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A girl and a cigarette

By Mefitica
ink+ photoshop

update: Oh! What an unexpected surprise! I am so moved (little teardrop hihi)!
Thanks thanks thanks. Today is a sunny day :)
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There is a great comfort feeling here and it is infectious. Your artwork is very nice and well done. It is conceptually interesting, entertaining, moving and stress releasing. We all need that and art like yours. It is like the drug enriched art of the 70's all grown up and matured. I hope you are not offended by the comparison as you nor anyone should be. It was the art of the time and it belonged. Your work will be timeless and always appreciated.
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Ouijaplayer's avatar
Ahhh...this is so soft and easy to look at. It has such a comfortable a sigh. It would be a perfect piece to hang in a bedroom.
LArtisteInconnu's avatar
it's incredible!! very good!
dieCorbeau's avatar
I remember seeing this awhile back...I was surprised that it wasn't already in my favourites. The pink smoke is absolutely gorgeous!
Sesshomaru9771's avatar
I could use a cigarette right now
Tokala's avatar
Great! I love this!!
fellenwort's avatar
Great. Now I can't even see it again. Could you please put a warning on it?
LEADloaded's avatar
i really don't like that hand and some of this seems inconsistent. all the same, it's a nice design and composition. congrats on the dd. :]
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Slightly-Satanic's avatar
I love the smoke!
I love the hair!
But for some reason I like the jaw line in relation to the neck the most.
odd? yes.
It's still an amazing piece.
SanguineJustice's avatar
gaaaaar!!! It's a DD and I can't even seeee itttt!!
Playswitmadness's avatar
yeah..... I think the DA policy about this is a bit annoying its art they shouldn't worry about it so much. I can't see it either
SanguineJustice's avatar
not to mention there's a lot of stuff with nudity and gore that is more porn than art and THOSE don't have warnings. argggggg!
Playswitmadness's avatar
Yeah that really bothers me. Especially because DA is global and the filters seem to follow American standards.
SanguineJustice's avatar
what are 'American standards'?
Playswitmadness's avatar
To me 'American Standards' are a higher tolerance to violence and a very different view on sex. Our views on sex go back to the history of the first settlers in America, Puritans who were very very strict. I don't want to start an argument.

But I am pretty sure this site is catering to American Standards of decency. I have been to other countries, France even Canada show porn on standard cable. Its just a very different view on things that is hard to explain.
SanguineJustice's avatar
hmmm. Never really thought about it but I think I prefer my 'American Standards'.
Playswitmadness's avatar
Of course you have your own standards. I am just pointing out a general trend in views. By all means I am open to hearing your thoughts on standards.
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... oh wait ... cigarette ? Damn ...
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Reminds me of a cross between Kim Possible and Egon Schiele. Awesome! Love your lines.
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Really nice linework.. and that pattern is slammin' :)
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