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Froppy's Ferocious Feast

Have I ever mentioned Tsuyu's my favorite? (Mt.Lady too, but that's too obvious) (Also Kinoko, she's growing on me)
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Haha she would get Mineta first! Good work!

also can you draw toga next she awesome when she huge

ahh yes a great day for mha

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Great artwork MegaMaliit. 🙂
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I like this, but don't hurt my purple husband

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The evil All-For-One had stolen Mt. Lady's Gigantification Quirk and was about to give it to one of his minions. However, Froppy leapt to stop him! When All-For-One released the energy of the Quirk, the Rainy Day Hero intercepted it! Our little Froppy grew gigantic before she knew it!

"WHOOOAAA!" Mineta, who was above Tsu at the time, was blown into the air by her sudden shift. But Froppy reacted to save her friend with her tongue. ...It was only then she processed what had just happened. "Uhhhh..." Tsu looked down at a shock-ridden Deku and Ochaco. "Hey... how did everything get so little?"

"WE'RE NOT LITTLE, TSU!" Ochaco screamed. "You're huge!"

"You nearly bulldozed us!" Deku shouted, having run away from the expansion.

"H-How do I shrink back down?" Tsu asked, slowly pushing herself up from her seated position.

"Why do that when you can just squash all the bad guys?!" Mineta yelled in a panic, dangling from the tongue. "I'm sure Mt. Lady won't mind, but put me down first!"

And this is why i say she would be the most terrifying giantess

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Tsuyu its really cute <3

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Agreed! Very very cute

I'm glad you chose mineta to be the first one to be swallowed.

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She really has that frog instinct on her.

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Bugs everywhere. The frog girl can't help herself

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HoW bOuT i ThRoW a MiSsIlE.


Gotta love Froppy's cute derp face, great artwork Maliit!


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She's irresistible really. Thank u ^^


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Grape boy gets eaten by a mega frog girl

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Characters just loves to take Mt Lady's power huh ?
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