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✡□◆🕯❖♏ ♒♋♎ ♋ ♌♋♎ ♎♋⍓ ♒♋❖♏■🕯⧫ ⍓□◆?

✌ ♌♋♎ ❍□■⧫♒?
💧□ ⬥♒⍓ ♋❒♏ ⍓□◆ ♒♏❒♏?

✡O◆ ♍A■🕯⧫ LE⧫ ♋■⍓ONE 😐■□⬥ ♋♌□◆⧫ this......
You know what will happen if they find out.......




A man wakes up in a rundown bathroom with the smell of Blood and gasoline greeting him.
The man tries to escape but is tied down onto a chair with Blades cutting his hands with every struggle.

As the man beginning to bleed slowly: he screams in agony
"Help! Why am I here?! I'll kill you, whoever you are!"

silence fills the room as the man sits there when suddenly a shadow walks through a door and with a raspy voice
he begins to speak to the man;

"As the Innocents dead....Covered in red....The corrupted walk and sing
but today's different....Today's red....Will be such a beautiful thing"

The man confused with anger; exclaims
"Who are you?! where are you?! Reveal yourself! You coward!"

The shadow responding to his anger; smacks the man and replies to his rage
"Hello Ron....Its so nice to see you in such a condition such as this.....Oh look, you're already bleeding.

 To be honest, I thought you were going to be comatose for longer then that but I guessed the effects wore out....
Just leads us to your test quicker."

Ron trying to struggle cuts his hands more and breaks free of the cuffs but in a failed attempt of escaping
Ron notices something as the Shadow speaks
"Oh come on now, Did you really think I was going to let you go that easy? I just love watching people like you you can see

you are stitched onto the seat with your ankles tied onto the legs of the chair. But don't worry....Our test is merely beginning."

Ron in a fit of rage there tries to swing at the shadow but fails to hit him as blood flies from his hand onto the floor.

the shadow bringing forth a box with a big hole in it and inside is a button blinking red.


"What is that?!" Ron exclaims.

"Its the tool, Ron...Its the key to your "Rebirth".
Ron, Your entire life has been nothing but Racism with no end, creating a symptoms of Xenophobia and Paranoia. Ultimately becoming worse and worse by the second. Today we are going to test you to see if you are really worthy of rebirth."

Ron trying to play dumb with him; Replies back saying;

"I don't know what your talking about, Now how about you let me out of here before I bust your head open!"

The shadow out of anger pulls out a gun and shoots at Ron's leg, Hitting an artery; Ron begins to bleed out with an agonizing wail
The shadow sheathing his gun; speaks to Ron saying;
"don't even try to test me Ron, I'm not exactly what you would call a "Patient" man, Lets begin your test.

Behind me is a wall with four speakers leading to four men who are trapped behind the wall who also are attached to chairs
each of the men being from a different nationalities, one from the Asian, the Vietnamese, the Caucasian and the African Americans nation.
your test is to save them....which would sound easy to pick left from right....If the speakers didn't have a distorter. To save them, your job is to press the press the button in front of you and hold it for 10 seconds, Easier said then done; the button pressed will cause the box to close shut, crushing whatever is blocking its way....Being your wrist. if you fail to save 3 out of the four men here, this room will become your coffin and your license to live on this earth will expire....Your time begins now"

The shadow vaporizes into thin air and as the speakers sound off.

Ron panicking tries to pull himself out of the chair and begins to pull the stitches that are attached to his back.

Trying to pull away; A knife begins to push forward as Ron pulls forward, stabbing his spinal cord, Ron begins to scream and sits back down
as the knife pulls away, Ron back smeared with blood; begins to scream for help but no one hears him.
Suddenly the speaker explodes and the sound of a shotgun firing off is heard from the other side of the wall.

Ron yelling at the second speaker hears a man

"Hello?! Who is this?! I need you to speak or I can't save you"

The speaker trying to relay the sound from the other room picks up
"He..o? I can he...You!  Where am I?!"

Ron trying to pick out what the man sounds like; fails to save him.

The speaker blows up and another shotgun sounds off with a man screaming from the other room.

Ron tries to communicate with the third speaker and see who the third man is.

Crystal clear as day; you can hear an African American man from the other side

 "Hello?! I know I heard a man on the other side! Are you there?! Please! There is a shotgun pointing at me and I need your help"

Ron realizing that its an African American man; doesn't reply and suddenly a shotgun is heard from the other room
and silence and the sent of blood fills the room as the shadow walks into the room, saying;
"hello, Ron....lets see what happened..."

As the shadow hits a button and the other side of the room is open and with sudden feeling of regret; the four men suddenly look familiar.

as tears fill Ron's eyes, the shadow asks Ron;

"Do these people look familiar to you, Ron?"

 As Ron is there crying; He replies in tears of suffering;

"Those are my two brothers and friend"

"This test was to see if you could abandon your Xenophobia and try to see what you're really doing but instead; You let your phobia get the best of you. The recording on the speakers were never actual people, Instead; They were really your brethren and close ones.... However do you see what these bodies have in common?"

as Ron looks up and sees them, he responds sobbingly with;

"all I see are dead bodies in front of me."

"No Ron, You missed the entire point of this test. These bodies have RED BLOOD in them! People, no matter what color of their skin have so much in common being Organs, arms, legs, a body and Red....velvet...enticing.....BLOOD. Yet this corrupted country has been judging people by the color of their skin, not their actual worth....I wish this wasn't the earth that we live in but hey...."❄☟☜ 💣✋☠👎🕯💧 ✋💣✌☝✋☠✌❄✋⚐☠" can dream can't he?"

"Wait...What was that?! What did you say before?!" 

"You're forgetting the point, Ron. You failed your test and with that being said; Your license to live on this earth has expired"

Ron trying to escape angrily yells

 "No! Don't!! I learned my lesson and I'm willing to change!! Please! NO!!"



A group of four police begins to do an investigation and looks inside the building

As they are checking the hallways; They hear a man and open the door.
As they enter; Ron begins yelling  at the police


The police are suddenly kicked in by "Something" and the door locks.

the forth speaker explodes as they are greeted with the dead corpse of Ron, Suddenly a match is thrown in and begins to ignite the gasoline, burning the 5 men in there.
As the men are trying to break out the door; their suits are burning into their skin, With painful shrieks of the policemen; it seems as if there is nothing left they could do.
Five minutes later; The shadow walks into the room looking around as the policemen are burnt skeletons,
the shadow breaths in the sent of burnt human flesh and with a haunting grin the shadow ends with.....




"As the Innocents dead....Covered in red....The corrupted walk and sing
but today's different....Today's red....Will be such a beautiful thing"






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Hello there! My name is Megalochacho.(but you already knew that) my art is digital with my studio of choice being Pokemon Art Academy.(which is why you'll see the dumb watermark) but don't be fooled! I do more then just Pokemon art. I'm not that big on O.Cs but if An Idea comes to mind then I'm up for the test. My genres are Horror, parodies and video games and I hope you enjoy the content of what I have to offer


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