “I’m pulling the brakes,” The train’s driver calmly threw back the switch, slowing the transportation vehicle down. Outside, the train slowed to a crawl, entering the tunnel while it slid along the rails screeching. Seeing it go down, Mr. Match smirked, pocketing his fake police I.D. “It appears that this is a job for a Net Police detective,” He chuckled to himself, watching Stone Man crush cars with boulders. “That one, however, is out of my jurisdiction. Heh heh heh heh heh!!” He slunk down, following the train into the tunnel. This daring heist was going according to plan…01101011001101010101110111000100100010011010110100101001 “Where?” I questioned, my eyes on the PET and the person calling in. Right now, I was in Redd’s car at the front with Redd, who was driving. Lan and Ripley were in the back, listening to what I’m hearing. “At the Metroline station located under Block 48, where ACDC ends and Elec Town begins!” Mr. Famous reported, “And Mayl? A dome has surrounded the whole area. It’s a Dimensional Area.” “What?!” I exclaimed with shock. Lan was naturally confused by this, but as for Redd and Ripley, their faces were grim. “That’s bad, isn’t it?” Lan looked to Rip for any sign of confirmation. “Terrible,” He finally spoke up, “It means the WWW has their own Dimensional Area, meaning they can summon Navis into the real world without a Copy Bot.” “And the Dimensional Area is impenetrable on the inside and outside,” Mr. Famous added, “Besides that, Cross Fusion users have been unable to enter nor leave the area once it is activated.” “The Wood Program…!” Redd made a grave realization, turning the car around frantically. “Hey, hey!!” Lan shouted, holding on. “We were tricked from the start!!” The detective explained himself, “The school hijacking was just a ploy to spread out the police! Some of us were going to be assigned to safeguard the Wood Program’s transfer to SciLab, starting at that specific station!” “Shouldn’t other officers be there, anyway?” I pondered. “If they are, they’ll be too busy attempting to do something about the Dimensional Area…” Redd imagined. “We’ll have to do something when we get there,” Lan got his PET out, “Mega Man, let’s get ready…” “Right!” Mega Man nodded. Today got rough quickly, but we weren’t going to let any bad news get to us. With our town under attack, we had to step up! The stakes were only getting higher from here! CHAPTER 7 END


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Is it ok for me to join the group i never have joined a group before so i don’t know if its ok to just ask
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