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Cute FTU Furry Base! (ota closed)

Have a new base ;v; I love making them!
This one is FTU! <3

Because of it being free, consider taking me out for a coffee and showing support if you'd like! <3

Here are the files:…
*If you'd like to have a different version added, note me!

OTA Closed!
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Can I use this base?
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you are mine favorite artist nwn ¡¡¡ <3
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U cn make one transparent version?
(srry for the bad english)
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hey i used this base but.I love it the sai version can you make more like this :)
StreetLightsAtNight's avatar
I'm gonna use this, thanks!
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where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame by CalamityVII  used <3 

your signature was accidentally destroyed when I finished the "sketch" of this so I had to write your username on it ;w; sorry rip but at least it's there
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Transparent version?...
bunniboi11's avatar

There already is one in the Dropbox?

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wait so the ota is closed
but the base isn't?
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Just curious, how do you feel about someone making a new species with your base
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I'm not sure how you'd make something not furry out of a furry base, but you're free to alter the lines! Just make sure you credit me if you do use them. uwu
hello! i have a question
and of course, i will credit you!
i draw outfits for peoples sonas, and i only charge a dollar for two outfits, i was wondering if i could use this base, i wouldn't be selling the base itself but rather just putting their character onto the base and just charging for the clothes thats drawn on uyu its ok if you are not ok with this! i just want to make sure before i actually start doing this ::>>
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I'm fine with anything as long as i'm credited!! <3
thank you for your quick response! i will definitely give credit! ::>>
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I got the image but it isn't transparent for me
Is it ok if you note me it or something? QwQ
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Can we use this super cute base for commissions ?
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