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Marie und die Nasenhexe
von Leona
für Marie, Nico, Majon, Lena und ihre Schwestern
und alle Kinder

Marie war eigentlich ein ganz glückliches Kind. Sie wurde überhaupt nicht erzogen, sondern durfte so sein, wie sie war und das tun, was sie für richtig hielt. Sie wohnte in einem gemütlichen, großen Haus mit Gärten und Wiesen drumherum und es gab auch viele Menschen, mit denen sie spielen konnte. Außerdem lernte und arbeitete sie auch gerne und viel, aber es war schwierig (und auch nicht wichtig), das vom Spielen zu unter­schei­den, denn Marie und die anderen Menschen, die in dem Haus wohnten oder zu Besuch waren und auch die Nach­barn, die taten immer das, was sie grade wollten. Und ob sie nun eine kleine Stadt aus Sand bauten, oder den Misthaufen umschaufelten – alles machten sie so, dass es lustig war. Und weil kein Mensch zu irgendetwas ge­zwun­gen wurde, waren die notwendigen Dinge auch nicht lästig, denn alle überlegten
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Mature content
Family Portrait :iconmeeresbande:Meeresbande 0 11
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Social function of rape myths
I have written a few times about the myths surrounding the topic of rape, but I've never written about why these myths have survived for so long and the social functions that they serve. Rape myths allow people to feel safe by letting them believe that rape rarely happens, and that when it does, it is because the person secretly wanted it or that they were "asking for it". The myths enable us to maintain the belief that we live in a just world. They allow us to believe we can prevent future rapes. And in some cases they even maintain the Adam-and-Eve tradition of our culture, in which man s believed to be the innocent victim of the evil temptress – women.
Myths provide a false security
When we are confronted with the story of a rape, the easiest way to maintain our feelings of safety and invulnerability and to believe that what we are hearing is indeed a work of fiction, not a true story. If we believe "many rape reports are false", then we significantly lower our perceived chance
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Men can be raped too
Myth: Men can't be sexually assaulted.
Reality: Men can be, and are, sexually assaulted every day. Any man can be sexually assaulted regardless of their size, strength, appearance, occupation, race or sexual orientation. Male rape can happen at home, work, out doors, in a  car, in the military, prisons, in locker rooms, rest rooms, public toilets, in fact just about anywhere a rapist thinks they can get away with it, and it can happen to any male.
It should also be noted that it is not unusual for a male to "freeze" during a rape, in part due to shock, and fear of ones life. Remember, the rapist will no doubt have done this before, and hence be prepared for what happens, but few, if any men, have even considered in their mind the possibility of such things happening and are thus totally unprepared.
Myth: Only gay men are sexually assaulted.
Reality: Although gay men are raped slightly more often than heterosexual men this is due more to the fact that they can be the target an
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Female sexual abusers
"Society expects the mother of a toddler would do everything in her power to make sure her child is protected from harm,"
While female sexual abusers are rare in the court system, those who deal with child sexual abuse know that cases that do come through are far from unique. A national study released in 2005 shows that biological mothers were the perpetrators of sexual abuse in five per cent of the substantiated cases investigated by child welfare authorities.
The instance is probably higher, since researchers are certain that many cases of child sexual abuse never come to light. "A lot of people have difficulty believing women are capable of sexually abusing children,"
Even victims of such abuse, looking back at it as adults, have a hard time talking about it. When work and survays have been done within prisons it is found that many men had been abused by women but that they often had difficulty identifying it as abuse.
A U.S. report, entitled Child Sexual Abuse — The Predators,
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Fellwood by Feidhelm Fellwood :iconfeidhelm:Feidhelm 129 85 Yellow Submarinus by KaiDrawn Yellow Submarinus :iconkaidrawn:KaiDrawn 7 25 Love Your Body by KaiDrawn Love Your Body :iconkaidrawn:KaiDrawn 3 11
deviantART, binarism, and transphobia
I was pretty confused at how there were only options for "Male" and "Female" in their gender dropdown box. I distinctly remembered there being some third option, which I had chosen for my previous account. A brief Google search later, I found that as of May, the "Unspecified" option had been removed.
I had to wonder why, so I asked in a support request. Maybe they just hadn't considered that non-binary people used their site? Or, well, existed. It wouldn't be the first time.
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Crow by JeyBarnes Crow :iconjeybarnes:JeyBarnes 138 37 Magic of the unintentional by Lawenta Magic of the unintentional :iconlawenta:Lawenta 4 4



Leona und die Meeresbande
We are many People in one body. It is called Dissociative Identity "Dis"order (DID) or multiple personality and was caused by severe childhood trauma. We're recovering.
We all like each other (mostly ;) ) - the Headmates / inner People are all great! :hug:

We change, grow and learn constantly! We're never the same...

Current Residence: Germany
Favourite genre of music: (Life) Drum'n'Bass, Ska, Rock'n'Roll, Folk-Punk, movie soundtracks
Favourite style of art: everything that is made out of life and full of heart and soul
Personal Quote: We learn something every day. We always change and grow.
  • Reading: Erdsee (earth sea) by Ursula K. LeGuin
  • Watching: Doctor Who from the 60s
  • Eating: not enough
  • Drinking: herbal tea
Hi dA, and hi to all the great people here,

we love you.

I know we didn't show any of our love or even hint at a passing interest in literally YEARS... The reason is: We share the 24 hours in a day with so many headmates we can't even begin to count, so time is very short. And also we do almost everything s l o w l y and in phases, apparently. Like, there's almost nothing that we do regularly, almost everything we do, we do lots once and then not at all for stretches of times... and if we're lucky, we'll pick it up again one day... but not always.

We did open a tumblr. recently, if you want to go see what we're doing there:
No idea how long that will last, though. We do plan on putting up some art there and we'll possibly create a sub-blog for our science-fiction novel-in-progress about a multiple system of three partly queer and genderqueer kids of colour IN SPACE!! They're accountants. And reluctantly help overthrow the governement. (in space)

It feels really weird being here for the first time in ages just to announce that we'll probably never use this site again DDD;
It is sad and we remember how much we liked it here and still do and the few but very dear friends we found here, who are AMAZING! I really, really hope you know who you are! If you're in doubt, you're on of them, we mean you, yes, YOU!

If you are sad that we're leaving dA, contact us and we'll probably find a way to stay connected if you want.

Ooh, we feel like we need to say something else and more, too, but we don't know what...

Ah, yes, reasons. We mentioned time, but that doesn't really explain it, since we also mentioned the tumblr. It's just that 1) the most important person in our live is very active on tumblr. but not here. 2) tumblr. is for everything, personal journals and rants, social justice activism, reblogs of cool stuff AND art. We feel more comfortable there due to this, because we feel sort of guilty using dA for non-artsy stuff. 3) We also have two mostly german wordpress blogs (almost never updated, see the phases thing above), one for our Meeresbande Zines ( and one for building with cob (mud) (, that we want to keep for those specific topics. So we decided to try and focus our energy and spoons on those and use tumblr. for EVERYTHING else we want on the internet (as much as possible), including art. So that's how dA fell off... somewhere... is there a saying for this in english... brain too tired right now. Yes, anyways. Please don't feel too bad, dA friends, you're not alone in your suffering: We abandoned several forums even though they are highly relevant to us and we'd like to be able to be part of them and contribute. But we also want to spend more time off the computer. And even if we didn't it would still be like this.

But in case you were wondering: Our live is really well right now and has been improving steadily over the past several years! We still struggle a lot with PTSD and related issues, but we have amazing help whith that and we get much better handling it and it also doesn't feel like a sysiphus task anymore, we feel that we're getting somewhere. One day we'll be mostly OK :D
Depression is not so much of an issue anymore, or at least not the way it used to be.
We are out as multiples to most of our close friends and that has been wonderful for us, we're so incredibly lucky and our friends are amazing! Seriously, it is strange that we haven't gotten any shit about this from any friends, ever, not on the internet, not off. Not even from random people or strangers. Only ever from therapists at that one psychiatry we're not going to go to anymore. Actually it's really unlikely that we'll need stationary therapy again, unless something unexpectedly bad happens externally.
We're getting better at lowering the mask that we always wear and allowing headmates who are not part of this mask to front sometimes. It is such an incredibly liberating, but also still difficult thing to do for us!

Journal History



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Lawenta Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! How are you all? :hug:

Please don't feel bad if you happen upon this comment after a long, long while. I just hope I'll be active on dA when you do :) After all, I have the tendency to disappear for a long time, too.

Life is great lately - so I hope it's the same for you!
Meeresbande Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011
Thanks so much for asking! :hug: We've had stressfull times (moving), great times travelling through the most beautiful landscape there is to us, learning important, fun stuff, we've also been feeling bad for some time and we've destroyed our computer, which will only get fixed in about two weeks, so we didn't have internet for quite a long while. We're using a flatmate's tiny notebook right now.
We hope life is still great for you! It is for us at the moment :)
Lawenta Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
And I hope that one of these days we'll manage to somewhat coincide in the same time at the same place :D

I've started to read the English parts of your zine... and though I don't go through the same struggles, it still feels meaningful to read. I think the overall message holds true for everyone, not only for survivors: That life is worth living, and people deserve respect, and that we should never give up what is important.
Reading through the pages, I feel strenghtened...
Meeresbande Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
Oh thank you!
Wow, it feels so good and warm to read what the overall message in our zine #1 is for you <3
We are SOOOOO happy that this is what comes across!!

Thank you so much! <3

"I think the overall message holds true for everyone, not only for survivors: That life is worth living, and people deserve respect, and that we should never give up what is important.
Reading through the pages, I feel strenghtened..."
Gwenthyr Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the :+devwatch: :aww:
I promise I will go through your gallery later, it seems interesting ;)
Meeresbande Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2011
Thank you also for the watch and all the lovely comments! :dance:
We haven't found time yet to go through your gallery, but we look forward to it! :D
Gwenthyr Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
It was my pleasure :hug:
There's no rush, I can wait. ;)
Meeresbande Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2011
Good :)

Kiumme Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2010  Student General Artist
Thank you very much! Happy christmas :)
Meeresbande Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010
Thank you! Happy (belated) Winter Solstice to you :)
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