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oO First Winter Oo

By meeko-okeem
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... a work over .. 5 WEEKS X_X

yeah we all can't believe it Xx ...

it's the first winter ...
the two friends wandering around and find yes ... ice xD
and as we know about spirit ^^;
first try to eat - then think *gg*

leo: ... what's that?
tig: don't know ... oh let's try it ... :3
tig: grmpf.. uhmf ... mmhmhmh
leo: uh?

*jumps around (x*
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SirenawolfessStudent Digital Artist
какие красивые
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..I don't have words! :faint:
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Stoopid Kitty.
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Oooo, IT'S PRETTY!!! How'd you do the background?
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paint it? oO;
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Ah, I see. So you just.....yeah, I get it. *coughI'manidiotcough*
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Oh wow! Freaking nice, pwn3ed by your superb skills, sheesh! :P
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Steorra-MoonstarProfessional Digital Artist
Wow, I'm extremely envious of the background. *_* Five weeks? Wow. I admire you for sticking with it that long. The results are great. Well-done! ^^
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awww thx ^-^;
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You're Welcome! I thought it was really cute!
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Werewulf-StarlightHobbyist Traditional Artist
wirklich süss !!!
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DashianaProfessional Digital Artist
Oh, the absolute cuteness! =^_^= This must've taken forever to finish, because of the background. There is so much little details in there. The one thing about this picture is that the is seems so FREAKIN' real! O_O I love it. Especiallt the tails. Those are so fuzzy and all. They make mee feel like hugging. 8D
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MayYeoProfessional Filmographer
That's so damn cute, hahaha! Look what happened to his tongue!
I'm amazed by all the details this picture has!! The furs and the icy bakcground are great!
meeko-okeem's avatar
mrrr thx ^_^
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So cute! I love the snow and the ice cicles! They look very realistic!
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goma14Student Digital Artist
Adorable work :3
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super :D
der eiszapfen und das tigergesichtchen gefallen mir besonders gut *wedel wedels*
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That is sooo cute! i love Leo, he's adorable!
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TabbiefoxHobbyist Digital Artist
This is the sweetest things ive seen in very long time :XD: absoluetly :heart: it!! Your teh best!! :D YAY
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Ilijana Photographer
gosh.. this is so cute *_*~ woa.. schnuggelisch << *neid*
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nich neiden .. *das nich mag* o,o
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Crimson-ManeHobbyist Digital Artist
Aw, heh. Adorable. The whole icicle thing reminds me of spirit, and I love the detail of the snow. What's your secret with that anyhoo? It's very realistic. Well done! I love this.
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working over hours ._.;
you always need time for a picture ... Xx

(i also use fotos and stuff like that ... so there i know how to do snow and so on .. (:
that helps ^_-
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