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About my last submit i wrote pretty hopeless stuff in the description, even some thought that i was leaving deviant art, no, no i am not leaving, somewhat i enjoy deviantart and i'm literally using my page as a portfolio and overall i made pretty good friends who gave me what i wanted from here, i'm looking at you Rookie, you truly didn't miss anything from my gallery and i tried to return the favor, but holly unicorns you're like a drawing machine and the more you draw the faster i drain out of comments to give and believe me i'm trying to make them not sound flat, like i mean it truly :D.

Now lets return to what we were talking, let me quote what i said that day "i am unhappy in deviantart, it's like i'm starving in here, what i simply mean is that i feel that my art is rather unnoticed and lost between the "ugly ones" (i'm not pointing at anyone, don't get me wrong)." You guys all got me right and wrong at the same time, yes deviantart is trashed out. Now this place feels like an city with the popular artist live in the highest flat where the sun always shines and the other artists where live on ground level where light barely comes and believe me i've seen artist who draws 6 times better than me and their position i so underrated, that if we have to imagine them in this city they would be put straight into the sewer, where light never shines. Because when i saw them for the 1st time while i was browsing the common post wall, i saw a image of an firefox among the crap there was posted, you can see that fox in my favorites on my page, but what shocked me wasn't the well drawn image, it was how underrated this person was. I mean then they were in deviantart about 1 year (now 3) and they had 0 watchers, 0 lamas, about 200 page views, all of their submissions had 0 stars and 0 comments, and 0 page comments. For this many years, this person was unnoticed, nowadays, a year later i see this person have been grown a little. Now they have about 5 watchers, 6x the amount of pageviews (which is still a little), but for what? they still get 1 to 2 stars on every submit and i was wondering what am i doing wrong to be noticed. I was fighting the air the whole time. Trying to be someone in deviantart is a lost cause and even if you not give up, you have to be some fetish artist for thing to work out for you and a milk artist (i'll explain that latter). I'm just disappointed of this place and to be honest we artists are stuck, because we are too late to save ourselves and place us in a spot where we can be seen. Lemme tell you what i mean by that. Deviantart is a garbage can and they are not doing anything to empty it! like now this place is famous leke the gallery for the non-talented and sick fetish artists, ok we move on to the next famous art site with the misspelled name Tumblr. If you already gaged from the mention of this site you know what i mean, but if not! Fasten your seatbelt, because it's a roller coaster out there. Tumblr it's a stite that many say to stay out of it, why? At first Tumblr is a very well maintained site and does a pretty good job at giving you what you want, because they not only filtering the trash, but you are not blocked from others and you always find yourself on display, people can notice you. I think that deviantart can learn some of them. The way this work is that you're put in a category and can be find from people that want you to be found and not trashed with the other garbage in 1 box, but don't get too into it because tumblr has its weak spot too. Tumblr is the kind of the free hippie type of site and i don't even know if they have the censoring system cause god bless you if you happen to fall in a hole on the floor and all your dreams being crushed into pieces like a piece of glass. As deviantart is famous with its crap content, Tumblr is famous for the site of "milk" artists. Now what is a milk or milking artists, well the name should give you the answer, they do what they want with something they've been given and give something completely different from what they've got. Now when i continue explaining further what are milk artists, you'll get the impression of an regular fan artist, yes they fall into that category, but mixing them with the regular fan artists, it makes it worser for the regular ones. Because those are the artists who ruin what we like and love.

Now this is a good time to use examples of famous games like Undertale and the newest hit Cuphead, because Tumblr is the one who literally murdered those games. You know that if something exists something worse of it soon or late will come in existance and 2017 was the official year of the great game massacre. Even famous fandoms who were born years before, they found their death exactly this year. Where do i know this from? well i'm actually a person who manages to be well informed for many things that get trending. I am a meme person, i eat, i breathe memes and i flow with every new meme, but i use memes in a very different way that you may think that memes are used, i mostly use them as a newspaper for what is going on around the internet and what is trending and youtube is where i only hangout and knows what are my preferences and he gives me what i want informing me what is going on in this part of the world, hell that's how i even found out about Cuphead, if it wasn't that gaming journalist XD i would've still be blind about it cause i use to live in the worst country ever and because of that we are very limited about things like this, like we don't have cons in here, trending stuff are not penetrating the borders and new stuff come here when they already become old, like on our cartoon network Adventure Time was aired 2 years after it was released in America, like OK KO is still not released in here, but hey... it's coming soon! (after 2 years).

Ok so back to the theme. First we have FNAF a game released in 2014, i've never played the game and never entered the fandom simply because i don't like horror, but i've shown some interest, i've watched many gameplays and all of game theory's videos about it, just because the mystery behind it was interesting, but still i was never a fan. Now i know my first submit it's exactly a FNAF fanart XD (irony), but it's from pure interest not that i was a fan. Either way FNAF started dying back then, but slowly and with the new releases, the fire started to grow and things were getting out of control in a medium speed and with the last game this year, we clearly can say that it died, from the fandom pouring poison over it with it's crazy fangirling, sexualizing a robot chicken, a mysterious purple guy and cringy SFM videos.

Next we have one of my personal favorites, UNDERTALE 2014. Undertale was a fresh lemonade on a hot summer day, it was something new for gamers to taste, it was a game just for enjoyment, not like any other game who give you challenge and expect you to get joy from it (i hate games like this). The situation for Undertale was the same as FNAF except that things for it happened quicker and more massive and this is where tumblr started growing it's dark side and milk artists start to become more and more. Usually i am not surprised by thing like this, but if you expect lewd images to be on sites like rule 34 or 4chan, BOY OHHHh boy, have you ever seen a blue midget SKELETON (Ahem) a child probably less than 10 years.......                    Cause i've seen it!                On Tumblr! And what is Interesting is that people actually search for this and that's what artist continue doing this, because they MILK, they feed from what people want this. No hate, no hate. Because from what i've learned in art history, every artist in history was an lady hunter, no matter what and that's why i take this as normal, because artist were literally forced to do this do get a little amount of money on their black days. But the thing here is that people don't realize what they want and the reason is that if they get pleasure of it, the brain doesn't give 5 bucks about if it is a skeleton or a mug. Here is a famous quote from artist Gustav Klimt "if it has holes, it's good enough!" and he is god damn right. Even i sometimes have such thoughts (I'm not an angel.)

Very next we have Steven Universe and Rick and Morty. Now those 2 literally passed by me unnoticed, maybe because when Steven universe entered the fire pit i was a Gravity Falls fan and i wasn't interested in anything else than flying triangles :D, but Gravity Falls died pretty peacefully and rumours about it being ruined did not emerged. But i was still watching other cartoons and Steven universe was an interesting show to watch, but the hook didn't grab me, mainly because the plot annoyed me, because it reminded me where i live. Everything is so limiting like Connie's parents, ugh.. such people should not exist, and the gems were so stubborn. But still, i missed the burning bus these fans were riding on, i even didn't knew how popular it was. Now it hit the bucket, for unknown reasons, at least for me, but the internet says "TUMBLR DID IT!"

Rick and Morty, oh boy when was this released, 2013? I've heard of it, i knew it was popular, but i also heard that it died faster like a crashing airplane. This is mystery for me, Rick and Morty was a thing for so many years and just now in 2017 it hug the flowers like it was bitten by a snake. For me Rick and Morty's popularity shifted and got ruined like that game "hit the beaver" was it called? It popped out and it was TOTALLY demolished by the fanbase's hammer. Quickly and efficient!

And finally, the most fastest, most efficiently and most brutally DESTROYED game is (drumroll)

Cuphead. Now if you don't know about this, Cuphead hit a world record for the fastest ruined game by the fanbase, yes everything popular makes a bigger flame and does more damage, but even UNDERTALE didn't got out of control that fast, because cuphead fanbase hit the critical exactly a week after its release. And this was the point where people had enough of Tumblr and that site got officially into the black list right next to deviantart. To be honest this fact has been proven to me by google, because this got so far out of hand that google cannot even handle to filter the content coming out properly. It's literally leaking from everywhere! If i was given a dollar every time i see Mugman and Cuphead holding straws when i browse google images, i would have enough money to go in university, sometimes it's funny, like i once saw K. Dice dressed in a leather black playboy bunny costume and pretty well drawn biceps on the Craps board controlling the dice, i'll be honest i fell out of the chair from laughing, but it's just too much and if not annoying it's getting scary.

And yeah it looks like i just wrote the whole story of the 2017 death spree for everything popular and i'm still questioning, what happened? Why is this happening so fast? and what will happen with the next thing that gets popular and i am afraid that this will grow and regular artists will find it rought to find a place where to dig out a way to joy and success. Now there aren't many places left to do it, yes there is facebook, but facebook is the worst site keeping your, information for yourself, like once you register and the whole town knows it's you, but facebook it's still not a good place to grow as an artist because your art doesn't flow and reach to other people, unless your art isn't shared through person to person hopping on the pyramid effect.

Next we have Google+. PFF.. HA... HA.... Are you serious, who uses google+?

yes i am serious, google + is a type of facebook i enjoy the most, because its circle system you can join groups of people where you can share what you and they like and you will be 100% seen. The more time you spend there the more it feels like you're in a family full with friends, also google doesn't keep your art only in that circle where you posted it, it's also been shown to other people in other circles who show interest for this kind of thing and it's literally bringing more people to you without bringing annoyance to anyone, if you're not interested, google will remember and keep going on without repeating itself. Surprisingly google knows what you want and once i don't know from where it knows, i like sometimes to draw twisted creatures and scary monsters, just because i like to draw with ink, but i never shown the internet such interest and google offered me, multiple times an art circle called "i like to draw monsters" and it's not an circle where people draw gory images of beast but rather pretty cool and cute stuff that even a 5 year old would enjoy and not have  nightmares and i enjoy the circle too but it sounds too good to be true, doesn't it. Yes as everything google has its own mudpille where is layed. It's very unknown for me, but as i joked about it, google + seems to be very disliked and hell even "the amazing world of gumball" makes fun of this site. If you haven't heard, they use a social media called Elmore+, do you see the reference? And because of that google+ feels a little bit isolated and something new rarely changes, it almost feels like you don't see someone new and you don't see no one leaving, it's like you chat with a group of robots, like the site is slowly dying from the outside.

Then what's left for us? Snapchat? No! not the kingdom of thots.

But we will never know if the sea is full of sharks if we don't see it ourselves, so it's not a good reason to taste what a cake tastes like only from others description, where would you know that the cake is disgusting if you don't try it yourself.

Now what i am trying to say that hopes turned very blurry nowadays and a lot of rumors started flying like poison arrows at you. We all saw that Deviantart is not worth it these days for some of us. I am not quitting, but i am not looking backwards either, instead i am going to make another jump on another turn. I've saw deviantart, i'm still kinda enjoying google+ and despite what i said about tumblr, i would like to start a comic career there and see what will happen, because it's not Tumblr's fault that it got blacklisted and it's trying to keep things normal.

Speaking of a comic career i hope you don't remember what i started 4 years ago, with that teaser about "SheepWolf" well i scraped it all because back then my style was soo unpolished and ugly that nowaday compared to my new ways of drawing, this is just needed to be dropped in the trash can, but hold on don't think i didn't tried to revive the story, just a month ago i did but i also realized that i suck at backgrounds and drawing it alone makes it a splinter in the butocks, so iv'e desided SOMEDAY to make 3d models of the characters and make a ready background and render it into 2d images. Honestly Sheepwolf was a big bite and i didn't enjoy suffering with the problems, i didn't threw it all in the trash, but i'll keep it into sleep a little bit more, cause now i have other ideas for comics and this time i'll use the actual skills and themes i enjoy to draw :D

Wow this turned pretty long, hope it wasn't annoying to read it, but boy it feels good to let it all out and share what i want to say. So yeah i'm not leaving, but i can't promise that i'll be always here. One thing you can be sure in, i'll be back, soon or late and i'll bring something eventually.

Thank you again, hear ya all later.


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an artist that usaly draws animals and other creatures by vector and 3d paint style and i love people who write me coments ;P


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