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I've always been haunted by the idea of shadows and their correlation to one's sense of identity. And I'm not alone in this. I became even obsessed by this notion even after reading Haruki Murakami's Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, where he has split the protagonist's own shadow and given him his own persona. Of course I'm referring to the metaphysical connotations regarding that, not in the literally way. 
The result of that obsession was reflected in how I dictated the world of my protagonist. His name is Albert and from time to time his mind is exposed to very Kafkaesque vivid abnormal dreams (talk about heavy doses of Prozac :rofl: ). I hope you enjoy it.
Worldly Trapped
    ‘Albert,’ whispered the Little Girl. He was in his dormitory at Bridgeway. ‘Albert…come find me.’ He flung the door open and hurried down the stairs. There were no orphans, at least, their physical forms were not there. What Albert could see was soaring shadows on walls, staring at him. ‘Hurry up.’ Ignoring the puzzled shadows he ran to the main entrance, but he was late; the fancy vehicle carrying the Little Girl has just disappeared. In reality, in dream, the half-blooded will always win. He looked at the sun. It was eclipsed, grey, somber. ‘There’s still time…before it’s too late,’ the whisper came from within him, indistinct, echoing in his ears, but had a sense of direction. Following the whisper, he came across shades of many shapes: prancing big-headed children reflected on the street ponds, solitary headless grown-ups floating along the walls, deformed shadow-mannequins behind white veils disp

The artworks below are one of many which inspired me. Thank you! 
but your ghost I will gladly bear by PsycheAnamnesis i by nool2i Adrift In A Sea Of Beings by ParallelDeviant
Untitled by StephanePellennec Droid by Hengki24 In the limelight by tuminka
at the window by StephanePellennec Woman by adibudojo desolate. by Flubberwurm
Ghost of Love by mehrmeer Mad World by mehrmeer Time is up by mehrmeer
<da:thumb id="198841357"/> Prison by mehrmeer ghostly by m-lucia
Reborn by mehrmeer DMY by Damaiscus when darkness falls by PsycheAnamnesis
tomber dans l'oubli by PsycheAnamnesis he's coming by petr-nagy in the light by ra-gro
Descent by Greyguardian Le passage by ambrosia3 Distorted Soul by PoLazarus2
Transcendence by VagrantGod

Worldly Trapped

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 19, 2013, 10:54 PM
Hanging on a Curtain by anaPhenix Piano player by sican Lives Only in the Light by LevAni11

WaterFog by JuliesToe PH_020313_02 by IgorBekker:thumb291160043:
Ghosts blur past by siddhartha19 Metro 56 by Hengki24 prejudice by HenriqueFrazao

Mature Content

Grey II by MichaelMagin
Numb III by y5y6
Equalization Of Time by oO-Rein-Oo:thumb115665609: Reflection by Kasperionis
Trapped Shadow by Smultrontott A Night Stroll by intao Glycerine by thetoxiclizard
5 by efecaylak 8 by efecaylak The shadow by Mishkina:thumb352678696:

The big one is by :iconbucz:

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Valentine's Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 8, 2013, 8:02 PM
No matter who you are, love is love!

Girl and Scarecrow by Anhen Kiss of death by NeuroticMatt love by annashakina
winter of Love by laura-makabresku:thumb260863717: Play by psychiatrique
in her dreams by NataliaCiobanu true love by veftenie 355 by iuventa
986657 by paintedpoppy Take Me Away.. by Khomenko The sweet song of you and me by AlexandraSophie
love dima and anya by annashakina words for two I I by Dabadus kiss by stevenfields
Swirl. by kittysyellowjacket 2012.6.6. by D4D1 ...eyelashes breathing by oprisco
Maternity by pangerankodok If you remember one thing... by mehrmeer twice by Mastowka
Cherry tree by anyaanti Outta Time.. by Khomenko Whispers. by laura-makabresku
:thumb156910915: Love - There's no turning back by siddhartha19 love? by rilibko

The big one is by :iconpsiheya:

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Square Portraits

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 2, 2013, 4:34 AM
Martina... v2 by MaComiX Lena by GRAFIKfoto Dimo in the box by BobRock99
Lucie D. 01 by S-a-n-c-h-e-z About sea by NataliaCiobanu Natali Baval by Anhen
329 by Anelise0s Arianna in black and white by EyeOfBoa Which side are you on? by esmahanozkan
one-eyed girl by rilibko *** by ankazhuravleva Souvenir d'un soir d'ete by A-Parrot
Lisbon 25 by JACAC Sam 887 by MichalTokarczuk Self Portrait 2013 by Yingz
Look inside by monikha Old city 4 by NataliaCiobanu Breathe by NataliaCiobanu

Mature Content

Alina by Dabadus
Dorota by kaunau Stripes by psychiatrique
sssbbssbs by AncaCernoschi:thumb316933615: Felicia by NataliaCiobanu

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun May 20, 2012, 4:29 AM
  • Listening to: Opeth - Nepenthe
  • Reading: Haruki Murakami - 1Q84
  • Playing: League of Legends
  • Drinking: Green Tea
:bulletpurple: So I made this page on facebook where I can get more exposure. It's new and not finished yet :S Could you please like it and share…

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To my fellow deviants

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 14, 2012, 4:06 PM
  • Listening to: Opeth - Nepenthe
  • Reading: Haruki Murakami - 1Q84
  • Playing: League of Legends
  • Drinking: Green Tea
I want to dedicate this feature to all my friends who supported me at every step. Without your love, I wouldn't make it :icontearplz:
The featured works don't represent the artists' best work nor were they picked up randomly. For one thing, they're my personal favourite...another, I want you to visit their pages and browse their galleries. Don't forget to show some love, too  :P

Note: if you didn't find yourself here even though you did support my work, feel free to send a note with two of your works :la:  And don't be upset or embarrassed, it's my pleasure to support my friends :glomp:
Besides, I'm going to keep updating the feature :dummy:

:iconmisslumikki:  has a wonderful gallery. With a tendency to tint her works with sepia, her passion lies in urban photography.
warm by april sun by MissLumikki sunny city by MissLumikki
:iconbeyondimpression:  is a bomb of creativity that keeps exploding  and exploding. She loves to experiment and shoot the whole world. But I bet that her heart truly lies in shooting people.
The Path of Yellow Leaves by beyondimpression What Lies Ahead by beyondimpression
:icon3mm: I really wanted to feature her since I donno when :boo: but everything is not lost :la: She's given me support when I was quite a newbie a year ago :glomp: Anyway, she rarely submit something, but when she does, she blows your mind :la:

:icondeviouswitch:  one of the supportive and considerate friends whom I enjoy reading their feedbacks.  She enjoys drawing anime and other characters as well as photography. I hope you all visit her page and support  :la:
Howling wolf by DeviousWitch Our golden hour by DeviousWitch

:iconcute-and-bright: If you like all things cute and bright, then she's the one :la: Her style investigates well on the vividness of color and cuteness of her works a sense of liveliness that never fails to draw a smile on the viewer's face.
Shocked and Dismayed Fish by Cute-And-Bright Romantic Birds by Cute-And-Bright

:iconsesam-is-open: Simply, I love her flowers and old vintage portraits. She also likes to experiment with all types of photography. Check out her gallery :aww:
Divine by sesam-is-open Tell Me A Secret by sesam-is-open

:iconluizalazar: Flowers for the bulk of her photography but that's not all. With a little post processing, she turn things right from normal to wow :omg:
i want to be a butterfly by LuizaLazar caricatura by LuizaLazar

:iconrevolt666: He showed some amazing and great feedback. Hope you check out his gallery :D
Sky 1 by Revolt666 Butterfly by Revolt666
:icongoodgirl-badgirl: Scratchboard Kittens by GoodGirl-BadGirl Scratch Board Fox Family by GoodGirl-BadGirl
:iconexperimenta001::thumb270948640: :thumb276468158:
:iconmadmoxxiii: Everything Right Here by MadMoxxiii Criminal by MadMoxxiii
:iconcheekz-jess: Lovely by cheekz-jess :thumb286111436:
:iconmaiks-heart: Rabbit 2011 by maiks-heart:thumb193664481:

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Sakura..and more Sakura!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 1, 2012, 5:18 PM
  • Listening to: Edith Piaf - La vie en Rose
  • Watching: A Game of Thrones
  • Drinking: Green Tea
So, it's nearly springtime :la: I'm so excited because this is the time of the year where I find myself endlessly and deliriously shooting photos of the same theme--F L O W E R S.

Yes! I'm a flower trolling guy. I just can't get enough of these little goddesses :iconbegplz:

Because of that, I'm dedicating this feature to one of my favorite flowers ever: the cherry blossom. Unfortunately, it's  not around where I live, but I hope that one day I'll capture billions of shots of 'em :lol:  

Hope you like it :aww:

Flos veris by PetitPhantomhive Like a perfect Dream... by Samantha-meglioli Cherry Blossom by hakukamizaki Prunus II by WouterPera Cherry Blossom by SvenMueller:thumb207727675: Pink cherry blossom by tigerelune a japanese heart by jyoujo No Fear by MadMoxxiii Hana no Haru II by PetitPhantomhive

Yell A Little Louder by MadMoxxiii Cherry 2 by dorkfish03x04 Never gonna give you up by kyokosphotos
Le printemps I by phoenixgraphixstudio . . . stolen dreams . . . by phoenixgraphixstudio

by :icontigerelune:

by :iconwindylife:

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Choose your 2 favorite works to be featured :D

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 11, 2012, 1:29 PM
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  • Reading: Haruki Murakami - Norwegian Woods
  • Watching: Lost Season II
  • Drinking: Caffe latte

Greetings, fellow deviants!

Since when I didn't post anything here? i really don't remember :giggle:
I know, I know, I'm guilty :trollface: But what can I do, life is getting the best of me and man..I really can't catch a break :cries:. Lately, I've been roaming cities just to get a decent job as a translator or a photographer. But again and again, there are no results :P

Anyway, enough talk about me. The next feature I'm making it for you friends. YES! I WANT YOU and two of your favorite works (doesn't matter what genre of art). I'll feature 15 deviants. Hope this would make it up for my absence :P

Feel free sending a note or commenting :aww:

The List:

1. :iconmagnius159:

Mature Content

2. :iconrockheart17: :thumb217665373: Under deepDeep under the sea
Where life flourishes
Dark and light
So much beauty to behold
Not a breeze but current
So much to see
In this mysterious watery world
It seems no troubles emerge but man
So much unexplored left yet to be seen
The mighty sea can be gentle yet mighty
To only an extent to  see
Deep under
This blue beauty

3. :iconmaho-urei: Summer wars by Maho-Urei Dance Site of Darkness by Maho-Urei
4. :iconmay6572: Portrait 1 by May6572 Her Dress by May6572
5. :iconspacezillazon: BlackHole Godzilla by spacezillazon Ultraman Blaze by spacezillazon

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Seeing with eyes soaked purple...

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 13, 2011, 2:37 AM
  • Listening to: The Who - The Seeker
  • Reading: Haruki Murakami - Norwegian Woods
  • Watching: Lost Season II
  • Drinking: Caffe latte

:bulletpurple: I finished editing Chapter Two: Romienà from The Chronicles of Time.  It's an unabridged version...might feel a bit long at the end but for a good reason. I hope you'll enjoy it :aww:

<--Chapter one

:bulletpurple: Purple has and always will be my favorite colour. I've always been attracted to things dyed in purple or its cousins :P.

This feature is about combining purple with flowers. Something I can't resist but describe as a feast for the eyes. :la:

Painted imperfection by Karisca Illusive dreams by SandyManase
Vivacious by imveryconfused Time to feel by SandyManase
lilac. by impatienss :thumb264569370:
Deep Purple by Castle-Of-Forever Violet by NanaPHOTOGRAPHY
Late bloomer by Susanne01 Dawn by Lady-Tori
:thumb109001376: My Purple : Spirit Day by billiejolm

The big one is by :iconphotobysavannah:

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Lines, symmetry, and balance

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 31, 2011, 10:17 PM

:bulletpurple: First, I really wanna thank burtonlomax for his mighty gift :la: It was really a nice gesture :)

:bulletpurple: Last time, I was  nervous about my A Prophecy Unfold (Part II / Ch I of The Chronicles of Time): whether to submit it or not. It turned out that it was too early to submit it since many readers complained about what's what :dead: :faint: So, I decided to submit  P1 / Ch1 <the gate<="" i=""> where the story begins. I believe it's easier…well, I hope so :pray: and I do hope you enjoy reading it :P

:bulletpurple: If you don't know where the theme is, follow the lines :aww:
The theme of this feature is about what lines mixed with architecture would look like. Personally, I'm not a fan of building-related photography. Maybe because it's just one of these dull things I'm use to see day after day.  Anyway, it takes a very skilled and talented eye to come up with something worthy out of them. Artists of this type of photography know what they want and how to represent it. All what they need are windows, planes, a little theme could work…and oh yes, a bit of long exposure wouldn't hurt, too :P The result is a very eye-catching, soul-soothing photograph which elements of symmetry can be seen.

I hope you like it :aww:

:thumb259021156: sky tower _2 by photoMick:thumb145499811:
Geometric Dream act III by DamienVassart London City Hall by Matthias-Haker Incheon airport 6 by PansaSunavee
To The Left by alireza1 up by arbebuk Frozen Music IV by Jtjintjelaar
Link by PansaSunavee -:- by a-n-j-e-e Beijing - Capital Airport by lux69aeterna
To Infinity And Beyond by thelearningcurve-da Futunnel by cynop S Y M E T R I E by 1Durden1
The Hole by MarcelHieber Inside the Tower II by Matthias-Haker Into the Blue by Matthias-Haker
facade xxii by ChristianRudat On the railway station by mannromann Curve by thelearningcurve-da
Time Flies by Matthias-Haker bullseye by ChristianRudat .: d i r e c t :. by 1Durden1
train signal by ChristianRudat

The big one is by :iconprecious-s2:

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~Toshio Ebine

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 18, 2011, 9:06 AM

:bulletpurple:  I have SO many things to talk about in this journal. It's indeed very special because many things  will happen or have already happened :squee:

:bulletpurple: First things first…I'm about to hit my first 10,000 page views very soon, and I'm so excited to see that number. I know, I know…what you're thinking. Anyway, I'm not that superficial, but seeing a huge number for someone like me is something really BIG :rofl:

:bulletpurple: What I REALLY want to talk about is that I've made up my mind and decided to share some selected chapters from my bloody, life-sucking novel The Chronicles of Time :faint: It took me awhile until I took such decision. I can feel my blood pumping high right now :P Anyway, everything is explained quite neatly in the deviation's commentary section, so make sure to read it first before you proceed. If you're having some troubles comprehending the context, you may notify me, I'll make sure that things go clear for both our sakes :aww:

:bulletpurple: Now, let's talk about the real issue here. Toshio Ebine

[He's an artist, and he's talented; but most importantly he's extremely creative and underrated. With nothing but watercolor tools at hand,  Ebine paints the gateway to a wholly new realm.

His visual, awe-inspiring creativity not only has inspired me personally, but also forced me to stare at the monitor for minutes and minutes, in an attempt to be fully absorbed into his world—a world of fantasy and imagination where you can find Fairy Bunnies, Fisher Bunnies, Violinist Bunnies, and -er- gentle-giraffes…

What really snatch one's attention is the simplicity, yet the depth, his works portray.  Themes that seem intelligible from the first sight can lure you very easily to be blind from the fact that there's indeed more than meets the eye.

:bulletpurple: Here are some of his works. There are more in his gallery yet to be discovered. Give it a try :aww:

:bulletpurple: :iconebineyland:
Back stage by Ebineyland untitled_03 by Ebineyland
Emerald night by Ebineyland untitled_01 by Ebineyland
sound of the wind by Ebineyland Voices by Ebineyland
star child by Ebineyland The Story Of Castle At Distant by Ebineyland
Mr.Giraffe by Ebineyland Mermaid Dream by Ebineyland
The Greens is back by Ebineyland Boundaries of the imagination by Ebineyland

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  • Reading: Haruki Murakami - Hard-boiled Wonderland and the E
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S e r e n i t y

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 12, 2011, 4:18 PM

:bulletpurple: It's not a genre of art rather than a feeling.. That kind of emotion you'd feel while staring at some works which are characterized by: huge blank spaces in the background; usually small themes in the foreground; and noticeable contrast between the back/foreground.

In general, it's that warm, peaceful, nostalgic, loneliness-evoking, sensation.

:bulletpurple: some artists are not fully recognized; please, show them some love and how a deviant is...

:bulletblue: :iconpaf-pal: Light my sky - photoart by Paf-Pal

:bulletblue: :iconkirisamekou: flying before climbing by kirisamekou

:bulletpurple: :iconanaphenix: Fading colors by anaPhenix   Sabbath by anaPhenix

:bulletblue: :iconlissuin: Ode to Solitude by Lissuin Tower by Lissuin

:bulletblue: :iconsachtikus: Wold by sachtikus Thousand Needles by sachtikus

:bulletblue: :iconpauline-greefhorst: La Brume by pauline-greefhorst Mist by pauline-greefhorst

:bulletblue: :iconacukur: Future Flowers by acukur One More River by acukur

:bulletblue: :iconilsilenzio: road to the tree by ilsilenzio They stand in line. by ilsilenzio

:bulletblue: :iconhengki24: Full Day by Hengki24 Three Musketeers by Hengki24

:bulletblue: :iconjulie-rc: Apparition 2 by julie-rc Apparition by julie-rc

:bulletblue: :iconbeyondimpression: 'Brave New World' by beyondimpression Void III by beyondimpression

:bulletblue: :iconjulie-de-waroquier: The trip by Julie-de-Waroquier Ode to Summer by Julie-de-Waroquier

skin by 24o
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  • Reading: Haruki Murakami - Hard-boiled Wonderland and the E
  • Drinking: Black coffee

Following my train of thoughts...

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 7, 2011, 11:19 AM

Hey, fellow deviants....How are you all?

:bulletpurple:It's been awhile since I last wrote something in my journal :boo:...To be honest, I've been in dilemma whether to write this one or not :fear: Well, I'll just go straight and spit it out :happybounce::megaphone:: Well, it's something related to the novel I'm working on. It's kinda frustrating to spend all your years plotting, and writing, and editing, and then rewriting, and editing...without any feedback. My real issue here is not with having a feedback or's actually with those who commit plagiarism :fear: I'm, really haunted by the idea, and I even can't stand thinking about it, that someone would steal your works and post them under her/his name without crediting you of course :cries: Problem is, when it comes to writing, it's really worse, because unlike photos it's untraceable. Besides, you can minimize the size of your image, or even add a watermark :dead: So,, there are solutions..

-So, what are your ideas about this? Have you ever encountered such people? I haven't--thank goodness :phew: If yes, what did you do?

:bulletpurple: My passion for writing has increased in the last few days :squee: Maybe it's something related to the fact that Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 would be released (the English Edition) on October 25...I believe it's a simulation to George Orwell's 1984 :iconfloatingplz:

:bulletpurple: For the above reasons, I'll be delaying my photographic works for some time. While doing so, I'll ponder on the choice whether to post some chapters from The Chronicles of Time or not.

Regards :aww:
◕ ◡ ◕

  • Listening to: The Who - The Seeker
  • Reading: Haruki Murakami - Hard-boiled Wonderland and the E
  • Drinking: Black coffee
It's sooo awesome to be back to my fellow deviants again :hug: It felt like aeons to be away from the community :cries:

So many things have happened during the last few months which I consider them a turning point to my understanding about those around me and life in general. To be honest, I'm not quite sure if this journal would suffice telling about the events explicitly. However, I'll consider this one a threshold, or a prolouge, of my journals to come.

All I really want to say is 'I'm sorry' for not being around you guys. I miss you guys like hell and I surely miss your deviantions, your comments, and of course, your company.

Best of luck wherever you are :floating:
  • Listening to: The Who - The Seeker
  • Reading: Haruki Murakami - Hard-boiled Wonderland and the E
  • Drinking: Black coffee
It's impossible for me to believe that I just finished the Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (ねじまき鳥クロニクル) in a matter of nineteen days only :wow:. It's a 1019 pages chronicle and is quite complicated. What really amazes me is that I could read it thoroughly, non-stopping. It's not certainly my favourite genre of literature. If you ask me, I'd go for fantasy books--you know stuff like odd creatures and beings like elves, dwarves, or I donno...that kind of thing. :aww: But it didn't matter, anyway. "I got involved in this shit," I told myself, "so, I better finish it asap." :rofl:

The book is good. It has its moments. The best features in my opinion are the surreal atmospheres and the odd omens happening to the protagonist. As I was reading, I felt like playing a horror game. To be exact, It felt like playing Silent Hill 4: The Room (サイレントヒル). Although the settings were simple, Haruki Murakami, the author, has a very detailed and complex manner of storytelling. I was aware of this the moment I reached roughly page 700 when chapters overlapped in a haphazard way. I thought about deserting the idea of reading, but I couldn't help it :boo:

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I was trying to find a way out from my current depression so I surfaced the net for something useful and voilà. I got this book and read. **sorry for copy's just I couldn't find it in the bookstores anywhere near:P** Somehow, It worsened my depression :cries:. But aside from that, I'm a a hundred times better than when symptoms of depression first raided my easiness, not because of the novel, but because I shook my passive persona all over and took serious decisions in my life the past few days :iconfloatingplz:

After, reading the ending which I wasn't completely satisfied with. I felt so empty and quite disturbed. The thing that crossed my mind was playing Mireille Mathieu's Pariser Tango :heart: So I did. And indeed it was really, really, REALLY refreshing and awesome to hear her pure lovely voice echoing in my room.....Ah! I feel so content :boogie:

◕ ◡ ◕
  • Listening to: Mireille Mathieu - Der Pariser Tango
  • Reading: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
  • Drinking: caff&egrave; latte
In an attempt to fight depression, I browsed the internet for anything. I came across a page where recommendations of books for hipsters/lonely/depressed people are presented.

I took a book quite randomly and it was 'The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle' by  the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. Neither did I knew anything about the book nor its author--this adds up some suspense to what I'm about to read.

Anyone read the book? Don't tell me anything about it...I just want to know if it's good or not...I read like the first 100 pages, and so far, there are many vague events happening to the protagonist which I'm dying to know about.

I felt a 'bit' better than the last two days....they were living nightmares.

There's an abstract idea of shooting some flowers is crossing my mind at the meantime. Still, don't know yet...

P.S. thanks for all those who stood by my side and helped me with their kind words :hug:
pp.s. I'm awfully sorry for not replying on the heaps of messages that are still pilling up :cries:
Greetings everyone!

It's been whole amazing five months since I started being a deviant. It's something magical that really transformed my life.

I want to respond to every message I've got here in my mailbox, but lately I've been suffering from clinical depression. I already started searching for a therapist. I don't think it's something i'll just snap out of it...but I hope I'll get over it a.s.a.p and get my inspiration back.

Till that time, don't be offended if no response has been made from my side. I'll answer every single one as soon as I can.

With all love and support,
For those who either fav'ed, or commented, or noted, or even viewed my page, thank you so much. I'm utterly overwhelmed by the cozy, welcoming medium presented either by DA's staff or the deviants themselves.

I apologise, though, for not replying on your messages; I'm having such a hard time managing my courses at college. But, as they say, there's always light at the end of the tunnel. I hope this awful time is like a summer cloud.

It'll be a relief to see everything back to normal :D