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Rena Wilenius
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Bad jokes/puns submitted in 2019: 3

Things to know first:
-I hardly update the bio
-I very rarely comment, reply, or chat with people. It's not that I don't care, I often shy out and/or forget.
-I tend to procrastinate, so new artwork (especially requests) will take a while.
-Only Random Crossover requests, adoptables, and bases are free of charge.
-I may tolerate a few, but I can't stand cuss words.
-I can't post gifs.

First Name: Rena

DoB: June 27th 2000

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Religion: None*

Nationality: American (Northern USA)

Race: HUMAN!

Psychology: Introvert

*According to Luke 5, Jesus shows examples of how Christianity separates from religion. Christianity is a relationship with Christ that has broken free from all religion.
Therefor, I'm not religious; I am a Christian.



Street Name: Fyvern

Species: Lynx Volantes
Family: Feline (Lynx)
Domain: Planet Uriban
Rarity: Uncommon
Size (feet'inches):  5'6 height --  18'10 length -- 18'5 wing span
Weight: 900 lbs
Diet: Carnivore
Nutrition Requirement: 
4 square meals per day
Food Favorite: 
Blood Color:
Normal Body Temp. (Fahrenheit): 100
Hearing Range: 
20-5000 Hz
45-55 years
Mountains / Highlands
Speed: 25 mph sprint -- 90 mph max flight -- 6 mph swimming
Weight Capacity: 900 lbs
Tamable: No
Trainable: Yes
Ridable: Depends
Abilities: Light absorption (night vision), climbing, speech, and wings used for gliding

The Lynx Volantes is a mountain variant of the Felis Auragelus, though it is much smaller and lacks the ability to shoot frost, and had somehow been adopted to the Lynx family. The lynx volantes has gained the gift of speech throughout the generations and are too sentient to be tamed. Most would rather keep their temperament in order to stick to tradition, but few had managed to choose the path of redemption and adapt the modern society.


Do you know how to make cartoons?

...Good, because it's a lot harder than you think.

Do you wanna know how? See bottom...
I'm trying to get a complete hand-drawn storyboard done before I go to College in March, but it's difficult to submit when there are many premises that come to mind. I don't have Core, so I can't do polls, so I'll just write my cartoon ideas on the journal.
  • Uriban: My first idea that originally hatched as a novel but has gone through a major change. The premise is regular cats (in an all-feline planet) and their action-packed adventures to prove their competence. These 3 house cats ("Floor Cats" in their term) are first and maybe only house cats to be legally eligible to enter the battlefield, ranked within nation's military squad/Police force (which is a job meant for big cats like panthers, tigers, ect).
  • Journey in the Labyrinth: (working title) 2 orphaned brothers became mistakenly abducted and sent to a far away, broken down space sanctuary controlled by a rampant A.I. With the aid of a cranky robot Griffin, the boys want to discover the mysteries of the maze-like alien sanctuary, and save those who live inside from the malfunctioning security and maintenance.
  • Redemption Church: The most recent idea I had during a rant starting with Regular Show to messed-up [bizarre] childhood trauma, and the fact there are not many religious cartoon comedies with a wide demographic. Based off of a real church, a 14-year old Christian girl brings an 18-year-old Atheist Boy to her wacky and unusual church (Examples: comedic but relatable messages, Rock Music for Praise and Worship, a magician usher, and an all out Tron-inspired camera booth). This lighthearted character-driven show emphasizes what it truly means to be a Christian (pushing against what many people think it is), and is not afraid to occasionally drift off the subject and get real. It also demonstrates how both Christians and Atheists are normal people dealing with normal problems and insecurities; whereas, it's a show about imperfection.
  • I don't have a title for this one yet: (Based off a real-life experience) A family of 5 move from a southern big town to a northern small town where everyone knows each other. The children learns to accept change and adapt to a new environment and make new friends. (I'm still working on this premise. I've developed the characters more than I worked on the substance)
  • Planet Utopia: One that I've worked on the most other than Uriban. A lighthearted show about an entire planet with millions of diverse alien species living in a work-free paradise. The main character's the only human (Belle) who lives to follow the rules, but is accompanied by a trouble making stunt-devil (Ahi) and a fun-loving go-getter (Humphrey); therefore, Belle constantly gets stuck in the middle of their shenanigans and comes up with quirky ways to get out of trouble.
Only Uriban so far technically has a script planned for when I wanna make an animated short/pilot. There was a couple more ideas that I had, but they didn't make it because they felt quite mediocre compared to the 5 I listed above, so I picked the best ones I had and moved on with them. But completing these is most difficult, especially if you have an attention span of a goldfish.

I've promised I release how to make cartoons from the top of the page so I'll list steps.
  1. Set up a Plot
  2. Build the characters ("Take pride in your OCs. You might need them someday."  -Ian JQ)
  3. Make a Storyboard
  4. Draw a Model Sheet (reference for your animators or yourself)
  5. Draw Animactics
  6. Recording dialogue over animactics.
  7. Create sound effects and music (very important to add music)
  8. Animate and make it sync over sound. (which takes days for a group of people to do)
  9. Go back and check for animation errors. (If one is present, redraw every single frame to fix the animation until the scene is complete. If there is many animation errors, your screwed)
  10. Publish and hope nobody shamelessly calls you out on making a lazy, mediocre piece of trash despite how much soul you poured and muscles you've torn into working on the thing.
  • Listening to: Chase Holfelder
  • Watching: Stuff
  • Playing: Ark: Survival Evolved
  • Eating: Crackers and Sandwiches
Tatus the Toyger Cat
Name: Tatus

Species: Standard Floor Cat

Size: 2 feet 1 inch

Age: 4

Weight: 13 lbs

Fur Length: Short

Fur Color: Redwood Brown

Fur Pattern: Tabby

Personality: Easygoing, Straightforward, Kind, Soft-Spoken, Pessimistic on occasion, easily hesitant in a fight, but front and center in the battlefield only at dire situations.

Rank: [Very] Minor

Author's Note*
Tatus is an OC I created when I was 13. He went through many incarnations along the way and I hope this is his finalized design. He's the main character of my Uriban story, and a SLIM chance he might be a character of a future cartoon (at least a pilot, or an animated short).
Common or Garden Toothless
And another old drawing I completely forgot I had! Anyway, this is a drawing of Toothless that I traced and colored from a storyboard panel. This was one of Toothless' oldest film concepts, and what he was meant to look like in the HTTYD movie before some people working in the company intervened and molded him into a non-speaking Night Fury who actually has teeth.
Griffin (Uriban)
Street Name: Griffin
Species: Gryphon Felis
Family: Feline
Domain: Planet Uriban
Rarity: Uncommon
Size (feet'inches): 6'3 height -- 18'10 length -- 20'6 wing span
Weight: 500 lbs
Diet: Piscivore
Nutrition Requirement: At least 2lbs fish meat per day
Food Favorite: Whiskey Trout
Temperament: Snappy
Blood Color: Red
Normal Body Temp. (Fahrenheit): 102
Vision: Light
Hearing Range: 5-6000 Hz
Lifespan: 50 years [Wild] ; 60 years [Domesticated]
Habitat: Deciduous Forest
Speed: 20 mph sprint -- 60 mph max flight -- 4 mph swimming
Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
Tamable: Yes
Trainable: Yes
Ridable: Yes
Abilities: Absorbs light to see in the dark, and hyper senses.

The Gryphon Felis is much similar to the Greek folklore of the same name; but, as it is among the Uriban wildlife (Planet of the Cats) it's as feline as it can get with it's name literally translates to "Cat Griffin", they have nearly all the same traits a house cat shares. A lack of whiskers cuts off it's sent trails and navigation, but they have an extreme range in sight and hearing to make up for it. The gryphon felis can be bipedal, lifting their forearms while they walk in order to reduce noise when sneaking around danger.


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