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Everything you need to know ❤


MeetTheArtists is a group for the youngest and older artists of DeviantArt to gather and be known, potentially knowing more information about the artists.

For the younger ones, here we will try to help YOU make the transition from an art Noob, to an "Old Fart".

· Featured ·

Featured art from really good artists, in this group we call them "Old farts"
.. Sorry...

· Meet The Artists ·

Here you will submit your own profiles, what you like, what you don't like, your outfits, etc..

· Original Art ·

The original art gives a lot more recognization than the Fanarts, it tells everyone that you have imagination.

· Drawing Yourselfs ·

Nothing more relaxing than drawing you in the beach, mountains, with other outfits.. Anyways, just a random folder that a lot of people might need to submit random drawings of themselfs.

· Game Art ·

Any game art is welcome! Mario, Sonic, Fortnite, Undertale, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, etc.. The Gamers belong here!

· Anime Art ·

Just anime, please submit here Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail, seriously, any anime! Otakus belong here!

· Movies - Series - Cartoons ·

Any Movie, Series and Cartoon art belong here!

· Canon x Canon ·

Pairs and shipping drawings from animes and games. Hetero, lesbians, gays and bis are all welcome!

· OCs ·

Profiles and drawings of your Ocs are to submit here, not allowed +18 in this one.

· OC x Canon ·

Pairs and shipping drawings from your OC to the canon characters of any anime or game. Hetero, lesbians, gays and bis are all welcome!

· OC x OC ·

Pairs and shipping drawings from your OC to another OC. Hetero, lesbians, gays and bis are all welcome!

· Self Inserts ·

Support and protect the Self Insert from the Haters in this folder! You are safe from them right here! Any drawing of a character you wanna be shipped with belongs here!

· NSFW ·

This folder is just... +18, nudity, sex and all of that is accepted, gore and blood are too, but please do not submit anything that may offend other people.

· Cosplay - Photography ·

Cosplays and Photos, everything that doesn't qualify drawing with brush or pencil.

· Stamps - Buttons - Other ·

Here will be submmited Pixel art, Stamps, Buttons.. Just as the previous folder, everything that doesn't qualify drawing with brush or pencil.



:iconoverwatch-ladies: Overwatch-Ladies All Female Overwatch characters :iconbokunoheroacademiafc: BokuNoHeroAcademiaFC Hero to Be :iconotakuland: OtakuLand GAMES-ANIME-MANGA-COMICS :iconfinal-fantasy-land: Final-Fantasy-Land Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts :iconassassins-fanart: Assassins-Fanart Assassin's Creed Art Gallery


edward by chienoir Mercy Pixel || F2U Decore by hltzmnn Ochako Uraraka Pixel Art (Boku no hero academia) by nezz94

We ask that members keep this in mind while in the group:

:bulletblue: While commenting on our page we wish for members to use appropriate words.

:bulletblue: Please respect the other menbers and what they wish to draw, like or don't like.

:bulletblue: Please submit in the right folder or your drawing will be deleted from the group.

:bulletblue: We would like you to keep in mind that for someone to get known, you can fav, watch and comment, don't be shy, we all started the same way.

:bulletblue: Every art is beautiful and every artist is awesome, only the opinion of people is different.





Gallery Folders

dalia by fmcastro
rouge by Nissaclily
All colors in by samice
Aerith by OlchaS
Meet The Artists
Meet the Artist by kankan138
Meet the artist by Wackart
Meet the Artist 2020 by ArtisticAnimeFanGirl
Meet the artist (2020) by toastrat
Original Art
Drenei holy priestess by Nezumi96
Kaede at Work by BlueWolfArtista
B/w sketches by RyuuOvO
OC - Denny Roscell expressions by RawaMaru
Drawing Yourselfs
MEET THE ARTIST - AnEmptySoul (2020 Edition) by AnEmptySOUL
Self-Portrait - Eye Study by SketchMeNot-Art
Gotcha! by AnikaSky
Rainbow by CHADinskee
Game Art
Dancing Tyrande (+NSFW optional). by TattiArt
Blue Scales by Domcia880
Marija - Muse Dash by SketchMeNot-Art
Soraka and Ahri by Shirogahara
Anime Art
BNHA/PERSONA. Commission for DaVonteWagner by 0nCh1ng
Summer Heat! Kagome Higurashi by Gakenzi
Sirina Redraw by xXAyaYuiXx
Zenitsu Agatsuma by ssmaartist15
Movies - Series - Cartoons
1950 Cinderella Redraw by xXAyaYuiXx
Ziva David by kanaliha
Leroy Jethro Gibbs by kanaliha
Another Precious Places Redraw by xXAyaYuiXx
Canon x Canon
Sky Walkers by xXAyaYuiXx
Howl and Sophie Redraw by xXAyaYuiXx
Reylo commission for Ver0ism by Ilovekidbuu
Maul and Ahsoka by Ilovekidbuu
Sword in Stone by TalesOfListra
Shadow Nightmare by TalesOfListra
Corruption by BLIXii-MC3
The Tamer of Beasts - Patreon reward by Galder
OC x Canon
Penumbra: Chapter One, Page Three by marylizabetha
[GIF] Our Dance [BNHA OC ft Hawks] by sixteenof
[BnHA OC] It's okay.. by SmilesUpsideDown
TodoHito chibi by JuliettaSan
Finished YCH: Eyes by FlexyChan
Self Inserts
Quarantine cuties. by ArtisticAnimeFanGirl
Talia - Dance by DarKHunTeR91
Cosplay - Photography
DO-S Monster Princess by ZoeVolf
Stamps - Buttons - Other
Just A Couple Of Pixel Rodents by AnaElena64


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