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Megabrain Comics brings you the first series in their neo-medieval, apocalyptic trilogy; AMERICAN DARK AGE which takes place in a near future when a mysterious event renders all combustion based machinery, weapons and electrical technology impotent and useless. The story focuses on Katherine Brody, a young punk singer from Oregon and her rise as an unlikely warrior in a world that no longer recognizes itself.

AMERICAN DARK AGE thrusts the reader in to this archaic landscape and asks not only who you were before "The Blackout" but who will you be after, with so much righteous destiny and sinister opportunity laid before you to be picked at with the tip of a sword.

Brody's journey takes her and a small band of Marine Corps "Knights" from the bloody shores of California across the now harsh and lawless landscape of the United States to an end that will change the face of a nation forever.

Filled with political intrigue, character drama and ultra-violent sword clashing battle scenes, AMERICAN DARK AGE takes a new look at the American spirit and what people can achieve and destroy when they set their mind to it.

What We're Doing
Indie comics have the freedom to be iconoclasts when telling their stories from a fresh point-of-view with new twists, turns and toils. Unfortunately, too many indie comics have become so niche while trying to keep their underground street-cred, which limits access to anyone who might keep a few issues of 'New Mutants' in the same box as their 'Love and Rockets' collection.

"What? You like Spiderman, Harry Potter, and Sunlight? Sorry, this book isn't for you."  Well, F#@$ that noise!

Megabrain is dedicated to bringing you all new mythologies, heroes and villains that will brighten your Wednesday reading time just as much as the new issues of 'Secret Six' and 'Day Tripper'. We want EVERYONE to read and enjoy our comics.

Our first title American Dark Age is ready to blaze off the presses and right into your eager hands! Well, almost ready.

The story by Jean Michel is epic!
The art by Jacqueline Taylor is bloody amazing!!
The production by Megabrain Comics is slick!!!

But, this much awesome isn't free, people.
We need $2500 to get issue #1 off the ground and on to the shelves.

That is why we've come here today to give you, stalwart Deviant philanthropist and you, loyal and ravenous Mega-Fan, the opportunity to be a part of all the magic...with your money.

What do you get you ask?
    $1 - PDF of Issue #1 of AMERICAN DARK AGE emailed as soon as we have the final proof
    $5 - A reserved copy of issue #1 of AMERICAN DARK AGE
    $20 - Issue #1 of AMERICAN DARK AGE signed by writer Jean Michel and artist Jacqueline Taylor
    $25 - An exclusive, limited run American Dark Age poster
    $50 - An invitation to our New York Comic Con Launch Party!
    $75 - An original sketch by Jacqueline Taylor (limit 10)
    $100 - Your name in the credits of issue #1 of AMERICAN DARK AGE
    $250 - Your name used as a character in issue #2 of AMERICAN DARK AGE (limit 4)
    $500 - Your name and likeness used in issue #2 of AMERICAN DARK AGE (limit 2)
    $1000 - A signed original page of art from issue #1 of AMERICAN DARK AGE (limit 2)

Did you know that If every one of our followers on Twitter, Facebook and Deviant Art makes a $20 donation, we could make this happen before the week is up?

Your generosity will go a long way in helping us achieve what we've been working on for the past year and we will truly consider you a part of the Megabrain team. You are honorary Megabrainiacs!

Take a moment now and visit our Kickstarter campaign and see all the rockin' incentives that you'll receive for your donations and thanks for your time Deviants.
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