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gimp giant-manip tutorial 01

This is my first tutorial for GIMP.
I used GIMP 2.6.

If you are new to the GIMP and the tool is confusing you, then you should see some basic-tutorials first. Like those:

For Layers and Tools: [link]

Some Methods: [link]

In this tutorial i show the basics of cutting, pasting and some color-values. How to make crack-Effex... how to insert small people... damaged buildings ... smoke and explosion Effex will follow soon :)

Secon tutorial here:

Please tell me if this is helpfull to you :)
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Thx much for your tutorial!!!! ^-^
I Love the Giant Manip....!!!! ^-^

Auf wiedersehen! (sorry for my bad german, but im italian and i not study it! xD)
megakorean's avatar
glad if this was helpful ^^
XiaKwon's avatar
yea!!! ^-^ thx much again!
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lol cool. adding a few shades and lighting... i might even be able to troll people huehuehueheuhue
thanks for the tutorial madame
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thanx for comment :)
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i want to know how to put an object that you pasted behind a certain object in the stock

like a building is the stock and a person standing behind the build is the pasted photo
i wanna know how to do that
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I hope i understand the question right... ^^;

you should think about the layers of photo-manipulation software:

03. Layer = cut out copy of the building
02. Layer = the person you inserted...
01. Layer = backGround - building-stock-photo

layer 03 is a cut-out of layer 01. So The person is between the backGround and the building.
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so you cut out the building, paste the person, then put the building on top?

if so
i thank you very much :XD:
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yes, thats it ^^

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gracias por tu tutorial...intentare hacer uno y ver como queda..
megakorean's avatar
nice :)
Gracias por la :+fav: :D :D
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wow i wanted very much to know how to make i will reinstall GIMP and try to do that.
thanks a lot for this turotial.
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nice. I hope you will have fun with it.
If you have a question... maybe i can help :)
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This is an amazing (and very useful) idea! :)
Thanks a lot!
I really appreciate this contribute. ;)
megakorean's avatar
the idea came from you actually... cause you asked me for cracks.^^
More tutorials to come ^^
Tiny-Mk's avatar
WOW! I'm feeling flattered.. :)
Thanks a lot!
after all, GIMP tutorials are never enough! :D
XxSumRaNdOmGuYxX's avatar
Nice tutorial. I really wish more people were this helpful.
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Thank you soo much! I've been meaning to try some Manips for a long time now ^_^
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Hope it helps you if you try ^^
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Wow! Thanks for the Tutorial! Looks really good :) Im sure this will help a lot of people out!
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