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Wood 26

acrylics and pen on wood
23cm X 15cm
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SX525WD/Office BX525WD
© 2012 - 2021 Mefitica
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Do you sell this drawing ?
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katrin28's avatar
I like it! What material of painting?
artfurrball's avatar
The hair has a great art nouveau feel to it!
El-Barbudo96's avatar
Amazing and unique take on Art Nouveau, you have an unsual unique style thats instantly recognizable, great work!
LizPotterArt's avatar
SO neat. Very art nouveau.
Art-of-the-Shaman's avatar
Wow! I love your style ~ This is fantastic!
zurivapanda's avatar
this style remind´s me of the artist Alfonz Mucha....nice!
Tordo's avatar
The horizontal line intrigues me, it's like if something just went by, or more like if her hair has a mind of her own.
ihni's avatar
Looks great. I love the straight line of hair - I almost expected a plane to land there or something.
Mefitica's avatar
Ahahha what are you saying...!? ...mhm I expected someone wrote a comment like that!!!
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Octo-pus's avatar
It's not really the same things...
dotpascal's avatar
Yeah, I also think it isn't the same. BTW in my opinion this is much more ingenious. Fantastic. I can hardly believe it isn't digital.
Ev-sta's avatar
love the colors you used and also the composition!
MrJmZack's avatar
The palette choice is delightful, the teal compliments the warm brown of the wood in the hair well. The thick, rich lines remind me of Art Nouveau; very cool. And the horizontal line loops my eye off of and then back on to the image, which is a really neat effect. Kudos!
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but this appears to be inspired by Audrey Kawasaki? It's beautiful! I agree with others, the horizontal line adds a lot of interest.
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I have loved Kawasaki art. I love her smooth lines and colors. Certainly I have absorbed something from her art that you can find in my works. Anyway we both take our roots from Art Nouveau and the love for wood... I think for that reason we seem similar ( or I seem a bad imitation of her hahah :-D )
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I really like how you let the wood shine through and act as the hair. The straight line also works really well when paired with the rest of the soft curvy aspects. I also think you chose a good background color to complement the hair!
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I love that horizontal line on the hair for some reason.
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