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Hello Everypony!

Here's a list of our folders, and what goes where. If you are every wondering where to submit an image, please refer to this page, and if you have any questions, just feel free to ask.

Featured Folder - This folder is a showcase for artwork that really stands out. Members cannot submit to this folder, but instead artwork needs to be nominated by a group administrator.

Mane Six and Spike - If an image is a group picture containing only the mane six ponies and/or Spike, submit it to this folder. If it is an image of only one of them, or only one of them and their pet, submit it to the appropriate subfolder. For example:
*An image of Twilight and Spike would go into "Mane Six and Spike"
*An image of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash would also go into "Mane Six and Spike"
*An image of Applejack and Winona would go into the "Applejack" subfolder
*An image of Rarity would go into the Rarity subfolder.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders and Royalty and Villains work the same way as the "Mane Six and Spike" folder. Please note, however, that images containing Twilight should not go into the Royalty and Villains folder (pictures of Twilight with other princesses and/or villains should go into "Canon Characters Group" instead).

Other Canon Characters - This folder is for anyone else who has appeared in the show, but does not fit into one of the above groups. Some of the more popular characters have their own folders. If a canon character does not have their own folder, simply submit it directly to this folder. Additionally pets without their owners, and the "original design" characters (such as Firefly and Surprise) go into this folder.

Canon Character Group - Pictures containing ponies from two or more of the above folders will go here. For example, an image of Twilight and Celestia, or an image of Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. If an image only contains ponies from the same group (such as a picture of Lyra and Bon Bon), then it would not go to this folder.

Human and Anthro - Pictures of humanized and anthro versions of canon characters go here. If a picture contains both a human and a pony (For example, human Fluttershy and pony Fluttershy), it will go in this folder as well. Please note that we do not accept human or anthro versions of original characters.

Comics and Tumblr - Any multi-pane image, or any Tumblr posts. If a comic has minor animation, it should go in here. If a comic is heavily reliant on animation, it should go in the "Flash and Animation" folder.

Fanfiction - Any fanfic, poem, short story, or song lyrics.

Flash and Animation - Flash games, videos, and animated GIFs

Original Characters - Fan created characters who have not appeared in the show. Please note that we only accept ponies and other canon species. Pictures containing both canon and original characters go here as well, unless the OC is not a significant part of the image.

Toys, Crafts, and Plushies - Photographs of crafted and or customized items. We do not accept pictures of unmodified, commercially available toys.

Cosplays and Photos - Costumes based on a canon character, or photographs that are contain a significant amount of pony. Please note that we do not accept pictures of real life ponies. Nor do we accept "Ponies in real life" pictures, where a vector of a pony is inserted into a photograph.

Crossover and Parodies - Images that make a strong reference to another TV show, movie, book, or video game.

Wallpapers - Images that are intended to be used as a wallpaper on a computer. If you submit a wallpaper that contains vectors made by another artist, you must credit the artist.

Saucy Images - Images that are overly saucy or suggestive in nature. Please note that we do not accept images that are pornographic or too overly sexual.

Violent and Gorey Images - Images that depict acts of violence, or levels of blood or gore. Please note that only mild levels are allowed, and images that are too violent, or have too much blood or gore will be rejected.

Other Content - This folder is for anything that doesn't fit into one of the above folders. Additionally, there are a few subfolders for images that we see too infrequently:
* Alt. Species - Images of canon character as another species (such as Spike as a Pony, Twilight as a hamster, etc).
* Landscapes and Background - Images that show a location from the show (such as Canterlot castle), but do not contain any ponies, and is not usable as a wallpaper (due to resolution, etc).
* R63 Images - Rule 63/genderswapped images (such as Dusk Shine or Rainbow Blitz - male versions of Twilight and Rainbow, respectively)
* Tutorials - how-to guides for drawing, crafting, etc.

I think that's about everything. If you have any questions though, or if something needs clarification, please let us know!

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ColonelWalther's avatar
excuse me, if we're
talking about Super Rainbow Dash
in which folder i must submit it?
SuperliciousRainbow's avatar
If it is a picture of Dazzling(s) which folder does it go into?
joeyh3's avatar
In the humans and anthro folder, as they only have a anthro-ish form
SuperliciousRainbow's avatar
how about if the dazzling(s) are in pony form. because I could make it in pony form
Rex42's avatar
Are moderators allowed to submit to Featured folder? 
shlebby's avatar
Just submit a picture normally, and if you believe it is featuring material, leave a comment and Joey will look over it.
Rex42's avatar
ah I see, thx!
Rex42's avatar
Would this fit under violent?
Civwub's avatar
General rule of thumb is if it can give a kid nightmares, violent/gore folder.
Rex42's avatar
In that case I know why this one did not pass
Civwub's avatar
Yeah...that one is pretty extreme
Askre5's avatar
What's the submit limit per day?
joeyh3's avatar
Right now, it's 10/day for members, but that's likely to drop down in the near future once we have more members.
Askre5's avatar
Okay, got it thanks :)
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