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Ecliz Cursors

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Great cursor set converted from CursorXP to Standard Windows format by me.

The author is yingjunjiu.

CursorXP format is HERE.
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The cursor is very cool

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Can someone tell me what software to make this awesome cursor ?
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How Do I Download It ;-;
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Nereden indiriyooooooooz
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let's do how to get make cursor:| (Blank Stare) 
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uh.. there is no download button... ugh... found it WAAAY over on the right under what looks like an advertisement.... 21:9 monitor...
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How does this work, cause I want to download the cursor.
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how do I install
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theres a download  button on the left
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how do I install
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Thanks a lot Unfortunately the cursor look low-res on my monitor which has 1440p resolution. I dont understand do all the cursors I have tried from this site look low-res. The same with Pulse cursor. Any idea?
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Your monitor is probably too big.
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beautiful... so nice
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Not bad but Pulse Glass is better :)
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this is way to hip and in for me, im going to stick with the default windows theme
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Thank you so much for the beautiful cursor set!
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OMG I love it! Thanks so much :D
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