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MegaboatmaN's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Why Hello there. names MegaboatmaN but I go around as Boatman for short,

do you want Characters about literally everything else you have thought about?
We got them here!

do you desire the sight and feeling of Depressing and Exageratted Art?
well we gottem here!

do you like Complex and Completely self sustaining universes all connected by A SINGLE UNIVERSE THAT IS CAUSING ALL THIS?

well. We got that here too.

I am the Current Creator, author, story developer and Artist of:

- The Royal Navy Forge, the first plant based military

- The Browncoat Rebellion, a Entire population and Society of browncoats, reinforcements and practically all zombie related characters. they live on ZRSH-1085, the planet.

- The Alaskin Almighty, A Canadian Based friend group of Friends defending themselves from the Endless and harsh enviorments of the frozen Alaskin Forests.

- The Kingdom of Tyrants.
(**Coming Soon**)
"The first Zombie Based Navy... And the new contenders for the RNF!

And many other ocs just skedaddled about.

I am in collaborations of Characters, AU'S, and a whole lot of junk with cool people like Nyanbonecrush, Stanthespider and A whole lot more.

WARNING: This content may not be fire everyone. So you may want to leave if one of these are your pet peeves:

- Depressing or Overly negetive self juncture,

- "Mary sues aren't welcome here. "

- memey, but not a meme channel

- Overly excessive amounts of exaggerated body types.

If you have any other questions, Hit me up with some Notes or comment them in the comment section.

"Have a marvelous week."


I Want You in the Kingdom of Tyrants...
"Did you think I was Kidding when I said Scrounge up every Lowlife, Villain, Bad guy, Gang and Tyrant In this Fucking Multiverse? No! I did not! Reason why I am PAYING, Giving POWER, Respect, FAME, and Anything else you want to Whoever wants-(Forced to) join in the Conquering of Earth!

Let me Go over the Scale...

If your a Thug, You Get A basics pay and Weapons!


And if your the highest rank, TYRANT, YOU GET EVEN MORE! MILLIONS MORE!


(This Has been Sponsored by the KINGDOM OF TYRANTS)

(Basically, Get mean! Get dirty! Get Villainous! And your Baddie/baddies will play major roles in story's! Align those Tyrants!)
Snarzer Nyanbonecrush StantheSpider Picklecakes QueenZombia NamelessZea RageToaster
The Kingdom of Tyrants Reveal!
"All of you Thought I was Dead! And all because of one simple Copout! Relish in your Future Fates while I Tell of my Rise to Tyranny..."

It was when my Troops were Abandoning me that I Started to grow Suspicious, Most of the World besides for a few Spots was taken, and World Domination Rates haven't been as high for the Past couple of Days... until I Got Thrown out by my Own troops...

It was over the Void Filled ocean, as I was Being Chased by my Own Troops, Millions apon thousands of them... And they were all being lead by that Idiot Browncoat! They Forced me off the Bridge As my Body Plundged into the Black void ocean... and I was my seen for a Couple of months...

It was cold, Empty, And Black in there, I thought I would spend eternity In It until I finally washed up on a shore...

The Sky's were a Mix of Black & Red, as the skys were painted such a Beautiful Cloud; SMOG AND THUNDER! It seemed to be a huge island, with a Peasent Filled Village in the Distance...

I notice an Abandoned Laboratory On top of the highest mountain, And I Climbed all night to get up there, And I set up shop. The next thing I do, I enslave and Capitalize off of the Work of the Village people, And I Make a few batches of Makeshift ZM Formula to raise the Dead from the ground, until A few of my Temporary Guards find a Huge Body Near a shore... and after some Further inspection/Clean up, It's None other than Zing Brains, and he Thanked me for reviving Him. In return he Would help me Grow my Newly found Empire, and Help expand.

Yeah, yeah, He got Japan or whatever, But I now had a new enemy...

The Royal Navy Forge, Otherwise known as the RNF, Otherwise known as the newest neck pain in my Crosshairs. They're lead by This Fucking loser, and judging by his Actions, He Giving me a migraine with his Defences! He sealed half of the world, giving it "Life" or whatever, But Little does he know...

He has a Kingdom of Tyrants to Deal with!

The world will be mine! Even if it means I have to Scrounge up and Use every Lowlife, Villain, Tyrant and Bad guy in this Fucking world!

Yours Truely,

Prof. Zomboss, Emperor of the Newly found Seas of Tyrants!

(Yes, I finally Realeased it.)

RageToaster NamelessZea QueenZombia Picklecakes StantheSpider Nyanbonecrush Snarzer
After the Events of the N.S.ST's Failure of Z-techs most Crucial Mission, Dr Zomboss Started Laying Off most of the Zombies who just didn't cut it anymore, one of them Being Motaroy.

"Get your Fatass off of Z-tech Property or My GUARDS Will make you." Motaroy Packed up his Things, (His Tool Boxes and a Couple Cases of Beer) and loaded them into his Truck. He just Drove for Days on End, Until one night he just passed out Cold due to Mass Consumption of Beer. And he Only Woke up because he found himself, Crashed onto the side of the Road, with his Car in Flames, Crashed infront of a Sign. He Casually Stuttered his Eyes to the Ever Burning sun that was beating down on him, as he Lifted up his hand to Block the sun. But nothing happened due to the fact his left arm was literally chopped off clean. He Casually looked Over at his Stub for an arm, and his Ant & Maggot infested Severed arm, Just Sun Bleached in the Arm. Then he Only casually said "...Musta Drank so Much Beer I cant feel pain. Won't last long... Gotta Get a Drink..."

His Bones Ached, Popped and Crackled when he slowly got off his Dirt soaked "bed." He squinted with his hands over his Eyes, Until he Saw a bar called the "Skidmark Tab" He Walked & Groaned all the way over there, Usually groaning under his breath, "God Damn... how long was I out?..." And "Fukin... my head..."

As he entered the Bar he Noticed a Weird Setting. Everyone was Apocolyptic Looking, with Bikers and Greasers having studded spike Jackets, Dirty.... everything... And Neon or Fragmented Hair. Everyone Looked at Him weird, and mostly because Compared to Them, Motaroy was as Clean & Polished as a Kings Throne. (Both Literally & Figuratively)

His Stool seat groaned beneath his Rather Fat Rear, and it seemed like he had a Million targets on his Back, Callibrated with Glares, One eyed Eagles, And Hairy Eyeballs. He finally had the Waitresses Attention when he ordered... "Zomburbia Ale?"

Everyone Stayed silent until a Bruiser got out of his seat and yelled, "ZOMBURBIA ALE?! WHERE ARE YOU FROM? COFFIN HILLS?" Everyone laughed they're Gus out as Motaroy Walked out of the Bar with shame, and he just walked back to his, Still on Fire, Wreckage Site.

He sat down, quite sadly,(in his, Rather Burnt) dislodged Car seat. For a Moment, He Noticed the Sign Above him. It was rather Large, but it said:

"ENTERING: DEISEL BARONS. DRIVERS WELCOME." it Followed up with a Zombie Smiley Face.

Motaroy was curious, so he looked on the back of the Sign, to find a written "Official Testiment" of the DIESEL Barons. (Written being a Stretch, it's more along the lines a peice of Paper sloppily written by a Man with very, Very, Oil Soaked Hands.)

1. Another Mans Junk Is Another Mans TREASURE

2. Scores are Settled with GUNS, CARS OR MECHA

3. If yous are BAD, you will be ZEROED!
(Car, Moneys, Scrap, Land & Everything you own will go to Dr. Zomboss, or the Crusher!)

Motaroy understood this... this wasn't Zomburbia anymore, it is the Diesel Barons! So he got off his Pity Party, and Went to Work.

He disassembled his Wreckage of a Car to the Very Bolt & Ounce of Oil, He made a Robotic Arm with Strength and A Skeleton, and Attached it to his Body. And he Sold the Rest of his Cars parts to a Local Dealership, He got a Couple Hundred Z-Bucks.

He relocated to a Near abandoned Warehouse, He ReEmberced it by Patching up some Holes, Restarting a Air Compressor & Generator, and He Wheeled in some Rusty Car Body's outside onto a Car Lift to examine them.

He was looking under the Frame until a Standard Lowlife with Punk hair and A XX smiley Leather jacket poked in, and asked,
" HEY mate! You Fix Cars?" Motaroy didn't know why the guy was asking but he went along with it, "Yeah, What you want?"

The Guy started talking, "I've heard a lot of noise from this way, and I've figured if you could lend a hand to fix my ride. " Motaroy Agreed as he came out to look at the Car, and he "Ooooooo'ed" at it,

A Junked up RATT RODD, with Double Barrel ehaust and Metal sheet "Armour.""No matter what I did, It always just doesn't start, Tried Blah blah blah, Then Blah Blah blah Blah..." the stranger kept talking, as Motaroy noticed the Problem Instantly, "Your Pipes are clogged, You Screwed them Too Tightly. Just give me... 5 minutes?, and I'll fix this baby right up." The Stranger Agreed as he said, "Thanks Mate! Youra Real Lifesaver!"

5 Minutes went by and a huge Snottclodd of Oil and Mash Popped out of the Exhaust Pipes, Making it Purr once more. The Stranger gave him a Couple Z-bucks, But Motaroy Declined, Mostly because "It was a Free job at Heart." The Stranger was really quite Surpised! Then he Proposed Something,

" HEY mate, I have a Couple Models at my place, and Since I'm Under Seige under Zombosses Boys, I could give ya a 50//50 Split of my stuff. I can help Work here, if I can Bum here, Hows that say?"

Motaroy Agreed Faster than a Fierri pumped up on Nitros! And He kept on Growing from there! He Hired and Recruited more People, Car Experts and Resource Keepers onto the Team, Then they had so much Stuff, they had to repair some nearby Warehouses just to help Expand they're Stock and Mechanic Work areas! Pretty soon, everyone in the Diesel Barons knew about him! Even a Oh So Familar Face...

Dr Zomboss Found out about him, and his Operation. "What in the- HOW? He should have Died off Months ago!" He said while he spit out his pop smart, his Secretary Saying, "And After the Events of Midway, They now have the Support of Richmond Racing & Schnutz's Convoy."
"This can Go On No Longer! I want him GONE! I guess it's time for... different Options... Sacretary!" He shouted at the Secretary

"Yes sir," said the Secretary

"Call...her...up, Its Time for Some Face To Face Conflict!"


Then He's Still going! And I'm Still Going! This story Will have Lots of things to Come from it, Like:

-The Story of Motaroy! And his Battle of the Mechanics! It's Motaroy versus Dr.Zombosses [to be decided, or concepted] Main Mechanic!

- The Scrap Economy Ventures of Scrapheap!
"How to turn you Junk Pile, into a Pile of Cash!"

- 2 Sides Clash for the Diesel Barons!
RICHMOND RACING VS. [Insert Zomboss or Z-tech Name]

- The Story of a Lowly Airdrifter, one that no one asked for or Wanted,

-lots of Junkyard, Apocolyptic and DIESEL Baron Fan Art! (And Designs)

- Lots & Lots of Character Cameos! Scraps, Jukie, Schnutz!
(In one of the story's, someone's ass gets Groped- And it's a Fat one!)

Nyanbonecrush I need Critics, Advice, and Collaberative Thoughts from the head Hauncho himself! Give me all you Got!



The Atmosphere, The Story, The Designs, UGH


And big tops to ElementZ124 for doing a Play through on it!

(That shit also high quality)

Hell, I might do Some Fan art of it, cause it's just QUALITY LADS
MegaboatmaN's Entry for Deviantprom 2018!
7"Boatman swiftly Slides in, With Notepad, Plate of Water & Hat of the 47th Spade at hand, he is Ready for a Shindig at this Prom!

As words from the greatest Showman, "LET'S ROCK THIS JOINT."


 “For the pleasure of everyone here, you are invited to join this year’s Artists’ Prom [2018]!! Artists’ Prom is an online party made to join together everyone here in celebration of our common passion for art! May we be writers, drawers, painters, musicians; beginners or professionals- through love of what we do, we have all come here with beautifully unique aspiring dreams…And that’s worthy to celebrate! It is being hosted by ProphecyVII and Moderated by TyrantrumFlare  and DingDongAnalog . For more information about the event, what it is, where/when it will take place, and how to join in on the celebration, please follow this link: {} . See you at the Prom!” 



Also since Boatman Has no one to Accompany to the Prom he Brought a Mop. Yes a Mop.

Yes a Mop. Don't Question it and take his Complementary free water-
Day 15, Log #1

"Days Long, Ya know? Beaute for sure, but it sure does drag on. I just be hanging here for me days, Nice people for sure! But the pirates, They keep coming on and on, Quest hoarding, Returning chests and just looting the place for Resources. In, and out. In, and out. In, and well, Out. Ye know what? Ta'marrow I'll see if i can join one of them! Beats Hanging here, Yeah! Ta'marrow!"

-Miller, Ambitious Mate

Day 16, Log #1

"Today be the day! Wiped off me bum of sand, Slicked my hair good today, And shined me Jacket with the seawater, Gotta look fine for Finds, Am I Right? Look! A crew! And 3 people?! Heck theyre just asking for a crew member! Log what happens, "

-Miller, Real Ambitious Mate!

Day 16, Log #2

"Okay, Things did not go to plan, not only that, They thought i was tryin to Rob them! They plum shanked me, Robbed me of me Coin, And fired me at Sea! Took me 45 minutes just to swim back, Jerks i tell ya! The Petty thing is that when i got back, they were still selling chests! When i was drying myself off, they started to leave. But i found something! 2 things actually! One of them dropped a Silver cup, and they dropped a Hurdy Gurdy! I rushed for it, and i swiped both before anyone else could See me. Lets see what i got..."

Day 16, Log #3

"The Nights full, as some people started to light some torches, lighting pathways to all the parts of the island. I Sit underneath me rowboat, Putting me Finds in front of me on the Pure beach sand. A Silver cup? This worth much? But it seems to have Gold shards on it... and weird scribbles and writings on the edges. I'll go to this Islands Gold hoarder to see what this has to offer. But this Gurdy, its Ordinariness makes me ponder why Jerks like those have a gurdy like this, but i think i know why! With a little question from the Nearest Equipment shop, They told me The Lady captain bought a Sovereign Gurdy, Quote on Quote, "A peice of junk like this is an insult to my Royal Blood!"

But whatever she did, ir said, I just scored myself a free gurdy! Better Practice!"

-Miller, Horrible and Hurdy

Day 17, log #1

"The Sun Shines Bright today laddies! And Me sleep is good! Wish i could say the same thing 'bout me back, But that wont ruin me morning! Now, After a banana, Ill go ask the Gold hoarder whats the deal with this cup.  Back in a Haste Lads!"

-Miller, Curious Matey

Day 17, Log #2

"Humphrey, Real... "interesting" guy.  But he didnt have a clue about this cup though, But he did know a guy! Think his names Henry? But by the looks of it, hes a real knowledge Sponge for gold fragmented things! But im in a predicament, Im at Sanctuary Outpost, I need to go Galleons Graves! And my pockets empty, I think i have a plan!  But i need to sleep on it... Think Miller, Think!"

-Miller, Thinking

Day 18, Log #1

"I think someone thinks im a Rubbish pile or something, Cause i woke up to soggy wood and a Triple Distilled Whisky, Hey, Free Whiskey, Ill take it! Before i even finish it, A roaring galleon Interupts my Booze, and i duct for cover. I peer from a bush, and i see a Frightening Crew...indeed...

A Pear Shaped Lady with a Golden helmet? (Doesnt fit in me opinion.)
A Fine looking gent, Broad shoulders indeed, (Must be the captian)
A Really Girthy Gent, He has a Nail for a hook, (He kinda Intimidates me-)
And a Lady with blue hair, who seems to be wearing nothing more than chrst bandages, and a Tough looking pair of  Leggings... (Think she means Business)

The blue haired Person seems to be barking orders, and with Chests and Skulls! These people really Brought the load, and i overhear one of them...

"Damnit Fawks! We left half of the Load at Galleons grave! Now we have to turn around!"

I dont know which is Scarier, The fact that This is only half the load, Or The blue haired Lady. But anyway, I think this is my opprotunity!  So while theyre arguing, and Gathering Materials, i sneak on the ship! I had 2 choices... Stay hidden on the back porches by the captains quarters... or On top of the Sails...

Before i knew it, i had been holding onto dear life to the sail Boards, and thankfully, none of them notice. But i practically shat myself when i hear,

"Is it me or Is the ship constantly moving a bit to the right? "

"Thats because didnt Re-ajust the Back sails. Theyre nudged to the right."

Its a Long Journey but were about Halfway until....

I fall asleep, and Loss my grip, and i fell RIGHT on my Back, causing a loud BOOM on the wooden deck.
The 4 Pirates loomed and pulled out theyre Weapons, With The blue haired Lady pulled out a Nasty looking blunderbuss, And thrusted it under my chin. And Scared to death, She only said:

"You better have a good reason for boardering our ship... or youll spend the rest Of your pathetic life finding your FACE SCRAPNEL on the ocean floor!"

I sweated, and i was Stuck. Will i make it alive? Or will my crews hope die out with a blunderbuss?..."

-Miller, Scared to death

"Blue haired Lady" Nyanbonecrush
"Fine Gent" NamelessZea
"Intimidating Girth" StantheSpider
"Pear shaped Lady" QueenZombia


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Storm of Steel Frigate 02, Z.S. Steelhead by Nyanbonecrush

Avast! New enemy Ship sighted in the Storm of Steel! Look at that Ram! Enough to tear apart a carrier...
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