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Jewelpets: Sticky Bomb Missile


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Jewelpets: Sticky Bomb Missile


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Super Smash Bros - Rarity Dash Gets Generous!

Super Smash Bros Movesets

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Tomica Hero Rescue Pups Episode 21

Episode 21: Daaen Strikes Back! Katie, determined to retrieve Cali at all costs, began training with Chase and Skye in a holodeck. Skye began to give instructions. "Katie. You may have been good with a shotgun, but that alone just won't cut it. Time to use a lightsaber. The elegant weapon of a Jedi for a more civilized age." Katie then held up a lightsaber hilt in front of her and turned it on, causing two red glowing blades to emerge from both of its ends. In response, Chase and Skye respectively turned on their stun baton and lightsaber to clash with Katie for a while. All three had their strikes repeatedly blocked and didn't actually hit

Tomica Hero Rescue Pups

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Night Glider Spindash

Spin Dashing Ponies

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