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Welcome to the 1st Mega Pokémon group!
Here we accept ALL Mega Pokémon related things!

The only rule is that it HAS to be a Mega Pokémon or a fan-made Mega Pokémon or I will not accept it.
Founded 5 Years ago
Aug 12, 2013


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359 Members
400 Watchers
240,312 Pageviews
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#442 Spiritomb by Championx91
The birth of a knight - Mega Gallade by IceNinjaHard
#200 Misdreavus by Championx91
Mega Rayquaza's Fury by WraithWolves
Mega Lucario
NO.448-mega by ffxazq
Guardians by Eclipse4d
Mega Lucario by Eclipse4d
Mega Lucario by Soulcat20
Mega Blaziken
Mega Blaziken Canon and Fanon by YingYangHeart
Mega Blaziken by DragonMaster137
Two Mega blaziken toy by ksuniverse
Battle of the Mega: Blakizen by InkArtWriter
Mega Mawile
Pokemon Keyblade 303 - Mega Mawile by Gamekirby
Mega Lopunny Frost Chibified by Shadow-pikachu7
Mega Lopunny Juni Chibified by Shadow-pikachu7
Mega Lopunny Toxic Chibified by Shadow-pikachu7
Mega Mewtwo
Pokmon X by Eclipse4d
Pokemon Y by Eclipse4d
Mewtwo Sprites V13 + Armor + Back by dominekkas
Mega Mewtwo X by VictorCustomizer
Mega Absol
Mega Absol by FoxyPaws-Dragonessa
I'm just a disaster by JawaunXD1000
You're absolutely amazing! by Silver-Artemis-Moon
Absol! by Silver-Artemis-Moon
Mega Ampharos
Pokemon Keyblade 181 - Mega Ampharos by Gamekirby
Mega Ampharos on pencil by BihMortari
Mega Ampharos the Brave by TheDragoon86
[COLLAB] Runner-up Team Indie by Indie-Calls
Mega Kangaskhan
115.1 Mega Kangaskhan by Electryonemoongoddes
Mega Kangaskhan by VictorCustomizer
Mega Kangaskhan by jawazcript
Mega Kangaskhan by Nid15
Mega Venusaur
Pokemon Keyblade 003 - Mega Venusaur by Gamekirby
Evolution of grass starters in gen 1 by ksuniverse
Pokemon Trainer Livia (Libra) by Indie-Calls
Grass Pokemon stamp by DryBones157
Mega Charizard
Mega Charizard Y by WaitoChan
Drawn on Black: Mega Charizard X by InkArtWriter
Charmander Line by Arylett-Charnoa
Mega Goku-Charizard Y Migatte no Gokui by gonzalossj3
Mega Blastoise
Pokemon Keyblade 009 - Mega Blastoise by Gamekirby
Mega Garchomp
Pokemon Keyblade 445 - Mega Garchomp by Gamekirby
Mega Gyrados
Battle of the Mega: Gyarados by InkArtWriter
Mega Aerodactyl
Mega Aerodactyl by VictorCustomizer
Mega Manectric
Mega Manectric by NelmaThyria
Mega Aggron
Mega Aggron Canon and Fanon by YingYangHeart
Mega Gardevoir
Moonblast by WendySakana
Mega Gengar
Pokemon Keyblade 094 - Mega Gengar by Gamekirby
Mega Medicham
Mega Medicham by IceNinjaHard
Mega Banette
Banette and Mega Banette-FOR PIKACHU240 by zigaudrey
Mega Scizor
Mega Scizor Canon and Fanon by YingYangHeart
Mega Tyranitar
Earthquake by Kiriska
Mega Swampert
Hoenn Heroes: May and Mega Swampert by Xero-J
Mega Abomasnow
Mega Abomasnow by VictorCustomizer
Mega Sceptile
Hoenn Heroes: Brendan and Mega Sceptile by Xero-J
Mega Houndoom
Mega Houndoom by monomite
Mega Alakazam
Pokemon Keyblade 065 - Mega Alakazam by Gamekirby
Mega Sableye
Mine by Tomycase
More Than 1 Mega
My Mega Pokemon Box by InkArtWriter
Mega Heracross
Pokemon Keyblade 214 - Mega Heracross by Gamekirby
Mega Metagross
Mega Diancie
Mega Altaria
Mega Altaria by Vederation
Mega Slowbro
Mega Sharpedo
Mega Lopunny
Mega Salamence
Mega Salamence Gijinka by Vederation
Mega Camerupt
Mega Audino
Sparkling Fairy by Francis-Chan
Mega Gallade
Mega Latias
Mega Latios
Mega Pinsir
Pokemon Keyblade 127 - Mega Pinsir by Gamekirby
Fan made Megas
Mega Ho-Oh by Anarlaurendil

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I'd like to thank all the people who joined and veiwed the page just... A little tiny peek, that has helped me and the contributors very very much. I would also thank the watchers aswell. This is (and I have said it many times) the first Mega Pokémon group on Deviantart... And it all wouldn't have all started with the help of the internet and friends.

Thank you all for helping me out
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could you please open the mega lopunny folder?? No one can submit to it
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I finally have mega swampert and mega metagross event pokemon.
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Mega Slowbro and Mega Audino are confirmed.
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Hi! In youtube Mega Salamance,lopunny and altialr are confirmed!
Megaalonflamefirmed Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014
so...can ou create a fanmade mega magmortar
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