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DeviantArt  Lyx the 600 foot tall axolotl giantess takes a night stroll in ophartum city :D
Original image made by :iconepicoart:  Axolotl Stomp [Sketch Commission] by EpicoArt <--- THANX SO MUCH FOR THE GREAT WORK! :D :D 

The character is still in development... but we are very happy how this turned out already.

Patreon (2017, iOS) Icon by linux-rules More infos about this character and general project updates on Mega-Ryung on our PatreonPage:

This picture was colored with the gimp  Stamp - GIMP Animated 1 by AnonymousLink 
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Lyx is confirmed to be 200 meters tall, using the average height (5ft 4in) and shoe size for woman (roughly 8.5) converted to metric, assuming that Lyx has the exact same bodily proportions as a typical human female she is 403.646653543 (rounded up to 403.65 for convenience) larger than an average person using this scale we can determine that her feet are exactly 99.29 meters long, converting down to millimeters and using 6.67mm as 2/3ds a centimeter and rounding up,Lyx would have a size 14886 shoe in the UK. In the US (which instead of using the Paris point to measure shoe size uses the barlycorn unit) 1 size is 8.47mm, using this, we can determine that in the United States Lyx would wear a size 11722 shoe

So our final measurements to those who skipped the explanation (at least if I didn’t mess up the math,which is a very real possibility!) are roughly…

Total size: 99.29meters

UK: 14886

US: 11722

To put this in perspective Lyx could put her entire foot on a soccer (or football if you are not American) field

I Love this character so much

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u messed up the math... she cant have 99 meters feet .. cause she is just 200 meters tall ^^

I guess you mean feat? Thats maybe plausible....

But i was really happy when i saw your comment... such a nice idea to calculate that xD

And i'm glad u like the character :)

Math has never been my best subject

still, I tried!:D

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im not good in math too ^^

But i think your calculation is actually right... you just mixed up meters and feet. 99 feet is about 30 meters... and that seems to be right ^^

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OH my! Deadly sharp nails.

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please take the chapter out 😭

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i would love to... but its not ready ^^

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What date will it be ready for? This month? 😔

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I like the name! It's cute and suits her

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